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"Some People..."
Released in Australia in 1982 on Mercury. Catalog no. ?
Released in Scandinavia in 1982 on Frituna
Catalog numbers: FRLP-182 (LP) and FRKA-182 (Music cassette)

Side 1
1. Straight Ahead (John Dallimore/Jon English)
2. Some People (Have All The Fun) (John Dallimore/Jon English)
3. Hell Or High Water (Jon English/Greg Henson)
4. Coming Up
5. Waterloo (John Dallimore/Jon English)

Side 2
1. Oh Paris (John Coker/Jon English)
2. Tempted (Max Merrit/Larry Murray)
3. I'm Yours (John Beaton)
4. She Was Real (Jon English)
5. Given Time (Keith Kerwin)

Scandinavian track listing

Side 1:
1. Some People (Have All The Fun) (John Dallimore/Jon English)
2. Tempted (Max Merrit/Larry Murray)
3. Hell Or High Water (Jon English/Greg Henson)
4. I'm Yours (John Beaton)
5. She Was Real (Jon English)

Side 2:
1. Straight Ahead (John Dallimore/Jon English)
2. Given Time (Keith Kerwin)
3. Oh Paris (John Coker/Jon English)
4. The Leader (John Dallimore/Jon English)
5. Waterloo (John Dallimore/Jon English)

Produced by: David Mackay
Engineered by: Richard Lush
2nd Engineer: David Price
Recorded at: Paradise Studios, Sydney, Australia
Mixed at: "The Factory", Woldingham, Surrey
Cover Concept & Photography: Colin Stead
Design: Linda MacIntyre
Marketing: Graham Newman (just this once)
Direction: PRM Peter Rix Management Pty. Ltd.

Thank Yous:
Some people (other than the obvious) that helped make this album flow even smoother than an election speech: Dave, Dave, Dave, Richard, Richard, Graham Ford of Ebony Music (for making all his stock available to a bunch of loonies - as well as being a friend for over 20 years), Syd English and Max Hill of Qantas, Barry Ross for helping me enjoy the Grand Final (actually that's nothing to do with this album, but we won so I'm going to thank him anyway), Scoobie, Dave, John, Steve, Frank, etc., all at Polygram, Marcia Hines for NOT waving those bloody fans, Peter Rix for making sure of it, Betty May, Carmel, Jack & Jack, John Cregan (I think), the wife and the kids of course, Billy Business, Anita and all at Frituna, Michael, Ehrling and Anne Lisa in Norway, and Leena and Hobo in Finland.

John Dallimore would like to thank me (I should bloody well think so), Greg Henson would like to thank his mother-in-law (very slowly), Peter Deacon would like to thank Michelle (as well), Keith Kerwin would like to thank Stretch and John Coker would like to thank Carlton United Breweries for their very generous support (I hope...)

And of course Napolean, Jacquie, Susie, The Bikie, Paris, Helen of Troy, Carmilla Karnstein, Josephine, The Aga Khan, Marlon Brando, Playmate of the Year 1978, and all the other characters that inspired some people like me.

(P) & (C) 1982 PolyGram Records Pty. Limited

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