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"Against The Wind"
Released in 1978 on Polydor. Catalog no's 2907 048 (LP) and 3204 048 (music cassette).
Released in 1979 in Sweden as "Mot Alla Vindar" and in Norway as "Mot Alle Vindar" on Frituna. Catalog no's FRLP-157 (LP) and FRKA-157 (music cassette)
Released in 1997 on CD by Warner Music Australia. Catalog no 3984207462.

Side 1
1. Against The Wind (Theme) (Jon English)
2. Seeds Of Fire (Sentencing And Transportation) (Jon English/Mario Millo)
3. Unfinished Theme (Run For Dignity) (Mario Millo)
4. Six Ribbons (The Courtship) (Jon English)
5. Mary's Theme (Mario Millo)
6. The March Of The Kings Of Laois (Trad. - Arr. Jon English/Mario Millo)

Side 2
1. Waltz Theme (The Women Are Chosen) (Mario Millo)
2. Six Ribbons (Jon English)
3. Dinny And Nigili (Jon English/Mario Millo)
4. Main Theme Major (The Wedding) (Jon English/Mario Millo)
5. Death Or Liberty (The Castle Hill Rebellion And Consequences) (Jon English/Mario Millo)

Original music by Jon English and Mario Millo created for this outstanding television series starring
Mary Larkin as Mary Mulvane
Jon English as Jonathan Garrett
Gerard Kennedy as Dinny O'Byrne
Kerry McGuire as Polly McNamara
Warwick Sims as Ensign Greville
Frank Gallacher as Will Price
Lyn Rainbow as Louisa Wiltshire
Frederick Parslow as Captain Wiltshire
Hu Price as Jonas Pike

Produced, composed, engineered, arranged and performedby Mario Millo and Jon English for Together Enterprises Pty. Ltd.

Jon and Mario would like to thank
The Additional Musicians
Laura Chislett, Stewart Chapman, Declan Affley, Greg Henson, Peter Kenny, Dave Glyde, James Madimass, Safonia Olsen, Mike Wade, Robert Ingram for speed with the string section.

The Additional Engineers
Richard Lush, Bruce Brown, Russell Dunlop, Dean Cooper

People that gave us the opportunity
Rod Thomas, Ian Jones, Bronwyn Binns, Henry Crawford, and all at Pegasus Productions and The Seven Network.

Personal thanks to
Elizabeth Olsen Millo and Carmen Sora English (For Their Love)

Bruno Millo, Evelina Millo
Rosanna, Elda, Marissa and Bruce
Jeremy and Moira English
Sharon and Graham Owens
Peter Achilles, Mary Larkin, Lim Norton, Frank Gallacher, George Miller, Gary Wilkins, Ron Olsen, Sue and the kids.

Recorded at Windchase Sound - Seven Hills (by coincidence the original location)

Mixed at EMI Sydney except
"Six Ribbons" which was recorded and mixed at Albert Studios
"Waltz Theme" Strings arranged and conducted by Eric Cook
Front cover illustration Murray McKenzie by courtesy of George Patterson Pty. Ltd.
Thanks to Pegasus Productions and The Seven Network for the illustrative material.
Art direction by Lorraine Hall.
Mario Millo appears by courtesy of Festival Records Pty. Ltd.

Mario Millo Personal Manager
Geoffrey Schuhkraft Management
P. O. Box 1204, North Sydney, NSW, 2060

Jon English Personal Manager
Rod Thomas
Together Enterprises Pty. Ltd.
79-81 Berry Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060

Marketed in Scandinavia and Finland by
Frituna Production AB, Värtavägen 15, 115 28 Stockholm

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