Wrong Way

Wrong Way

TITLE: Wrong Way
AUTHOR: Clockstopper
PAIRING: Spike/Xander
DISTRIBUTION: Currently playing on FanFiction. Net. You want just ask! Tell me where my baby's going though.
DISCLAIMER: The Characters in this story are not mine. I wish they were, but they aren't. They belong to Joss and Co. I do own the situation I put them in though. It's MY PLOT. You think if I did own these characters I'd have signed on for the cheap free homepage? Don't sue me I have nothing of value but this, my computer and a few Buffy posters.
SPOILERS: None this is taking you all the way to the begin, well the second season, but it totally disregards anything you might have learned in the first season
Summary: The result of Spike/Xander fan fiction and Sublime’s Wrong Way on repeat. Spike and Xander meet sometimes before the parent teacher thing and start a friendship/relationship. If you’ve heard the song you know how it goes. If you haven’t then this is the thing: Xander’s a whore to vampires and Spike’s the broken big bad looking for a little blood. Spike wants to save Xander, but not go against everything he is. Can he do it?

Chapter 4:

Xander wasn’t sure why he was there. Sure he’d love to see Jesse and Willow, but this broke his rule of never going outside unless it was absolutely necessary. School was just the right acceptation, but having a fun time at the Bronze was not.

Xander would much rather be in his small apartment watching whatever movie was on TNT and eating the last bag of popcorn he stored in a hidden compartment in his bathroom. He was having a really weird week.

Or at least a very weird past couple of days. It all started when Spike walked into his apartment with those damn blue eyes looking for some blood. Why the hell did the vampire have to be so nice? Xander was shocked when Joe had given him the money. Xander wasn’t expecting it to say the least.

Joe would sometimes give him money but that was on very rare occasions and when Joe himself had extra money. Xander could still remember how nervous Joe looked early that evening when he went to Xander’s room to give him that money.


“Hey, Alan, listen you… you got something and I’m supposed to give it to you.” Joe said trying, but failing, to keep his eyes from twitching too much.

“What is it?” Xander asked sighing slightly. Joe never really got Xander anything and his birthday was a whole month away. Joe would usually give Xander something small for his birthday.

“Um… well… it’s all there so if he asks… although he said he wouldn’t be seeing you again, but how reliable is that… anyway it’s all there.” Joe said throwing an envelope on Xander’s bed just inches away from Xander’s hand.

“What’s all there? Is it money?” Xander asked.

“Well it sure as hell ain’t a pony.” Joe said. Xander picked up the envelope and looked inside. It was filled with twenty-dollar bills, lots of twenty-dollar bills. There were at least twenty bills in the small envelope.

“What the hell? Where’d you get this kinda cash?” Xander asked.

“Seems you have somewhat of a stalker although he said he was going to leave you alone.” Joe said.

“Who is it?” Xander asked.

“That William-Spike- Master guy. Said that he’d see you around and told me to give you the cash and that I better give you all of it otherwise, well he left the threat up in the air but you get the gist.” Joe said.

“So he just gave you what, four hundred dollars to give to me?” Xander said.

“Five hundred and twenty. I counted it and yeah I guess he did. He said that he probably wouldn’t be coming back but that maybe he’d run into you sometime. Then he said that he was going to take your advice and live like a respectable idiot. Whatever that means.” Joe said. A small smile graced Xander’s face at the thought of the conversation he had had with the vampire the other night.

“Alan, this could get serious. If this guy is stalking you…”

“He’s not stalking me. At least I don’t think so anyway. He doesn’t seem like the stalking type… okay maybe he does just a little, but that doesn’t mean that he is.” Xander said.

“Alan, get serious. It’s not like this hasn’t happened to one of my employees before. It’s easily solved by a simple call to the upper bosses and bang the guys outta here.” Joe said.

“Joe, he’s a Master Vampire. I don’t think he’s going to go down that easily. He could take a lot of people down with him. Besides this is my problem and I’ll deal with it. So a vamp wants to stalk me. If it gets really serious then I tell you to make that call, but for now you’re going on hunches.” Xander said.

