Real World

Real World


Chapter 1:




Really hated it with deep-seated hatred that one required after years of life giving you nothing but enormous amounts of shit.

No, it wasn't just that he had a bad day at work, which ultimately resulted in him being fired from yet another job.

No, it wasn't just the fact that Anya had just broken up with so she could become a demon again.

No, it just wasn't that he yet again got beat up by another demon acting as the human bait, which left him very wounded, which resulted in him being late to work, which resulted in his firing, which resulted in Anya think that maybe he was really a good for nothing and leaving him.

No, it wasn't even the fact that his friends would rather take him to the Bronze and pretend like nothing was wrong then really sit and listen to him.

It was just life in general.

"Hey Xander why the long face. Thought quality time at the Bronze would make you feel better." Willow said bouncing just a little.

Xander was happy that she had gotten her groove back after Oz's untimely departure. She was happier and Xander was happy that she was happy and not the least bit jealous of her happiness.

"It's just I really feel like sulking a bit rather then doing the dance of a brave little toaster." Xander said with a sigh.

"Well you can't just sit around being a grumpy puss all night. You have to get up and live life." Willow said with that far away voice she had when she was trying to explain the importance of happiness.

"Willow, I just had the crappiest day of my life not to mention the crappiest existence now that I think about it. I just want to go home and listen to some good ole' country music." Xander said.

"Come on Xan. So you got fired. You'll find another job. So Anya dumped you to become a demon again. I mean was your relationship going anywhere." Willow asked.

It was funny how even though she was trying to cheer Xander up it ended up making Xander feeling even crappier. He knew she meant well, but she had basically made it sound like his life had no meaning although she had to have done it unintentionally.

"Wills, its not just today. It's everyday. It's my life. I'm the one that gets the funny syphilis or Giles demons knocking down my door or crazy bug ladies, Inca mummy princesses or homicidal slayers. I'm the one that does the crappy jobs and gets called a townie and gets stuck with the chipped vampires in my basement. Life just doesn't make as much sense as it did in high school and it was easier to hunt demons because I was hyped up from Buffy's explanations and wanted to do real good. Now, I just feel really tired." Xander said hang his head and placing it into his hands.

"Xander I know what you're going through. When Oz left I was a wreck, but you'll bounce back from this I know you will. Right now you're just feeling lousy." Willow said.

Xander looked at her and saw the bright smile that could light up small towns and gave her his best goofy Xander grin.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. I just need a little time at home by myself." Xander said putting a few dollars on the table to pay for his drinks.

"Okay don't listen to something to depressing. And try to think positively." Willow yelled as Xander walked away and made the already depressing trip to his basement apartment.

There was no one there to make him feel welcome.


Spike liked to prowl. It was just something vampires picked up over the years. Prowling for innocent victims was always Spike's favorite pastime. Only now it wasn't the human kind of victim that he'd eat just for the heck of it. No, it was demons, his own kind. Well if you can't kill humans might as well kill demons. Either way it's killing. Yeah, right at least that's what he told himself.

The part of him that was always truthful, the demon, was scream at him to just get a bunch of minions and take down the Slayer. It shouldn't be too hard. Spike didn't get were he had been in the vampire rankings without rustling a few feathers. The demon world knew that he wasn't someone to be messed with.

So why didn't he just get some stupid vampires seeking revenge and have them do all the dirty work while he sat around barking orders at everyone? It'd be much easier then the existence that he led now. The demon world called him a traitor for teaming up with the Slayer and her gang of demon hunter wannabes.

The Slayer and her little Slayerettes didn't even care what happened to him except that he was useful for a bit of information and the occasional punchin bag. It'd be a hell of a lot easier to just become the Master Vampire of Sunnydale.

Oh sure he could lie to himself and say it was because he didn't like giving orders. He'd much rather be out fighting in the battlefields. He could say that human blood didn't matter that much to him as long as he was in a good fight. He could say that he had a warped sense of priorities, but that only went so far.

No, the real reason was rather perverse and disgusting that Spike only allowed himself to admit it when he was very, very, very drunk like he was right now. The real reason made him cringe at just the mere thought of it.

