d Forest Henderson - Lyrics
Damn The Dogs
Lyrics by Billy Hubbard

Let me begin by saying I only talk cheap
But you can say anything and make it sound so sweet
But that’s not good enough
Cuz now I can’t talk enough
Ooh, catch me if you can

And I damn my eyesight twice a day
But I fear the dogs that I must follow
They’d lead me anyway
So blind or not I’d wallow in it
Close my eyes and sleep till I forget what I was sleeping for
I sleep for days wide awake
So for my sake don’t spend another night alone

Now names and games seem kind of lame
When you’re always playing on the wrong side
And hide and seek can reach its peak
When you’ve always got a place to hide

I’ll give you one little clue
It’s got something to do with you
Ooh, catch me if you can


Come on and let me finish this
Before I get fed up and leave
Cuz no matter when time I’m on my mind
There’s always a better place to be

That’s why I’m always gone
And that’s why it won’t take too long
Ooh, catch me if you can