“My hunches never served me wrong before. I just want you to be safe. Look the money is yours to keep and do whatever you want with it. I’m just saying watch your back.” Joe said.

“Don’t you mean my neck?” Xander said jokingly.

“Alan, this is serious stuff here. A Master Vampire wants you he’s more likely then not going to have you. Even if it means by sheer force. You know as well as I do that the vampires are weakened in this town. For what reason it is unknown, but that’s the truth. There’s going to be a shift for power and do you really think that this Spike guy is here because of the lovely tourist attractions. He’s probably here to try and take over.” Joe said.

“He’s not the minion rule the world type.” Xander said offhandedly.

“How could you possibly know that?” Joe asked.

“Because… because we talked. Had an actual conversation about something. It was nice to just talk to someone.” Xander said.

Joe looked at Xander questioningly.

“You’re not… this guy isn’t… he isn’t getting to you is he?” Joe asked.

“What? No, no of course not. I not get attached. People and demons suck remember.” Xander said wondering who he was trying to convince more. Himself or Joe.

“Sure doesn’t sound like he sucks all that bad.” Joe said with a bit of a huff in his voice.

“Joe, there’s no way I would have the hots for a vampire.” Xander said in a voice that held mild annoyance.

“Don’t give me that. I know you don’t care which side of the fence you’re on and that’s my fault. I take full responsibility for that, but just remember that he’s a vampire.” Joe said.

“It’s kind of hard to forget.”

~End Flashback~

Xander wasn’t so sure that it was that simple to forget though. Spike acted so human that it was really easy to forget he was a demon. Xander needed to go out and clear his head, much to the protests of Joe and decided that maybe mindless fun with a few people he used to call friends.

Sure, Xander was scared that he had pegged Spike wrong, but he was pretty confident that he hadn’t pegged him wrong. Maybe that’s what scared Xander the most. If he hadn’t pegged Spike wrong then there would be a huge problem.

“Hey guys.” Xander said when he finally made his way through the thick mass of people and found himself in front of Willow and Buffy both seemed to be deep in study mode.

“Xander! You made it! Wow, it’s great to see you!” Willow squeaked as she bounced out of her seat and into Xander’s slightly opened arms.

“Hey, Wills, how you been.” Xander asked after Willow had calmed down enough to take her seat.

“Oh, things have been great. I mean everything has just been… great. How have you been? Anything change in your life considerably. I mean there had to be something seeing as you just stopped hanging out with us.” Willow said he voice ultra bubbly.

Only Willow could act concern and lay the guilt trip on at the same time.

“Um… no… I’ve just been really busy with things you know. Uncle Joe’s hotel and whatnot. I guess I just haven’t had time to go out.” Xander said.

“Well your grades have picked up. Mr. Hodge is always talking about how great you did on all your tests.” Willow said.

“Yeah, I guess. I try to do my best. So what’re you guys up to?” Xander asked.

Buffy looked at him wearily. She wasn’t exactly going to forget the fact that he had put her down the other day. Sure, Buffy didn’t know what was going on with Xander and she would have liked to. Willow and Jesse talked about him like he was such a great guy. Buffy didn’t see how the Xander Harris that Willow and Jesse talked about could have turned into ‘The Freak with No Friends’ and that was a direct quote from Cordelia.

“French. It’s such a pain in the ass.” Buffy said trying to make light conversation.

“It’s not that bad Buffy. You just have to concentrate more. I’m sure you’ll get it.” Willow said.

“Stayed away from French. Decided Spanish instead. More useful anyway.” Xander said.

“You’re the lucky one. I don’t know why I picked French. I must have had a huge case of wanna fail high school. I just don’t get it. There’s like six different ways to say the.” Buffy whined.

“Well high school requires you take it to graduate.” Willow said.

“That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s useful.” Xander said.

“But a must.” Willow commented having to get in the last word.

“So where’s Jess?” Xander asked.

“He’s probably on the dance floor trying to win over some girls with his incredible dance moves.” Buffy said.

