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 Multi Best Exhibit Specialty Show winner



hosted by Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc.  Judge:- Herr Helmut Weiler (Gmy)

Rockdalestar Herro

A consistent producer of BISS, Multi C.I.S.S winners

April 12




  April 2012

 @18 mths


again winning



Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc. 3/4 Oct 2009  Judge Mrs Y. Brink (Sweden)

Graded:- V1, Dog CC, Intermediate In Show

Nice head with good expression, good ears set, skull stop, eye, very good muzzle and pigmentation. Very good neck, very good shoulders, angulation little straight in upper arm, very good body, medium size bones, good angulation. Moves very well overall, good coat and colour.

     Photo by Susie Baird  



Already a Multi BISS/National 09 and in limited showing. Herro in his first specialty show in Junior class won V1/Junior In Show and he has kept on improving. Herro is an exceptional powerful male, large strong bone, large full head, beautiful front and rear with amazing drive and showing all the attributes we were looking for. Herro has a willing temperament which people love makes this boy complete. His litter sister is from the first mating is Multi V2 Rockdalestar Inka and Rockdalestar Rizo who is already producing some lovely progeny himself.

Herro is proven producer.

Herro was from the final mating of N.R.C.A / Multi BISS / Ch Wenno of Nicholas Lion (imp) x RU B.I.S.S/Multi V1/ SIEGREN NSW 2004 R. Mimi mating although still young Herro continue to excel in the ring, he is shining through also in his progeny, so not only a top winning male but also a producer! Keep an eye out for his progeny.

Critiques below his progeny

A show dog AND a producer below in limited mating's see his progeny below

 He is producing some stunning progeny and we look forward to his latest litter to hit the ring from our own Multi V Rockdalestar Olympia

MultiRU/BISS / Multi Bitch CC / Multi res CC


Herro x Olympia


Owned by Bob Ivanovski


Show results



Judge:- Mrs Bianka Miksic-Kasun (Croatia)

Open Dog    Graded:-  V3


40th Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW

12-13th Sept 2009 Judge:- Olga Grin (Russia)

Intermediate Dog Graded V6

Correct medium size and muscle. Good general development and balance for the age of 23 months. Very nice head, deep masculine stop wide skull well proportioned muzzle powerful cheeks and cheek bone. Eyes are almond shaped, well set and they have alot of breed expression. Very good pigmentation of lips gums and nose, strong neck - topline is strong. Excellent chest development - a little bit loose in elbows, pasterns should be stronger. Very good angulation of rear. Strong thigh muscles, well positioned hocks and stifles. Very good coat texture. Brown coloured markings very well defined all over. Very good movement - outreaching gait and alot of drive of rear. Friendly, clam, attentive. Correct scissor bite - Gull dentition. P1 upper jaw double. very good self presentation


39th Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW

September 2008 Judge:- 



38th Northern Districts Rottweiler Club of NSW

21-23rd March 2008 Judge:- Mr. Lex Quartel (Netherlands)


9 Month old, medium sized to large, good in type, very good shoulder and back, good bottom line, very strong male head, well formed in all parts, little throaty at moment, dark brown eyes, medium sized to large ears, complete scissor bite, double upper P1 right, good mouth pigmentation, little open lips, well angulated in front and rear with good bone, front feet could be stronger, fore chest sufficient, well carried tail, double coat, medium brown markings, well defined. Good reach and drive, good movement.


  45th Rottweiler Club of NSW Inc. 

15-16th/7/03/08 Judge:- Mrs Yvonne Van Der Horst (NT)

Puppy Dog:- P4

Nine Months. Medium size. Good proportions, powerful. Very good bone. Calm. A little dull but extremely hot. Very good coat condition. Correct mahogany markings. masculine head. Good stop. Correct muzzle. Dark almond eyes. Dark mouth, gums, lips  lovely. Correct bite. Ears somewhat large but set correctly. Neck of good strength. Very good top-line. Tail well set. Deep broad chest. Very good front and rear angulations. Good movement.



17 V1 ratings in Europe

N.R.C.A/ BISS Ch Wenno of Nicolas Lion  (IPO1)  (imp Croatia)

Int ch, World winner 2000 Bronko Od Dragicvica World re-known  Gil Crni Lotos
Herta Ma-Ub HD- Morro Vom Hause Marker HD/Elb-
Zamba Ma-Ub 
Top SIEGREN NSW point score 2004 Ch/Multi V1/ Res Bitch Specialty and In Show winner

 Rockdalestar Mimi (Mishka)

Rockdalestar King Macedon (A.I) World re-known  Gil Crni Lotos
Aust Ch Rockdalestar Attraction
Rockdalestar Lady Eva Aust Ch/BIS  Rockdalestar Prince
Aust Ch Multi V1 Rockdalestar Princess


We wish them all the best with your puppies.

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