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Shiba Inus

My name is Erna Beuving and my goal is to breed healthy "japanese" looking Shiba Inu's.All breeding stock is x-rayed and clear of hip dysplasia.

For more information about our dogs and upcoming litters and for pedigrees you can write or mail to the following address.


Mara-Shima Uranimo with pedigree
Mara-Shimas Yumi-Tori-Shiki with pedigree
Jorishiro do sogo-Gachi with pedigree
Jorishiro do Ai-Uchi with pedigree

Since 1996 we are devoted to the shiba-Inu 

Generally my dogs are in the 37 - 40 cm (15 - 16 inch) size range and I concentrate on well-built compact Shiba Inus.




All Jorishiro dogs are OFA’D FREE , good Patellas , perfect teeth & eyes, with full veterinary control

If you want to visit the breedingclub of all japanese breeds in the Netherlands :