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"Modern English (16 Great Hits)"
Released in Australia in 1983. J&B Records LTD

Side 1
1. Hot Town (Wade-Connors) Rondor/G. Connors
2. Beating The Boards (Payne-Dalglish-Stretch) Savage
3. Hold Back The Night (A. Scuito) Control
4. Josephine (Too Many Secrets) (English - Friese-Greene) Warner Bros./Midnight
5. Words Are Not Enough (J. English) Midnight/Chappell
6. Get Your Love Right (David-Martin) Castle
7. Jokers And Queens (Duo with Marcia Hines) (Hull-English) Midnight/Savage
8. You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling (Duo with Marcia Hines) (Hull-English) Midnight/Savage

Side 2
1. Turn The Page (Seger) Tumbleweed
2. Hollywood Seven (Sklerov-Lloyd) Essex
3. Carmilla (English) Control
4. The Shining (English-Henson) Midnight/Chappell
5. Straight From The Heart (B. Adams) Rondor
6. I Can't Turn You Loose (O. Redding) Warner Bros.
7. Beautiful Loser (Seger) Tumbleweed)
8. Six Ribbons (J. English) Midnight/Chappell

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