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"Buskers & Angels"
Released in 2000.
Catalog number: B&A001

1. Always the busker (Jon English) - The Busker
2. Out on my corner (Jon English) - Busker, chorus
3. Fancy this (Jon English) - Busker, Lee
4. The View up there (Jon English) - Busker, Lee
5. 20-20 Hindsight (Jon English) - Busker, Doris, Lee
6. Nothing to hide (Jon English) - Lee, Busker
7. One thing leads to another (Jon English) - Lee, Busker
8. Nature of the beast (Jon English) - Lee
9. Life is like a wheel (Jon English) - Busker
10. Splitting image (Jon English/Dave Mackay) - Wigs, Dresser, Photographer
11. Dear Lee (Jon English) - Busker
12. Money tree (Jon English) - The Agent
13. Potential Angels (Jon English) - Angel
14. Try to be a hero (Jon English) - Busker
15. What's the view like up there? (Jon English) - Angel
16. Roll daddy roll (Jon English) - Busker, Doris
17. The guy for me (Jon English/Dave Mackay) - Doris
18. Doing okay (Jon English) - Busker, Lee
19. Love is the one thing (Jon English/Dave Mackay) - Angel, Doris
20. Palm of our hands (Jon English) - Ashley T Roth
21. Fallen Angel (Jon English) - Busker, Angel, Wigs, Dress, Ash
22. When I was younger (Jon English) - Busker
23. Street Beat (Jon English) - Busker, Lee

Album Cast:
Lee/Angel - Martine Monroe
The Busker - Jon English
Doris - Carol Starkey
Ashley T Roth - Jay Collie
The Agent - Marcus Pointon
Splitting Image trio - Jay Collie, Janine Emerson, Blicka

Produced by Blicka Nick

Engineered by Blicka
Sequencing - Jon English
Guitars - Jon English, Blicka
Keyboards - Peter Deacon, Jon English
Drums - Peter Skelton
Accordion - Peter Deacon
Slide on 'Nature of the beast' - Blicka
Harp solo on 'Nature of the beast' - Jon English

Recorded at English Country Garden and Troy Horse
Recording andMixing Engineer: Richard Lush
Cover design by Kitty and Nick
Thanks to all the performers, Lindsay Hall, Chris Rix, Naomi Marsh, Martine Decock, Charlie Hull, all at Troy Horse, Jzawo, The cast of 'Forum', Dave Mackay, Rob Bettinson, Jonno, Peter Deacon, Peter skelton, Ray Godden, Boys to Nephews, and especially Blicka.

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