This is me doing an indy nosebone back in like 8th grade or something like that.

This is me in canada

This is kyle doing a 360 on a spine jump

This is me at Killington doing a melon grab

no one is really in this picture but this is a picture of a jump at hunter mountain that i was the only one to actually attempt. Yeah i did it and got about 9 or 10 feet, but landed ass first down the landing.

This is kyle in canada. he got air but just bairly not enough to clear the landing.

This is also kyle on the same jump. this time he did clear it.

This is a picture of me in utah, just crusin down the back-country trail with lots and lots of untracked powder

This is kyle's ass at hunter mountain(you know you like it)

This is me at killington. the reason i'm not grabbing is cus i almost lost my balance in mid-air(and it's scary as hell when that happens)

This is in canada when i was about to ice climbing for the first time. IT WAS AWSOME! if u haven't ice climbed before, you have not lived. and to make it even better i got to go with these 2 hot twin sisters ;-)