“Oh.” Xander said.

“Hey guys come one let’s dance. I’m feeling all alone out there.” The three teenagers turned around to see Jesse, a little hyperactive and wiggling around like a Mexican jumping bean, standing there with a thin sheet of sweat on his forehead panting slightly.

“Oh, Hey, Xander you made it! That’s great.” Jesse said when he saw his old friend.

“Yeah decided that I’ve seen The Shawshank Redemption a few too many times.” Xander said.

“Oh good. It’s time you finally got out. Okay so, who’s gonna dance with me.” Jesse asked turn to his two girlfriends.

“Jesse we’re studying.” Willow protested.

“Yeah, you’ve been studying for like ten minutes.” Jesse said.

“Oh, no wonder my brain feels like it’s been liquidated.” Buffy said hopping off of her seat and walking over to the dance floor motioning for Willow and Xander to follow her.

“Guess you’re fighting a loosing battle there, Wills.” Xander said.

“Xander, now tell me the truth because no matter how long we haven’t talked for I can still tell when you’re lying to me.” Willow said.

“About what?” Xander asked.

“About your life. Is everything really okay or are you putting up a brave front for all of us?” Willow asked.

“Willow, I don’t know where you would get the idea that everything isn’t Jim Dandy. I mean yeah okay I’ve been distant. It’s just… well… sometimes you find different things to occupy your time with. I swear everything’s good.” Xander said only half lying because technically he wasn’t dead or fatally injured so everything had to be fine.

“Okay if you’re sure. Why don’t we go join those two and shake our groove thangs.” Willow said.

“After you m’lady.” Xander said taking Willow’s hand and walking over to the dance floor.


Spike HATED minions. He was beginning to realize why he rarely ever kept any even when Dru was alive. They were just too much trouble. Way too much trouble especially if they weren’t your minions. They didn’t listen even if you were a Master vampire.

Here he was trying to offer this guy a chance to die respectably and he kept going on about how Slayers were easy things to kill. He didn’t smell that old so he couldn’t have killed one already. Any minion that claimed to be at the Crucifixion was lying through their teeth, both sets.

After leaving the hotel the night before Spike looked for the nearest minion and beat it till he got the answers he was looking for. The Order of Aureilus was still up and running, but barely. They were taking orders from a child, some Anointed something or another. He was the right hand man of the Master apparently, but he didn’t look like much.

Part of Spike felt like the stupidest vampire in the world bowing and taking orders from such a weak vamp. And weak he had to have been considering how small he was. He just had little minions the Master left him with. If Spike had been feeling up to it he would have staked the kid and taken over, but he was just too tired for that.

Let someone else do the work Spike thought no matter how much it wounded his pride.

He could deal with it considering Dru was gone. There was a time where Spike would have bustled into that factory, shook things up a bit and said to hell with it. Bluster and bravado were two things Spike had always possessed as a vampire.

They were what set him apart. He was taught by the best Master in cruelty there could ever have been. There was no one that surpassed Angelus when it came to torturing victims, but Spike was never for the torture and hide in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Spike liked to strike whenever he felt like and that was usually the result of having no plan whatsoever and just following the blood.

Yeah, that image was all well and good and it gained him Master status at a fairly young age, but what good is it to be on top when you were alone up there. Spike could shut his mouth and take orders. It was another thing you learned when your grandsire was Angelus.

If you didn’t bend to his ever whim you wouldn’t last very long. Spike remembered the torture sessions with great accuracy considering how long ago it was. He could conform with the best of them. He could stick to a curfew and always be nice and courteous. He could share his meals with all the other little vampires. Hell, he’d been going to that hotel.

Damn it! You weren’t going to think about that hotel. You weren’t going to think about that boy. Spike cursed himself for thinking about Xander or anything related to Xander in anyway.

The truth was, when all was stripped down to the barest it could be stripped down to, Spike liked the boy. Xander just had something about him… something that Spike was drawn to and if Spike wasn’t careful he’d be getting himself into a lot of trouble. He had wanted nothing more then to grab Xander and run. Run far and run fast. It wasn’t entirely unheard of for a vampire to keep a human as a pet.

