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All Together Now
(aka Rock 'n' Roll Daddy)

One-time Rock 'n' Roll star Bobby Rivers discovers he has fifteen-year-old twins when his former lover dies in a plane crash. They and Tracey, the woman who looked after them when their mother was traveling the world, move in with him, but have problems with his way of life; it's the 70s against the 90s!

4 Seasons: Australia, 1990-1993, 101 eps.
         Executive Producer ............ Chris Noble
         Line Producer ................. John Powditch
         Created by .................... Philip Dalkin
                                         John Powditch
                                         Pino Amenta
         Original Music ................ Jon English
         Original Casting .............. Greg Apps

         Jon English ................... Bobby Rivers
         Gary Who ...................... Doug Stevens (1-76)
         Jane Hall ..................... Anna Sumner
         Steven Jacobs ................. Thomas Sumner
         Rebecca Gibney ................ Tracy Lawson (1-86)
         Kerry Armstrong ............... Beth Sumner  (85-101)
         Bruno Lucia ................... Wayne Lovett (Mario Punchetto)

Episode guide

001. Daddy Cool:
Former rock star Bobby Rivers discovers he has twins. Anna, Thomas and Tracy move in. (Aired 01.01.90)

002. Substitute:
Thomas wants to hire an actor to substitute as his dad at the parents-teacher evening.

003. Born To Be Wild:
Bobby finds out that Anna has a rocker as boyfriend, and even that he has spent one night in her room.

004. You've Got A Friend:
Bofore a gig Bobby can't find his beloved guitar, and without it he doesn't want to play.

005. Are You Lonesome Tonight:
A neglected Doug leaves home. Others soon start to miss him but can't find him anywhere.

006. I Hate The Music:
Bobby must choose between family and music when he's offered a tour running for six-month. Anna continues playing the piano.

007. G.L.O.R.I.A.:
An old friend of Bobby and Tracy's, Gloria, wants to drop by. Tracy, however, isn't very delighted to hear from 'the slut' again. Thomas on the other hand sees possibilities.

008. I Wanna Be Bobby's Girl:
Thomas' new girlfriend has it more for Bobby than for him. The family thinks Bobby has something with Tracy.

009. Watching The Detectives:
Bobby buys Anna a dress - from his own money. When his Golden Record can't be found anywhere the others think he sold it for the dress. Anna composes a song for school.

010. Look What They've Done To My Song:
Anna wants Doc Martens sneakers for a date, Bobby understands only Doc. A company wants Bobby's hit for a commercial and with Wayne again thinking more about himself, Thomas jumps in to do the contract negotiations.

011. Whiter Shade of Pale:
Thomas and Anna return drunk from a party. Tracy blames Bobby for lacking discipline.

012. Emotional Rescue:
Doug thinks a complimenting Tracy is the perfect match for him.

013. The Green, Green Grass Of Home:
Bobby finds a joint in the house.

014. The Lion Sleeps Tonight:
Anna gone animal protector costs Tracy a job. Bobby and Doug find a kitten. Bobby moves the sideboard in the kitchen.

015. When A Man Loves A Woman:
Now with a woman at his side, Wayne - uh, Mario - has changed completely. But this is just of a short duration when a stripper - ordered by Doug for a bachelor's party - somehow outs Wayne.

016. Beast Of Burden:
As head of the family Bobby thinks it's his job to get the money and he takes on a 'real' job. Thomas opens a video delivery service. Anna tries to brush up her cooking. Doug totals his taxi which could mean the end of his days as taxi-driver.

017. This Old Heart Of Mine:
After a fight with Thomas Bobby collapses and Wayne's the one who has to pass on the news from the hospital that Bobby has left.

018. Chanson D'Amour:
Tracy dates a French musician and may leave for Paris.

019. Silent Night:
On Christmas Eve a couple with a broken car strands at Bobby's. And with several strange coincidences, Bobby thinks they are all living through the Christmas Story.

020. Yesterday's Hero:
Bobby's former band member, Locky Burns pays a visit. While Bobby stayed the same, Locky has become a successful - and restless - businessman.

021. Paperback Writer:
Bobby writes his memoires.

022. The Great Pretender:
From the news the clan learns that Bobby may have stolen 'Easy Street'.

023. Tonight's The Night:
Thomas considers moving out. Thanks to Anna, the clan is featured in the David Brasche Show.

024. Summer Holiday:
The clan prepares to go on a weekend vacation, for the first time together.

025. Call Me:
Because no one answers the phone calls (or does it properly), Thomas decides to buy an answering machine.

026. Help Me Make It Through The Night:
Thomas and Anna catch the flu, Doug catches the flu and also Tracy catches the flu - which leaves Bobby in charge. Bobby is nominated for an award.

