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Alice Cooper
Alice in Chains
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April Wine
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Brian's Hall Of Heavy Metal

September 4, 2004

Bang Tango
Topic: Bang Tang

Joe Leste (vocals)
Kyle Stevens (guitar)
Mark Knight (guitar)
Kyle Kyle (bass)
Tigg Ketler (drums)

Bang Tango was formed in Los Angeles. They were the first 80's metal band to incorporate funk into its sound before the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More made it acceptable to do so. They recorded Live Injection in 1987. Their major-label debut, Psycho Cafeé, was issued in 1989, and MTV'S Headbanger's Ball gave some air time to their single/video "Someone Like You," but the album failed to get the break it deserved.


Posted by HRAZOR at 10:34 PM EDT
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September 3, 2004

Babylon AD
Topic: Babylon AD

Original Lineup
Derek- Vocals
Danny De La Rosa- Guitar
Ron Freschi- Guitar
Robb Reid-Bass
Jamey Pacheco- Drums

Formed in 1986, Babylon A.D. Are from the Bay Area in California. They caught the attention of Arista Records president and industry music power house Clive Davis who signed them thanks to their three song demo and home made video. Their self-titled album was released in 1990 Nothing Sacred following two years later. In 1999 the band signed with Apocalypse Records and released American Blitzkrieg.


Posted by HRAZOR at 12:01 AM EDT
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September 2, 2004

Armored Saint
Topic: Armored Saint

Original Line Up
John Bush (vocals)
David Pritchard (guitar)
Phil Sandoval (guitar)
Joey Vera (bass)
Gonzo (drums)

Formed in 1980, Armored Saint specialized in an in your face type of metal that was compared to such British Heavy Metal acts as Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Saxon. The quintet issued a three-track self-titled EP on the Metal Blade label in 1983, before signing on with Chrysalis in 1983. The band continues to put out new albums.


Posted by HRAZOR at 12:01 AM EDT
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September 1, 2004

Topic: Alcatrazz

Graham Bonnet- vocals
Danny Johnson- guitars
Gary Shea- bass
Jimmy Waldo- keyboards
Jan Uvena- drums

Alcatrazz was formed by lead singer Graham Bonnet. The band is most famous for introducing guitar gods Yngwie J. Malmsteen and Steve Vai to the world. After a brief stint in Richie Blackmores Rainbow. (He briefly was brought in to replace Ronnie James Dio) Richie Blackmore fired Bonnet. Down but not out he then formed Alcatrazz.


Posted by HRAZOR at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: September 3, 2004 9:36 AM EDT
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August 31, 2004

Topic: ASIA

Asia formed in the early 1980s, They were a true supergroup Featuring members of such rock bands as King Crimson-John Wetton , Emerson, Lake & Palmer- Carl Palmer,Yes-Steve Howe and Geoff Downes from the Buggles. Their debut album Asia hit the top of the charts. Hit singles included, "Heat of the Moment." and "Only Time Will Tell".


Posted by HRAZOR at 12:01 AM EDT
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August 30, 2004

Topic: Anthrax

Originating from the New York Metal scene, Anthrax blended punk, speed metal and rap and created their own unique sound. Songs like "I'm the man" showcased the band's sense of humor. Over the years Anthrax has changed lineups a few times, but the band continues to stay true to their fans.

Posted by HRAZOR at 9:00 PM EDT
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August 29, 2004

April Wine
Topic: April Wine

Myles Goodwyn guitarist/vocals
David Henman guitar
Jimmy Henman bass
Ritchie Henman drums

April Wine formed in late 1969 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, but soon moved to Montreal. "Fast Train," their first hit,debuted in 1971 the same year as their self-titled debut album. Their have been many line up changes over the years. The band is still together

Posted by HRAZOR at 11:04 PM EDT
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August 28, 2004

Andrew W. K.
Topic: Andrew W. K.

Andrew began writing at age 17, W.K. was already recording his own material. He moved to New York a year later,and his friends passed his demo on to various labels, including Bulb. They released W.K.'s debut EP "Girls Own Juice" in 2000 and that fall Party Til You Puke EP. The buzz around W.K.'s mix of pop and metal got the attention of Island/Def Jam in the U.S. His first major label release was 2001's Party Hard EP and then the full length album "I get Wet"in late 2001.