He was in love with one of them. He was in love with one of the Scoobies. Not just one of them he was in love with Xander Harris, king of the dorks and good doers alike. It would be simple if he was just in love with one of them like Red or hells even Slutty the Vampire Slayer.

No, he had to go and pick the dork, oddball of the group. Never mind the fact that said Scooby was a male. Spike was a vampire after all and his Sire was Angelus. Little things like orientation didn't bother him one bit, but... Xander Harris?

It was a crime against the demon world. If anyone found out his reputation would be shot to hell.

Speak of the devil there he is know. Walkin' all by his lonesome. Durin' the night in Sunnyhell. Does the boy 'ave a death wish. And where the hell is the Slayer. She wouldn't be too happy if one of her pets gets hurt. Better go make sure the boy doesn't get hurt. Spike's alcohol ridden brain thought as his feet moved him to the lone Scooby.

"Fancy gettin' eaten then do you, whelp. Walkin' all alone durin' the night on the Hellmouth. Not very safe. Didn't the Slayer teach you anything." Spike said.

"I know the point end of a stake and I'm not afraid to use it, Fangless." Xander said his speech slightly slurred and his eyes hazy.

"You're drunk too. Well, don't that scream 'Bite Me'." Spike said slightly disappointed that the boy didn't know better then that.

"I'm not drunk. I had a few drinks!" Xander said protesting a little louder then necessary. "How many's a few, ducks?" Spike asked.

"I don't know I stopped counting at six." Xander said bursting into a bout of giggles.

And you think in this state you could take on a vamp if it wanted to take a bite out of your neck. Are you stoned too?" Spike asked.

"What does it matter. Let 'em bite me. With my luck they'll only take enough to leave me very wounded and I'll have to spend a few days in a hospital." Xander said a bitter tone in his voice.

"Bad day?" Spike asked in a cautious tone.

He didn't want to seem like he was that interested, but want the boy to continue talking to him. The part of his brain that wasn't bog down by alcohol, the demon again probably, was screaming at him to just run away and drink some more, but the other part of him, the part that had this sick fascination with the boy, told him to stay and comfort him.

"Try bad life. Ah! Why are you here? More importantly why am I talking to you?" Xander said throwing his arms in the air and quickening his pace.

"'M 'ere 'cause the Slayer would get right pissed if you were to come up missing and I didn't do anythin' to keep you safe. I really don't feel like become dust in the wind just yet." Spike said thinking that it was a fairly good reason as to why he was following Xander.

"Always trying to save your own ass. Wasn't it just a little while ago that you were trying to stake yourself on my coffee table? Now you what got a new attitude? Found out you can hit demons and now everything's fine in William the Bloody land." Xander said with a mixture of anger and that bitterness that he hadn't quite let go of yet.

"Well, not at the expense 'f being dusted by the Slayer. Got a reputation to uphold." Spike said.

"As if she'd stake you. You're all poor and helpless and defenseless and Buffy would be happy to unload me. I mean what would be the great loss. I think they're capable of getting their own doughnuts now that they're in college." Xander said raising his voice a little higher.

"Tha's not true they need you for a lot of stuff." Spike said suddenly wanting to smack himself for slipping like that.

"Oh really, like what. How to run away." Xander said picking up his pace again. They were almost to Xander's house and Spike was slightly afraid Xander might do something drastic. There was alcohol abound in that house were little Scooby boys could get their hands on and drink till they passed out.

"Well there's stuff." Spike said not really knowing what to say.

"Don't even try. I know I'm worthless. It's better to just let me stew in that knowledge." Xander said.

"Nonsense. You 'ave to 'ave a brain in there some where. You survived the Hellmouth this long." Spike said.

"Sheer dumb luck and using Buffy as a shield. Pays if your best friend is the Slayer." Xander said.

"You have a lot of good qualities. You're jus' drunk and depressed right now." Spike said.

If you don't start holding your tongue right now, 'll bite it off. Spike's demon howled.

Spike turned to see Xander standing there slightly confused at the turn of events. His drunken brain tried to figure out what the new piece of information meant while still maintaining the ability to speak.

"Why're you being so nice to me. Is this some sort of trick to kill Buffy." Xander said as the rounded the corner and found themselves right in front of Xander's house.

