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So You Wanna Know About...

Rugg City
205 1/2 W. North St. #6
Normal, IL 61761

Man, welcome back to Rugg City. Most of you are probably like,"who the fuck is Rugg City?" Some of you might remember us, but, your memories are faded by all that drug and alcohol consumption. Never fear laddie (or lassie), we're here to provide a wake up call to the memory banks. Back in '96 Mike,Dallas and Brody got together to form this firey three piece.

At the outset, this band was strictly punk rock, holding it down with lotsa 3-chord ramrods of rock. But, popular with the kiddies, Rugg City persited in the Peoria and central Illinois scene for a little over 3 years. Over that time they started to come into their own, making appearances with acts like the Red Aunts, New Bomb Turks, Subsonics, Nashville Pussy, NIL8 and many others.

They sheded some of the raw punk rock flair and got down with their rock'n'roll influences. There was a name change thrown in for good measure (to the Sin Sonnets and eventually back to Rugg City) and several "reunion shows", but eventually they just faded away. You might think that's the end of the story but, low and behold, Rugg City is back. Same lineup, just slowing it down and turning it up! So, yah, Rugg City, what's up with that?

Well, you're probably gonna see us in your area soon. Or, maybe not. Just keep your eyes peeled! Come back and check out all the new things on the site...wubba..wubba..wubba.