updated 14th December 2008

FH @ Great Scott - Tuesday, January 8th

What do you got going on Tuesday 1/8? Well Forest Henderson recommends that you
support local music and get your butt down to Great Scott by 8:30pm and watch us
tear up the stage in support of our friends The New Collissions, Lights Out, and Sir Q...
we're looking forward to it! Great Scott is on the corner of Harvard and Comm. Ave.
and is impossible to miss when you get off at the Harvard Ave. stop via the Greenline
B train. More info on the shows page...

HD Video of "The Things I Could Do" and "Friday Night" on BU Today

In late October F.H. visited the Attic of 808 Comm. Ave., where they performed,
recorded, and video taped "Friday Night" and "The Things I Could Do" in HD for BU
Today. The video kicked off the weekly feature "Live from 808", a showcase of bands
around campus, and was front page news of BU Today. You can check out both videos
by clicking

New EP "You're Out Of The Band"

After many months of anticipation, our EP is finally out!  The six song EP
includes "Damn the Dogs", "13 Steps", "Useless Information", "The Things
I Could Do ", "Tom Petty", and "Lost You Yet". Like our live show, the EP
covers a lot of ground touching on several different genres with contrasting
dynamics, tempos, instrumentation, and still; cohesion is achieved through
simple songs with strong hooks and lot of energy. We'd like to thank everyone
who contributed, a lot of hands went into making the cd - big thanks to Adam,
Jesse, and Sage for engineering some of the tracks - we really appreciate it! 
If you'd like to support local music and get your copy of "You're Out Of The
Band", simply visit our myspace.

F.H. Reviewed in The Noise
Around the middle of August Mr. Ray Padgett from The Noise caught a show at the Middle East Upstairs and this is
what he had to say. Click here for the article.

Happy Holidays!

F.H. will see you @ Great Scott Tuesday 1/8 and will be armed with CD's, T-Shirts, and posters.