027. American Pie:
Doug was at a garage sale and bought something for everybody. Among this stuff is also a book about parenting, which comes in handy since Bobby is unhappy with Thomas always running him down. He wants to go on a camping trip with Thomas alone, which now bothers Anna.

028. My Way:
Thomas wants to win Reese, a typical bully, to guard his flea market stand. In exchange Reese wants a date with Anna.

029. All My Friends Are Getting Married:
Misunderstandings lead to Thomas and Anna thinking Bobby and Tracy are going to get married.

030. Money For Nothing:
Bobby considers selling the house in order to pay back a $10.000 advance he got several years ago on his record sale - but which didn't live up to it's expectations.

031. The Two Of Us:
Bobby and Tracy are alone at home when the others are out of town.

032. Twisting By The Pool:
The kids' 16th birthday is approaching and Bobby is in charge of bying them the present. Emma Bigelow wants to throw a pool party for the kids - which make Anna worry about her appearance.

033. Would I Lie To You:
A client who has the hots for her is the reason for Tracy to tell him she's married - to Bobby. When this client wants to meet her husband, Tracy organizes Doug to play Bobby and makes sure Bobby is out of the house. But things go awry and Bobby must play Bobby.

034. Money Changes Everything:
A rich rock star offers a lot of money for a '69 record Bobby owns - the only problem is to find it.

035. Dream Lover:
Tracy dates Wayne - partly out of boredom, partly tricked into it - and finds him the next morning in her bathrobe.

036. Bat Out Of Hell:
Bobby - and subsequently Doug - think the new next-door neighbor is a vampire.

037. Stayin' Alive:
Bobby thinks his age is an issue and he considers giving up Rock 'n Roll. Doug's mother visits with news: she's dating.

038. Crazy For You:
Brit, a crazy fan who found out Bobby has kids - but not with her - threatens Bobby and his family. Next morning when it seems a burglar was in the house, Bobby and Doug know that Brit means it seriously. Thomas has to write an assignment about the Vietnam War.

039. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do:
Another below-the-belt gig means the end for Wayne managing Bobby. Bobby takes on managing duties for an up-and-coming band.

040. Take A Walk On The Wild Side:
Anna's new friend, Nicola Norton, changes her for the worse - nobody can recognize her again, let alone handle her. Fights are imminent.

041. Like A Virgin:
According to a 'survey' among the boys, Thomas learns that he's the only one besides a geek who hasn't done 'it'. He talks to Bobby - who then thinks 'it' means doing pottery. And he wants to help Thomas in any way, hiring a professional trainer and such ...

042. Stuck On You:
Bobby and Doug buy a grill and want to throw a family barbecue. Anna is tutored in math by Susan, an older girl Thomas has the hots for. Things cool down when he and Anna learn she's a lesbian.

043. Born To Run:
A rip-off sends the mob after Wayne - who now stays for some days at Bobby's driving everyone mad.

044. Computer Games:
Wayne loads off his nephew Sammy at Bobby's. Anna works for the school paper and for that has gotten a computer from school. Thomas wants to raise some money by finding partners who want to place ads in the paper.

045. Let's Dance:
The Deb Dance is due and Thomas was asked out by - yes! - Emma Bigelow. He asks Tracy to teach him how to dance, and later turns to Bobby. Anna, however, isn't pleased with such an anti-women event and wants to boycott it. Bobby finds a runaway Sam in his house. (Aired 03.01.92)

046. Taking Care Of Business:
An internship leads to Anna working for Tracy and Thomas for a big corporation - Burger Boy, that is. When Wayne finds out he blackmails Thomas who is emberrassed having such a job.

047. I've Got To Be Me:
Doug falls for the female electrician working at the house; she thinks he is Bobby - and the others play along.

048. History Never Repeats:
Bobby's former manager Louey Little drops by and wants to bring Bobby back to the top - and fleece him. With a new potential manager around Wayne has a hard time.

049. The Letter:
A parcel with Beth's belongings from the plane crash arrives. In there also her diary. Reading in it the clan learns more about Beth.

050. You're So Vain:
The call from a movie producer who wants him for a starring role lets Doug fly high - too high the rest of the family thinks.

051. Addicted To Love:
Bobby has to face the fact that he's a pizza-addict when the others challenge him to go 48 hours without.

052. The Winner Takes It All:
Winning the school's quiz lands Anna a spot on a national game show - and Thomas as her manager.