What was unheard of was to take a human and set the human free. It was just so… human. See a person in danger and you come running to save them. It was too good guy and clashed with the image vampires had for themselves. Humans were food so if you weren’t shagging one you were killing one.

You were certainly not thinking ‘Aww he’s had a hard life and all I want to do is pick him up and take him somewhere nice.’ Humans weren’t equals they were food and possibly a good shag, but never an equal. Never a real person. They’d submit to you and you’d treat them like dirt, but you would never devoted your unlife as a vampire to making their mortal existence the very best it could be.

That’s what he’d end up doing for Xander. He’d be trying to think of every way he could please the boy and it was not only too soon for that it was totally frowned upon in the vampire world. Vampires were the dominant one between humans and vampires.

Xander would have too much power over him if his actions at the hotel were anything to judge by. Xander would be able to bend and twist him into any shape he pleased and he’d probably do anything the dark haired boy asked of him. He always had a thing for dark beauties. He was weak when it came to stuff like that.

Spike was a pleaser on the inside. Sure on the outside he portrayed the Big Bad image, but he’d always been quiet and attentive to Drusilla’s every need. He’d have done anything she asked him to do. In the earlier years he’d have walked in the sun if she had asked him to. He was too loyal and trustworthy as a human and for some strange reason those same traits passed on with him to his unlife.

How he longed to get rid of them and just be a cold-hearted killer like Angelus had been. He tried his hardest, but he loved. He had loved his family when it had been together even if Darla was a bitch. He loved Dru with everything he had. Love was just something he couldn’t get rid of and when it was Dru he didn’t really care that he had it.

Not that he loved Xander. No, he cared for the boy and that was something he denied with all his might, but he didn’t love him. Sure Spike fell in love easy, but there was no way that one night talking about things with Xander would suddenly make Spike love him. He liked him, maybe a little too much, yes, but he didn’t love him. The boy had something in him that made Spike admire him and somewhat respect him and it was only logical that he like Xander, but love was pushing the envelope a little.

It didn’t mean he couldn’t fall for Xander if he’d have stayed in that hotel one more minute. Didn’t mean that he was starting to think more about Xander and wondered what he was doing at that moment. It just meant he liked him. It just meant he wanted him, oh yes Spike definitely wanted him.

“Spike, we’ve just been standing here for a little over half-hour. Are we going to do something?” The annoying minion asked. Spike hadn’t bothered to learn his name.

“Did you see her go?” Spike asked wondering how he let his mind wander so much.

“Yes she went in there. She was with another girl. Should we go see what she’s doing?” the minion asked like he was eager to do something and Spike was tempted to tell him to go hunt.

“She’s prolly dancin’. Thas’ what you go to a club for. But maybe you’re right. Let’s give this Slayer a looksie.” Spike said walking causally over to the entrance of the club.

It looked as though a lot of teenagers were there. It was probably the local hangout for kids to go to after a long day at school.

“So what’s the plan?” The minion asked.

“The plan? How the bloody hell should I know? I thought we were jus’ ‘ere to scoop out the Slayer.” Spike said.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t mean we can’t attack her while we’re at it.” The minion said and Spike soon realized why he was a minion.

“And get are selves royally dusted. I don’t know how she fights yet. They’ve all got different styles.” Spike said looking around for a girl.

He wasn’t sure what he was looking for exactly. He’d never seen this Slayer but it was like a tracking device that vampires had installed. You could smell a Slayer a mile away. With all these people around it was hard to sniff her out, but they had a certain… glow about them. If you looked in the right places you’d be able to spot her out of the crowd. She’d be the one that was radiating of the most good will.

Spike turned his head in a few directions before he spotted her. She was a small thing. She couldn’t have reached higher then his chest. She had dirty blonde hair and was dancing with a boy who was a good foot taller then her. She was sashaying in her light blue shirt and her black pants and shaking her head this way and that to the beat of the music. She was wearing some makeup but not enough to be really noticeable. She was strong, Spike could tell that by the way she cared herself. She was also carefree and couldn’t have been more then sixteen.

