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"Wine Dark Sea"
Released in 1973 on Warm & Genuine Records Pty. Ltd
Catalog number: 2907006

Side 1
1. Summer Song (G. Wayne Thomas) **
2. Sweet Lady Mary (Rod Stewart/Ronnie Lane) **
3. Wine Dark Sea (Jon English) *
4. Horsehair And Plastic (Jon English) *
5. Close Every Door (Rice/Webber) *
6. Monopoly (G. Wayne Thomas) **

Side 2
1. Handbags And Gladrags (Mike D'Abo) *
2. Prelude (G. Wayne Thomas) / Tomorrow (Jon English) *
3. Brand New Day (Al Cooper) *
4. Share The End (Carly Simon) *

Arranged and Produced by Michael Carlos
Executive Producer: G. Wayne Thomas

* Recorded at E.M.I., Sydney
Engineered by John Taylor

Greg Henson - Drums
Ken Firth - Bass
Michael Carlos - Piano, Organ, Moog
Jamie McKinley - Piano
Mike Wade - Acoustic & Electric Guitar

** Recorded at United Sound, Sydney
Engineered by Wahanui "Wyn" Wynyard

Steve Webb - Drums
Teddy Toi - Bass
Bob Gibbett - Piano on "Sweet Lady Mary"
Jon English - Guitar & Harmonica

Thanks to Syd English for helping on piano and to Chris Nicholls for conducting and looking after the orchestra.

Female Chorus:
Creenagh Bradstock
Shayna Stewart
Sharon Murphy
Avril Bell

Photography: Nicholas van der Ley
Cover Design: Ian Brown

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