053. Baby Love:
A baby-sitting Bobby? Can't Be! - So Anna and Thomas return with the baby twins - who actually belong to one of Tracy's friends - to the supermarket where they think Bobby has kidnapped them.

054. Devil Woman:
Jackie Hammond, a former star gone top again, drops by to meet her friend Bobby again.

055. Get A Job:
After losing accounts, Tracy also loses her job. Doug cooks for the taxi drivers' picnic. Bobby tries gardening.

056. Come Together:
With all those 'negative vibrations' at home Bobby tries a sixties approach - a commune - so the people in the house find innner peace.

057. Love Hurts:
Thomas's classmate Marcus falls for Tracy - who has learned that she's the only one from her class not to be married. Bobby's favorite jeans tear apart.

058. The Sounds Of Silence:
Hearing-impaired Bobby must face the fact that his love for Rock'n Roll may leave him behind deaf.

059. Let's Spend The Night Together:
Anna considers sleeping with her boyfriend.

060. I Like Bread & Butter:
When Doug is out on a double-shift, Tracy tries her luck with cooking for a catering job. When this turns ugly, the rest must step in - meaning no party for Anna and Jodie.

061. You Ain't Nothing But A Hound Dog:
Thomas takes care of Quentin, the pedigree dog of Mrs. Bigelow, Emma's mom. Bobby has bought an 'antique' lawn mower and terrorizes the neighborhood.

062. Love & Marriage:
Bobby gets jealous when he learns that Tracy has a beau. Wayne shadows the guy.

063. I Put A Spell On You:
An Italian Spell delivered with the mail lets Wayne freak out. Thomas bets Sam that he can't beat him at selling stuff at the flea-market.

064. Walk Like An Egyptian:
Tracy and Doug do the catering for the Egyptian Embassy. When Tracy prefers the business part over helping Doug in the kitchen, a fed up Doug quits. Anna protests against kangaroo being served at a diner - Wayne's uncle Vinnie's diner.

065. Love Me Tender:
Wayne hires Tracy and Doug to cater for his rich uncle Alphonso's birthday. The catering firm gets into trouble with the law. Wayne's typical wooing pays off.

066. Under My Thumb:
Bobby takes a book about positive thinking - taking life into one own hands and the like - literally, miffing the others.

067. Jump In My Car:
Anna goes for her driver's license. Bobby, however, thinks boys - in this case Thomas - should make theirs first. Eventually a bet follows: Who will make the license first, Anna, backed up by Tracy, or Thomas, who has Bobby in his corner ...

068. Michelle:
Thomas has fallen for Michelle, a rich girl, from school. The only thing spoiling a 'hit' could be his dad - at least Thomas thinks so. Guest: Susan Ellis as Michelle.

069. Look Through Any Window:
After breaking his leg, Bobby watches his neighbor killing her husband from the rear window and freaks out when she discovers him peeping.

070. Unforgettable:
Bobby is obsessed with finding the name of the actor playing Lt.Cmdr. Gary Mitchell in Star Trek's pilot episode. His obsession puts an unpleasant halt on his plans to renovate the house.

071. The Real Thing:
An 18-year old, Billy, appears and tells a stunned family that he is Bobby's son. And there is more than one thing Bobby and Billy have in common. At least way more than Thomas has with his dad.

072. Back In The U.S.S.R.:
Bobby's 'Easy Street' is a hit in Kazakhstan - recorded by a local group. Anna and also Thomas (unknown to each other) audition for 'Romeo and Juliet'. While Anna fails, Thomas succeeds in getting the role and now can kiss 'Juliet' Jodie.

073. Not Fade Away:
Bobby mistakes a student (who's helping Anna in putting together a time capsule) for Buddy Holly. Thomas (plus dad) is invited to one of his friend's party, whose father is a possible future member of the government.

074. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head:
Tracy tries her hands on plumbering - after all she attended a course. Wayne accidentally ran over his best friend - cock Enzo.

075. Some Enchanted Evening:
Thomas wins a romantic evening for two and the only girl he can think of is Jodie. Tracy and Doug do the catering.

076. Am I That Easy To Forget:
Thomas and Anna discover that a painting Bobby owns is a Lichtenstein and may be worth a couple thousand dollars. Enough for scheming Thomas. Doug meets a woman and wants to marry her - so she can stay in Australia. [Note: Last episode with Garry Who]

077. Let It Be:
'It' is back - those highly 'positive vibrations' that helped Bobby to stardom. Thomas soon finds out how to use 'it' to make money. After a day together Anna kisses Sam - who immediately falls in love and, later, learns that - because of that kiss - she's pregnant. And there's only one thing he can do ...

