Waiting on You
Lyrics by Billy Hubbard

I’ve done the things you hear ‘bout on the playground
I’ve been the victim of a dirty joke
I’ve seen hell and, oh, it’s a letdown
Nothing but coffee and second hand smoke

I know I’ve got more damage to do
But I haven’t got the time

I just wanna be with you
I just wanna be with you
I just wanna be with you but you’re gone
And I’m waiting on you

I’ve gone death from laying by the train track
I’ve gone numb from sleeping in the cold
I’ve gone blind from watching all the people pass
But some just say that I’m a sensitive soul

I don’t wanna call it off
Don’t wanna call it anything


I know I could scare you away for miles
Just to see all the place you’d hide
But I spent my whole life looking for you
And what if you don’t come back, what would I do

She fell down but she was barely standing
Now she’s turning Paris into London
But she got turned around by the time zones
Now she don’t know which way to go home

I’ve gone course from telling them about you
I’ve gone poor from selling her my soul
But I get by ‘cuz I still believe
If I never grow up then I’ll never get old

I know I’ve got all the time in the world
But I want it all right now