Xander’s age Spike’s mind betrayed him as he watched the Slayer more intensely. She’d be hard to take down, but even conformed Spike would enjoy this one.

“Go get some food.” Spike said to the minion and he happily obliged.

He practically skipped away. It was the perfect time to see how good the girl matched up in battle. He walked closer to the girl and said, “Hey I need to find a phone. Some guy’s trying to bite some girl.” Spike watched as the Slayer tensed and then ran out of the club.

Spike smirked and was about to run out after her when Spike saw him. He was dancing with a small redheaded girl. His back was turned to Spike and Spike watched as he danced to the beat of the music. He couldn’t help but watch him.


Xander could feel someone was staring at him, but he was having too much fun twirling and dancing with a smiling Willow. The song was an upbeat one. It had been at least a year since he’d been to the Bronze with Jesse and Willow just having a good time. He could forget about his life and all the nasty things that paid to be with him.

He could just be Xander Harris the goofball with Willow the Brain and Jesse the Skater Dude as his friends. He was just a kid having a good time with his friends. Oh how he longed for the feeling to stay.

He knew it couldn’t though. He knew that as soon as the clock chimed midnight he’d be on his way home to his empty apartment and his life as a prostitute to vampires. He’d be the loser guy that no one paid attention too and he knew that that was just as much his vault as it was everyone else’s, but he had to live his life in secrecy.

It was easier then telling people. They’d think he was crazy and then it’d be bye bye sunshine, hello straight jacket. Xander knew he’d really go crazy with the white padded walls and no windows. As it was his small tiny apartment had only on window.

A new song came on and Xander watched as Buffy ran outside.

She’s probably going off to stake some vampire. Xander thought as he began to twirl Willow again.

The song was slower and darker sounding. Xander pulled Willow closer to him and they swayed to the beat of the song. Xander turned them and that’s when he saw him. Spike. Spike was standing in some dark corner staring at him and trying to smoke a cigarette with shaky hands. His eyes were piercing and Xander couldn’t turn his eyes away from them. So he just swayed with Willow on the spot he was in as he stared at Spike with the same intensity Spike was staring at him with.

I did a stupid thing last night

Spike watched as Xander twirled the redheaded girl and felt a feeling of *something* stir inside his chest. It only grew bigger as he saw Xander pull the girl close to his chest. They swayed a bit before Xander turned them around and then Xander saw him.

Xander looked a little confused and questioning, but he seemed to gulp and continue to dance and stare. Spike couldn’t take his eyes off of Xander. Before Xander had looked so carefree and innocent just dancing with a cute girl. Spike knew he should have been outside sizing up the Slayer and helping that stupid minion die faster, but for some reason he just couldn’t get himself to move his legs.

I called you, a moment of weakness, no not a moment more like three months of weakness

Xander began to sway his hips even more and move Willow’s hips faster to the beat of the music. There was something intense about Spike’s eyes that was making him act like this. Spike looked hungry and not just in the bloodlust kind of way. No, this was the lustful kind of way. Spike’s hand was shaking even more and he seemed to be trying to convince himself that he shouldn’t be there.

It was all very… hot. Of course Spike was hot and Xander had no problem admitting that now, but it was so very wrong. Okay so the vampire part didn’t bug Xander. Sure, the age thing gave him a major wiggins, but it wasn’t like he couldn’t overlook it. Sure, it would be incredible hard, but guess what else is hard.

Xander tried to subtle adjust his pants. He’d never reacted this way to anyone before. Okay so as a teenager looking at linoleum somehow became a pleasure filled experience, but lately he was living like a monk.

A monk that occasionally took it up the ass and pounded it into the better part of the female vampire population, but a monk nonetheless. Girls at school just didn’t interest him and neither did the guys. It was just too hard to explain his life and everything it entailed. Spike knew all about his life and it would be so much easier to just… no not easier because it was just wrong.

