Pretty Lights
Lyrics by Billy Hubbard

In the city that don’t sleep alone
A black smoke cloud blocks out dawn’s early light

Everybody’s walking funny
‘cuz they had way too much fun last night

Hipster reject organ donors
Bad hair stud belt indie cloners
Symbiotic emo loaners
Looking for their rightful owners
Excuse my while I get to know her
God is this song almost over

Everyone in here would rather die
Than spend another night alone

I can’t wait to know everything
So I can play dumb with a dirty conscience
If someone would take me home tonight
I swear they won’t regret it till morning
I didn’t come to grow up, I came here to play
So just point me the right way and
I’ll follow the pretty lights home

In the city that just doesn’t care
A bright idea floats in a cloud of smoke
Swims around a couple pipes
And gets spit out into a dirty joke

Dogs go walking without leashes
Getting dressed up for the beaches
Falling to the ground in pieces
Getting swept under the bleachers
Screaming out I don’t believe this
God I hope they really mean it

Everyone of them would rather die
Than spend another night alone