"'M jus' sayin' that you're not that bad of a guy." Spike said.

"Yeah right. I can't keep a job or a girlfriend or myself from getting injured on a daily basis. Yeah I'm a great guy. I'm just going to go to my crummy basement and stew then probably pass out because the alcohol is getting to my brain." Xander said as he walked off to his basement. He tripped over a rock and almost fell if it hadn't been for Spike's lightening fast reflexes.

Yes, I am aware that I have an armful of Xander. Yes, I am aware that his breathing slightly picked up. Yes, I am aware that I'm getting aroused by this. Yes, I am aware that he just gulped and that he's looking at me with hidden arousal. Yes, I am aware that if I move in right now it would be takin' advantage of the situation. Do I really care? No, okay. Spike thought as he let his lips descend on Xander's.

It was a chaste kiss at first as if Spike was assessing if Xander was going to throw Spike off of him. Imagine Spike's surprise when Xander opened his mouth just a little bit and began running his tongue over Spike's lips.

Part of Xander's brain yelled at him to stop what he was doing right that instant. He was kissing Spike. Spike the evil undead vampire that he disliked with a vengeance. Forget the fact that he was a vampire he was a guy. Xander liked girls with their girly ways and their boobs. Not guys with their guy parts. It was wrong on epic scales. It made no sense and it was




After all his protests against vampires and to go and kiss one was just wrong.

Another part, a very secluded most of the time part, was telling him to hell with it. Spike was a good kisser and so what if he was a guy. It wasn't like he hadn't kissed a guy before. It was one of Xander's deepest, darkest secrets that he was attracted to guys. It had just been a few in his lifetime, but it was enough to send him into the realm of denial. He also had an excuse.

He was drunk so he could just write it off as a drunken mistake in the morning. There was no way he was going to stop kissing Spike now. Spike was a very good kisser and that was the only information his brain could process. So it was only a natural reaction for Xander to open his mouth and ask for just a little bit more. He was drunk after all.

And oh was he rewarded. Spike was a much better kisser when his tongue got involved. He tasted like cigarettes and alcohol and something that was purely Spike. Xander, although he would never admit it to anyone even if they had a gun, always wondered what it would be like to kiss Spike.

It was like nothing he'd ever experienced before. Spike's tongue was exploring every crevice of his mouth and every once in awhile biting down softly on his lower lip. Spike's hands were everywhere touching Xander everywhere and still being able to hold him in the dip position like Xander had seen Mexican salsa dancers do.

Chalk it up to vampire strength. Xander thought amazed at such a coherent thought.

Xander tightened his hold on Spike's arms afraid that if he didn't hold on to something he'd fall no mater how secure Spike was holding him.

Spike couldn't believe what was happening. He was kissing Xander. He was kissing the man that had haunted his dreams, in a good way, for endless nights since he had lived in Xander's basement. It was great. Although the taste of alcohol almost over road any taste of Xander, Spike could still taste it.

That taste that was purely Xander and he wasn't sure that he'd ever get enough of it. He had Xander and he wasn't protesting vehemently. In fact, he was making little moans and mewls and other utterly delicious sounds. Spike didn't want to stop, but suddenly Xander tensed in his arms. Spike broke off the kiss to question what was wrong expecting Xander to push Spike off of him.

"Whas' wrong pet." Spike said looking down at Spike with genuine concern. Xander didn't speak. Instead he twisted in Spike's arms and... hurled. Bursts of vomit exploded from Xander's mouth as the boy coughed and sputtered. Spike would have laughed if it wasn't for the continually groans of pain from Xander. After about five minutes of throwing up all over the Harris lawn, Xander tried to stand up on his own, but felt his head start spinning.

"You done puking your guts out?" Spike asked somewhat teasingly. All Spike got in response was another groan.

"You think you can walk?" Spike asked trying to make conversation. This time Spike got a weak no.

"Would you like me to carry you to your flat?" Spike asked.

Xander pondered that for a second. He didn't want to look like he couldn't handle his own, but his head was spinning in circles and he felt like he could pass out on the lawn if he didn't move soon.

"Sure." Xander said and he felt himself being lifted into strong arms and carried to his room.