Don’t get involved with the customers. Don’t get involved with the customers. Xander repeated over and over, but even as he chanted his new mantra in his head he was still staring at Spike and still holding Willow tight to him wishing it was Spike.

Because to be brutally honest, Spike was gorgeous. He was beyond gorgeous and Xander had already grown an attraction to the platinum blonde vampire.

I'm one step away… From crashing to my knees

Okay so any second now I’m gonna come to my senses and walk out of this bloody excuse for a club and go find something to kill. Yeah he’s havin’ no effect on me whatsoever. I’m in control of myself here. Spike thought as he threw his cigarette on the floor not even caring that the Bronze was a no smoking environment.

Xander looked good. He looked young. He looked his age and Spike must have been the biggest pervert to find the innocence and general youth a turn on. He watched as Xander’s dancing became faster and he looked at the redhead’s face. She seemed to be a little confused, but went with the rhythm Xander was setting for them.

He watched as Xander shifted in his pants, but Xander’s eyes never once left his own. He just kept staring and Spike wondered if that was how his eyes looked. They were hungry, no doubt they were hungry, but there was a slight hint of hesitation. Like Xander knew just how wrong it was for him to be lusting after Spike, but his body was betraying him.

Spike knew that was what was going through his own mind. He could take Xander right now and just leave with him. The Slayer wasn’t around and there wasn’t much the girl could do about anything. He could take Xander away and make Xander be his and give the boy the best life that Spike’s money could buy, but that wasn’t possible. It. Just. Wasn’t. Possible.

So he’d settle for standing here lurking in the shadows watching as the boy moved his body and was practically screaming for Spike to run over and grab him, but not to because it would raise too many questions. Spike could almost here the inner dialogue and argument going on in Xander’s head.

It had to be the same that was running through Spike’s head. There was no way that could act on anything they were feeling. Even if Xander’s gaze was so hungry and needed and so intense that it was burning holes into Spike's own eyes. Neither could make a move because it would break all the rules they’d set up for themselves.

One step away from spilling my guts to you

Okay if he doesn’t make a move any time soon I’m just going to twirl around again and just forget that he’s there. I just hope he won’t be there burning holes in my back with his eyes. This is ridiculous. What happened to no getting involved with the customers? That’s all he is. A really hot customer, but you can get over that. God damn him for coming here. Why tonight of all nights? I just wanted to try being normal. Xander thought as the song came to an end.

He gulped a little and finally broke the spell Spike had over him as he turned his stare to Willow.

“Hey wanna go sit back down?” Xander said hoping his voice didn’t crack too much.

“Sure… um, Buffy sure has been out there a long time,” Willow began to babble and Xander barely heard much over thew loud speakers and the thumping of his own heart.

She was so obviously trying to avoid talking about what was wrong with Xander and Xander knew why. They hadn’t been friends for awhile and she had no idea what was going on in his head. Xander spared one last glance over to Spike. Spike had a drink in hand and was drinking vigorously.

Xander wasn’t sure what the proper etiquette was for the situation he was in so he just looked at Spike and gave him a smile. Just a small tight smile that he reserved for Joe’s good jokes and walked away after Willow.

Spike watched him walk away with that tight smile on his face. He saw the Slayer walk back in a retell the story of how hard it was to find and kill some fledging and she was practically giving blow-by-blow descriptions of what had happened. Spike actually smiled at little at the thought of not having to walk home with that stupid minion. He really wasn’t worth the precious blood his Sire had wasted on him.

Xander sat there, not looking too withdrawn, but enough to be withdrawn. He smiled and nodded at all the appropriate moments and even gave a small laugh at something the other boy who had found his way back to the group said.

Spike knew that he was stalking and had told that Joe bloke that he wouldn’t stalk. Xander was just a thing of beauty that no one else saw. He was sad and for some insanely odd reason Spike was sad for him.

Sad that he couldn’t just wipe away all that bad stuff because it would ruin his image. It’d be so easy to take care of Xander, but Spike just wasn’t capable of taking care of anyone especially a seventeen year old kid.

That didn’t mean he couldn’t dream.

Chapter 5

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