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This website will contain work, which will relate to two projects that I am in the process of implementing with my students at Ein Ganim Elementary School, Petach Tikva, Israel. The first project is the Rock and Roll project that has been chosen to be one of forty projects as a new initiative by the PEF Endowment Funds and the ministry of education. The project is being given to the fifth and sixth grade gifted classes at Ein Ganim School, Petach- Tikva, Israel. Enclosed are worksheets for teachers to enjoy and use with their classes. The children at my school are enjoying the project tremendously. To quote one of the mothers: “I know how hard it is to be a teacher, especially at this time. It is much harder to teach a foreign language, and the most difficult thing is to make a student love learning and learn as well as he can. I have never seen my child so happy learning English. This project fills his time. It is wonderful to learn a language through lyrics and rhythm. They know the songs of the best singers in the world – past and present, Geri Halliwell, the Beatles, Elvis Presley and much, much more. Do you know a better way to learn English?”

The second project that we have been learning in the fifth and sixth grade is the Friends and Flags project. I see this multi-cultural learning project as most stimulating and educational! Read about it on the website We are part of the second circle and my pupils and even parents have become extremely active. Our circle includes a school from Canada, a school from Mexico, a school from Denmark and a school from the United States of America. The coordinator Karen Eini is doing a marvelous job in closing the bridges among children all over the world and in showing us all that the global world makes the world a smaller and nicer place to be in. It is heartwarming and she should be highly appraised for her educational contribution to more than 12,000 children in different classrooms all over the world!

The project involves organizing a catalogue that represents your country with different subjects that interest the children. We have already prepared our introductory letters and they have been received by all of the teachers in our group. We have also prepared a unit of recipes, which includes not only food recipes but also creative ideas that the children have come up with. We have also added our “Rock and Roll” project to the catalogue as a highlight of our catalogue. We are sure that this will be an experience that none of us will ever forget. However, I must say the most exciting part of the project has been the discussion board. My class started writing to one class at a school in Canada and another class asked to join in, a class which was not a part of our circle. I immediately agreed and encouraged them to get on the board and make more new friends. Since then, we have been receiving more and more requests from other classrooms to join in on our discussion and we will accept them all with open arms. It is truly a rewarding experience for all. I highly recommend it!
Since this is my first website I hope to improve it in time and I hope that all of us will benefit from these two educational projects.

Most Sincerely,
Marsha Goren
English teacher.

Marsha Goren

Rock and Roll Project chosen as one of 40 projects by the P.E.F Endowment Funds and the Ministry of Education in Israel 2001.

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