078. I See Red:
Anna's denied a top scholarship because of Bobby's past as political activist.

079. Love Is In The Air:
Anna has fallen for a guy, whose father once harassed Tracey who now fears like father like son. Guest: Brett Partridge as Matt

080. Down Among The Dead Man:
A 48 hour Bobby Rivers marathon on the radio, people lining up for his records... a Bobby Rivers revival? Nope, a tribute to the deceased Bobby. Guest: Simon Gligora

081. I Started A Joke:
Thomas tries practical jokes on anybody - which his victims of course don't like. Payback follows.

082. Only Women Bleed:
A top producer is interested and Bobby may have a chance to participate in a rock opera. A knot in Tracey's breast means some fear and an operation for her.

083. Killing Me Softly:
With Tracey away for two weeks Thomas hires his math professor's annoying sister, Harriet, as housekeeper. Harriet subsequently drives everyone mad. Guest: Alison Whyte as Harriet

084. I Am Woman:
Harriet, still in charge, drives every one nuts. Thomas then finds nude pictures of her in a magazine. Wayne organized a gig for Bobby - Country & Western style. Guest: Alison Whyte as Harriet

085. Turn The Page:
Beth, the thought-to-be-dead kids' mom, surprises the stunned clan with a visit. Tracey gets a job offer - in New York.

086. Amigos Para Siempre:
Beth decides to stay, Tracey decides to accept the New York offer.

087. Move Baby Move:
With Tracey's room vacant, Thomas, Anna and Bobby and even Wayne line up to be the next lodger - and Beth's the one to choose.

088. In The Flesh:
To get a peek at the nude model in the senior's art class Thomas tries to get in. But what he sees there is ... that his own mother is the model. Bobby wants to cut his hair.

089. At The Hop:
Prom's coming up and Bobby and Beth prepare to be in charge of the music and the catering respectively. But the committee - Jodie, Thomas and Anna, vote against them. Guest: Radha Mitchell as Jodie

090. Always On My Mind:
A picture of one of his schoolmates reminds Bobby of stealing a Spiderman comic from him back in their school days. Beth has a big account and reluctantly must ask a neighbor for help. Doris Younane as Sue Jacobs

091. Friday On My Mind:
Thomas tries to woo a Californian exchange student. For Bobby and Beth old feelings may be back.

092. Money Makes The World Go Round:
With Anna, Thomas and even Wayne lining up for money, it's not a far cry to know where to turn to when the housekeeping money is missing. But everyone blames everyone else ...

093. Stairway To Heaven:
Wanting to know her future, especially with Bobby, Beth goes to see an astrologer. Bobby mistakes her leave for a permanent one.

094. From A Distance:
Getting close with Beth again Bobby must decide who he loves: Beth or Tracey. For that he travels to New York to see Tracey. Bobby gets the chance to play with Led Zeppelin. Guest: Gus Mercurio as Homeless Man

095. Just The Way You Are:
Bobby is selected for jury duty in a pizza baking contest. And the preparation also gets him to learn about the historical background of pizza. Anna reads a reader's letter in a magazine where a mother complains about her daughter - and the similarities are too striking that it can only be Beth.

096. Leader Of The Pack:
The 'noise pollution' of a neigboring band is too much for Bobby and he starts a 'war of sounds'. Beth's new bike and not-so-great biking skills trouble Thomas. Guest: Michael Pope as Constable

097. We Are Family:
Beth calls in a family counselor because of the constant fighting between Anna, Thomas and Bobby. Guest: Bruce Miles as Counselor

098. Like Sister And Brother:
Wayne's former school is about to be closed and - emotionally attached to the school - he promises to get the money to prevent this. Anna is nearly date-raped.

099. Old School Yard:
The school's recess hall should be given to Bigelow Constructions, annoying the students. Beth leads Jodie and a reluctant Anna to protest, resulting in a suspended Anna. Later, a compromise is found in the company using the nearby grassland. Now, that's a solution Anna can't live with. Bobby learns of an upcoming class reunion and is reluctant to go since he was an outsider. Guest: Radha Mitchell as Jodie

100. Your Cheatin' Heart:
In a math test Thomas beats Anna who can't believe it and smells a big-time cheat. Only Beth has trust in him and the learning method she taught him. Later, Thomas must tutor Sam. Guest: Simon Gligora as Sam

101. Schools Out:
Thomas and Anna graduate. For summer both get a job and for both it's only of short joy: Anna working in the cafeteria (says it all) and Thomas although getting a great job in management may forget it because of bad grades. Wayne gets Bobby a jingle-writing job, which Bobby doesn't want.