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I       Introducing 'Nica' this girl is litter sister to Rockdalestar Nikko, Rockdalestar Nina and Rockdalestar Nadia, a double up on our own top winning Rockdalestar Zoey  and the famous Astor von Junipera. we have increased bone, forechests, kept out strong heads although a slight different type which we expected, but still very happy with them. A higher drive strong solid top-lines, beautiful angles, and strong feet/pasterns.


                 We look forward to seeing this combination in the ring.



Rockdalestar Peko (A.I)

Astor Von Junipera

Waro von Hause Sommer Balou vom Silberblick HD-, ED-   
Abby von Hause Sommer
Volga od Dragicevica Odo od Dragicevica  HD-fre
Hajdi od Dragicevica
Rockdalestar Zoey

  Granhaus Der Jigs Up

Matt Jailbird Mr-Zus (Imp USA via Slov)
V1 Granhaus Feisty N Flamboyant (Imp USA)

Rockdalestar Bessy

Rockdalestar Rudi (A.I)
Aust Ch/B.I.G Benahein Hot Obsession
Rockdalestar Indiana (A.I) Imperator vom Haus Zschammer BH VPGII Jumbo Vom Kummelsee Balou vom Silberblick
Wespe vom Kummelsee

Fee Von Haus Zschammer

Cujo von der Burg Weibertreu
Baccara vom Haus Zschammer

 Rockdalestar Karla (A.I)  


Astor Von Junipera Waro von Hause Sommer
Volga od Dragicevica
Rockdalestar Zoey Multi V Rated/Ch Granhaus Der Jigs Up
Aust Ch  Rockdalestar Bessy