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Jesus Christ Superstar (1972)

Superstar was the real beginning of Jon's career as a star. Up until 1971 Jon had getting noticed around Sydney and other cities playing live at all the usual gigs necessary to survive.

Then fate took control of events. Jon literally fell over an advertisement in the newspaper announcing auditions for the show Jesus Christ Superstar. Jon auditioned like eveyone else that day but even that had a ring of fate about it.

Two extraordinary events coincided with Jon's audition. First, Jon was the first person to audtion for the role of JESUS - Jon had always wanted to play Judas but the first auditions were for the Jesus role so he put his hand up anyway. Second, as he was auditioning for what was in those days a very contraversial role, Jon was the first person connected with the show to appear on Television, in the news that very same night.

Jesus Christ Superstar was the most successful stage production of it's day and one of the most successful in Australian Showbiz history. Tim Rice, co-writer with Andrew Lloyd-Webber, was moved to comment that 'the Australian cast version was the best he had ever heard'.

Several other stars were born from that cast including Marcia Hines who played Mary alongside Jon. Jon and Marcia also toured together later in a very successful partnership entitled 'Jokers and Queens', which was released as an album and televised for national broadcast.

Despite all the impressive elements that made Jesus Christ Superstar such a great show it was Jon's performance which left evryone breathless. Fantastic gymanatics combined with gut wrenchng emotion and a voice that literally took the roof off! Jon's performance towered above the production right up to his triumphal entrance from high above the stage to lead the entire cast in a showstopping version of the the famous signature tune 'Superstar'

After all that there was never going to be doubt that the Superstar was Jon English. Jon continued after Jesus Christ Superstar finished nearly 5 years after opening in Adelaide, South Australia in April 1972. He would not return to mainstraem commercial theatre for along time, as he concentrated on building his extraordinary career as a musician, vocalist and live performer of legendary ability.

He toured almost constantly for over five years taking in All of Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway and the UK.

However, he'd take time out one year for yet another fateful career move.

Original Australian Cast (1972):

     Jon English - Judas
     Peter North - Caiaphas
     Trevor White - Jesus
     John Young - Annas
     Michele Fawdon - Mary
     Stevie Wright - Simon
     Robin Ramsay - Pilate


Running Time - Approximately 60 minutes -15 Tracks
Label:      MCA
Track List:
      1) Heaven On Their Minds
      2) Everything's Alright                                4:20
      3) Hosanna                                             2:00
      4) Simon Zealotes
      5) Poor Jerusalem                                      4:42
      6) Pilate's Dream                                      1:35
      7) The Temple                                          4:38
      8) Everything's Alright                                 :28
      9) I Don't Know How To Love Him                        3:24
     10) The Last Supper                                     6:55
     11) Gethsemane                                          6:12
     12) Could We Start Again Please
     13) Trial Before Pilate                                 6:34
     14) Superstar                                           4:03
     15) John Nineteen Forty-One                             2:20