Posted by HRAZOR at 10:19 AM EDT
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Alice In Chains
Topic: Alice in Chains

Layne Staley vocals
Jerry Cantrell guitar
Mike Starr bass
Sean Kinney drums

Layne Staley formed the initial version of the band during high school in the mid 1980's, He called the group Alice N Chains. Staley and Jerry Cantrell met in 1987. Columbia Records signed the group in 1989 Early in 1990, the label released the We Die Young EP which did very well. The Seattle grunge scene was at it's peek and the record company began marketing the band as a grunge act. They released their self titled debut and soon after Dirt. Which were all huge successes
In April 2002, sadly, Layne Staley was found dead due to a lethal overdose of cocaine and heroin. Making a reuinon of the original Alice In Chains impossible.

Posted by HRAZOR at 3:02 AM EDT
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Alice Cooper
Topic: Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper released their first album, Pretties for You, in 1969. The album was not a huge Success, and their second album failed to chart. For the next year, the group invented their unique stage show which became Alice Cooper's trademark. The U.K. Killer, released late in 1971, went gold album. Released in the summer of 1972, School's Out was Alice Cooper's breakthrough record, selling over a million copies. Alice and his band still tour to this day releasing new material.ALICE COOPER'S OFFICIAL SITE

Posted by HRAZOR at 2:44 AM EDT
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Aldo Nova
Topic: Aldo Nova

Aldo Nova was born in Montreal Canada

Aldo Nova signed with CBS Records in the early 1980's. His 1982 debut album, Fantasy, featured two hit singles Foolin' Yourself and Fantasy. He has also produced such acts as Celine Dion and has collaberated with Jon Bon Jovi.

Posted by HRAZOR at 2:34 AM EDT
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Topic: Aerosmith

Steven Tyler Vocals
Joe Perry Guitar
Tom Hamilton Bass
Joey Cramer drums
Brad Whitford Guitar

Aerosmith was formed in 1970 by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry after they met in NH. Steven was the original drummer. They relocated to Boston in late 1970.The group got their big break signing a record contract with Columbia in 1972. Aerosmith's self-titled debut album was released in 1973,featuring the song Dream On which would become a hit years later. After the band broke up due to internal struggle and problems with addiction They managed to create one of rock history's biggest comebacks. In the 80's they recorded "Walk this way" with RUN DMC and spawned the rock/rap genre. Their comback album Permanant Vacation helped bring the band back from the dead. They have been releasing albums ever since and continue to tour!

Posted by HRAZOR at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: August 28, 2004 12:00 AM EDT
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August 27, 2004

Topic: AC/DC

original vocals Bon Scott died 1980
Brian Johnson, vocals
Angus Young, guitar
Cliff Williams, bass
Malcolm Young, guitar
Phil Rudd, drums

Band Formed in 1973 in Australia by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young. The band's chauffeur, Bon Scott, became their lead vocalist when their singer, Dave Evans, would not go onstage. The group released two albums, High Voltage and TNT in their native Australia in 1974 and 1975.
AC/DC suffered a great tradgedy when Bon Scott died on February 20, 1980. He died of an alcohol overdose. The band carried on as best they could. They hired a new singer Brian Johnson and recorded Back in Black, which would become their biggest album, selling over ten million copies in the U.S. They have released albums as currently as 2000.

Posted by HRAZOR at 11:02 PM EDT
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Topic: Accept

Vocalist Udo Dirkschneider formed Accept in Solingen, Germany, in the early '70s, the band line up included guitarists Wolf Hoffman and Gerhard Wahl, bassist Peter Baltes, and drummer Frank Friedrich.
They struggled for many years being told their music was too heavy and not marketable. They made a major breakthrough in 1982 with their album Restless and Wild. In 1985 Udo left Accept to pursue a solo project. He later rejoined the group, but it officially disbanded in 1996.

Posted by HRAZOR at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: August 27, 2004 11:48 PM EDT
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August 26, 2004


Click Here

Posted by HRAZOR at 12:01 AM EDT
Updated: September 4, 2004 8:34 PM EDT
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