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Welcome to Grand National's Webpage! Grand National is a band from Chapel Hill NC. Here's a little history... GN has been around since 1995!! starting out with Ed Crawford on guitar and vocal... Jenni Snyder on bass and vocal and Jon Wurster (of Superchunk fame) on the drums. They have recorded a single called "Money and Love" for the Yep Roc Records release: "Revival Vol. II: Kudzu and Hollerin' Contest." Ed and Jenni spent some time playing with Outpost recording artists Whiskeytown. Then, GN briefly played with John Howie Jr. of Two Dollar Pistols on drums. They met Laura King in the year 2000 and play with her today!! Contact Grand National at

Ed Crawford

guitar/vocal... formerly of the band fIREHOSE... Ed is fROMOHIO

Jenni Snyder

bass/vocal... Originally from Detroit... Jenni moved to NC from Chicago where she played in a band called Numberonecup... Jenni met Ed way back in 1987!!

Laura King

drums... Originally from Baltimore,MD... moved to NC in 1999 with her band Gerty...Joined Grand National in 2000... She also plays in a project called The Moaners with Melissa Swingle of Trailer Bride