Hey guys,

Here are some working version's of your songs to practice singing and playing to. Also if you can think of anything to add to the songs now is the time. ie. tamborine, cowbell, oooo's and ahhhh', FX. I was looking to record with the rest of you when Aviv gets back from Switzerland. So I believe that might be the last weekend of october or perhaps the weekend before. Let me know what you guys can do ASAP and we'll work on wrapping this album up.

Non of this stuff has been mixed (very little EQ, FX, automation) - mostly volume and panning - which is good because things are sounding really good, on most of the songs, and I hardly did anything to them. I did do a mix of The Way They Stare - I really like that song - i had to!

Please listen to the songs and write down thoughts and idea's and email them to me. Chris311@comcast.net.

Dodgey Disco
It's A Lie
The Way They Stare
Train Song
Desperate Danger
Doin' The Bad Thing
Key Change

NOTE: Aviv we forgot about the bass and gtr on Normandy....whoops! Also...i want to do the gtr over on desperate danger. So when we do normandy we'll go back and fix desperate. It was bad gtr tone coming off the amp - my fault.

Aviv have a good time in Switzerland - hopefull your video kicks some ass - I'll catch the rest of you guys soon - hopefully in boston.