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Did sombody say clothing?? Yes the Junkie Princess tee shirt has arrived and is dirt cheap at only $8. Availble in pink, light blue and white, 2 sided 2 coloured. Pictures avaiable soon. Outstanding.

Our 4 song demo is for sale and all you gots to do is send us $3 so we can mail the disk to you. That is quite possibly the greatest deal of all time. Also, if you act now, we'll send you a free Junkie Princess button. Your friends will think you're a rockstar.

Or get this stylish JP button

If you just want a button, it's $1.

As always, these can also be purchased at shows.

Send money to:

Junkie Princess

237 Whitten

Normal, IL 61761

ps, Stickers available soon, scout's honour.

New official JP merchandise available! Shirts and other stuff at More stuff coming too!