Forest Henderson Bio

The appeal of Forest Henderson is the simple (but rare) combination
of good songs and a great live show -- the tunes get your feet moving
at the club and stay in your head the next day at work. Their live set
sounds polished and cohesive, yet urges you to bounce around more
wildly and gleefully than the band, a formidable challenge for show-goers.

The band has been in existence since 2001: Billy Hubbard (vocals/guitar),
Matt Ott (guitar/vocals), and Chris Reckert (bass/vocals) grew up in
Bellingham, MA and have been playing together for the past 7 years. Joined
by drummer Skye Mazuroski in 2006, the band in its current lineup is highly
devoted to the creed "if you're gonna do it, do it right," the inspiration for
their perfection-oriented practice regiment. The almost 8 years of sustained
partnership across the front of the stage and the work ethic of the band as a
whole becomes evident in the palpable tightness of the live set and the ease
with which FH executes it, "playing as a tight unit comfortable enough to tease
and challenge each other without losing focus (Ray Padgett, the Noise)."
Quoting the band from their self-reflective song The Demographic, "we make
it look easier than it is."

Members of the band enthusiastically say of their musical style: "it's like if Elvis
Costello started a Cheap Trick tribute band with Led Zeppelin!" Though Forest
Henderson would love to consider itself a purified extract of the best parts of
classic pop-rock, in reality their influences push the sound more in the vein of
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists and Kings of Leon, with songs that are distinctive
and unique but make their influences known.

True to the concept of "lyrics and melody first" songwriting, Forest Henderson's
songs begin at the core: a few chords under introspective verses sandwiched
between hooks that would likely solicit a hat tip from any of the acts named above.
With lyrical foundations laid, the band fills in the songs with music that is all around
complementary but never cluttered; interesting but not overcomplicated.

Forest Henderson has moved on to make an impact on the Boston music scene,
with sold out shows, venue residencies, and several hit songs among the college
download community under their belt. The band is now branching out to play the
greater northeast area (NY, DC, etc.) in support of its debut EP "You're Out of
the Band!"