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sire of multi V1/Class In Specialty winners





The mating of RU B.I. S.S/Aust Ch Rockdalestar Mimi and N.R.C.A/Multi BISS/Aust Ch Wenno of Nicholas Lion has for us solidified the breed type we are looking for in our lines dark eyes/mouth pigment, very good head types, strong powerful bodies, excellent movement and clear strong markings. We have retained the height, strong bones and substance and balanced front and rear. The temperament is full, confident and eager to please. Rizo is full older brother to National Winner 2009 Rockdalestar Herro and Multi V2 Rockdalestar Inka.

Both Rizo and Carlo have produced well to our bitches, we look forward to you seeing them in the ring soon


Born August 2009

Rockdalestar Rizo x Multi RU BISS/Ch Rockdalestar Zoey. 


Born 14th May09 4M 5F

Rockdalestar Rizo x  Nedrotts Axa

We have with us a young female Petrovrott Nika


Rizo is at stud to approved bitches only.

Stud / puppy enquiries welcome


  44th Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc. 6/7/10/07

Judge:- Mr Willem Peters (Netherlands)

Graded:- VP3

10 months old male, good type, good proportions, good substance, strong head, strong skull, good stop, good muzzle, high places ears, head could be a little dryer, brown eyes, double P1 right upper, double P1 left upper, scissor bite, good neck and back-line, good top and underline, good depth of front and rear, medium bone east west in front, good depth of brisket good wide chest, sufficient forechest, good coat, nice coloured tan, nice tan markings, moves close behind, could have a tighter topline, good length of stride, fair movement.


36th Northern Districts Rottweiler Club 15-16/09/07

 Judge:- Mr Mike Jackman (Canada)

Puppy Dog VP1 ~ Puppy In Show

Nine months. Scissor bite. Medium sized ears, set a little bit high, should be closer to the head. Medium brown eyes. medium to dark mouth pigment, little pink in the corner. Medium brown markings, well defined. Both front legs turn out slightly. Good front and rear angulation. More angled in the rear than in the front. Good neck and topline. Very good coat. Medium bone strength. Very good reach and drive.



17 V1 ratings in Europe

Multi B.I.S.S/ N.R.C.A/ Aust Ch                    Wenno of Nicolas Lion  (IPO1)(imp Cro)


Int ch, World winner 2000            Bronko Od Dragicvica World re-known  Gil Crni Lotos
Herta Ma-Ub HD- Morro Vom Hause Marker HD/Elb-
Zamba Ma-Ub 
Top SIEGREN NSW point score 2004. Ch/Multi V1/Ru BISS winner

 Rockdalestar Mimi (Mishka)

Rockdalestar King Macedon (A.I) World re-known  Gil Crni Lotos
Aust Ch Rockdalestar Attraction
 Rockdalestar Lady Eva Aust Ch/BIS  Rockdalestar Prince
Aust Ch Multi V1 Rockdalestar Princess












as a young male below