He shut his eyes and buried his head into Spike's shoulder. Spike placed Xander down on Xander's bed. The boy had fallen asleep during the short walk from the lawn to the basement. Spike, deciding against his better judgement, took Xander's clothes off and tucked him in. After Spike was sure that Xander was comfy he slipped out of the basement to go have another sleepless night which would result in him getting to know his hand better.


Xander had been passed out for a good hour after Spike left before being woken up by a big bright light. Xander put his hands in front of his eyes to try and block the light out before realizing that maybe it he should get up. He didn't think the sun was up yet and he wasn't so sure that whatever could radiate that much light should be in his room.

Xander opened one eye and squinted trying to see something passed the blinding light. When he was unsuccessful he sat up and went closer to the light, probably not the best idea, but Xander hadn't slept enough to not be drunk.

"Oh sorry. It's very bright isn't it? Sorry I forget sometimes that mortals can't see the past the light." A voice from behind the light said. Suddenly all the light was gone leaving the room dark again.

"Be a lamb and turn on that light by your bedside" the voice said.

Xander, not knowing why, felt oddly compliant to do whatever the creature asked and turned on the light. When the dim light flooded the room Xander saw a woman, one that would tower over him, standing just in front of his TV. She was wearing a long white dress that reminded Xander of a toga.

A blue sash ran from her right shoulder to her left hip and behind her back. She was lean and very pretty. She had long, wavy, blonde hair that went to just past her waist. Her eyes were so bright that the sparkled like two big emeralds. A gold piece of twine sat on the top of her head. If she had wings Xander thought that she would have been a carbon copy of the animated angel in Pinocchio.

"Okay note to self: never ever drink again. Weird cartoon characters start to come to life. Where's Jimmeny Cricket?" Xander asked.

"Always had a sense of humor, Alexander. I guess I can see where you got the guardian angel from Pinocchio. I do look like somewhat of an angel don't I." The woman said.

"Um, I'm not sure if I should answer the hallucinations in my head." Xander said even though he knew he shouldn't be talking to the hallucinations in his head.

"I'm not a hallucination. Just a Higher Being. Yes, I know this looks slightly odd, but go with it." The woman said.

"Wow, how much did I drink?" Xander asked to no one in particular.

"A lot, but I'll deal with that issue later. Come on, I'm real. You've lived on the Hellmouth for how long now and you haven't realized things like this happen." The woman said with a questioning look on her face.

"Okay, Higher Being lady. What are you doing in my bedroom? And how do you know my name?" Xander asked.

"I know everything about. We've been watching you with some curiosity. Of course I know you're name if I've been watching you for years. You first attracted our attention when you started to help out the Slayer. I have to say that you're one excellent fighter. You just keep getting back up even after you've been pushed down." The woman said.

"Still you haven't answered the question as to why you're here." Xander said.

"Oh sorry right. I'm here because lately your actions have been rather drastic. It's all been leading up to this point really. The point where you get to make a choice." The woman said.

"Oh please don't be cryptic when I'm drunk. I can't stand it when I'm not drunk." Xander groaned.

"Sorry, well, Cliff Notes version, I was sent here to give some power." The woman said a smile gracing her face.

"What?" Xander said still utterly confused.

"Some power. I'm here to give you some power. You've been complaining about how utterly powerless you are and the Powers have sent me to give you some. Even the score between you and the demon world a little." The woman said.

"Really, you aren't just pulling my leg." Xander asked.

"No of course not. So do you agree to have this power?" the woman asked.

"Hell ya. Beam me up, Captain." Xander said.

"I'm just going to pretend I know what that's supposed to mean and give you your power." The woman said walking over to Xander and placing her hand on his forehead.

Xander felt warmth flow throughout his body. It was like he had just stepped into a luxurious bath. A feeling of utter contentment flowed through his veins and made him slightly sleepy.

"There you go, Alexander. Brand-new powers just waiting for you to use. Now go to sleep." The woman said.

"Wait! I didn't catch your name." Xander said fighting sleep. "It's Natalie. Now got to sleep, Alexander." She said disappearing in a flash of light. As soon as she left Xander instantly fell asleep.

Chapter 2

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