Cavemen Always Win

Cavemen Always Win


Chapter 3:

"What the bleeding hell?" I say as Angel collapsed into my arms for the second time tonight. I look up to see Charlie holding something behind his back.

"Do not tell me you hit him on the head again." I say and Charlie looks at me sheepishly.

"Okay." He says.

"Bloody hell. Isn't it enough that he already has a gigantic bump on his head? What are you trying to give him permanent brain damage?" I yell.

"Spike, please lower your voice and listen to me. We only have a little while before we can lock who I assume is Angelus from sometime in the past in a holding cell. If we let him roam around he will surely cause unwanted chaos." Wesley says and yeah he's right, but they could have just asked me to tie him up.

"Yeah I get that, but you didn't have to go hitting him on the head." I say but of course my argument has lost its steam.

"Look as much fun as it is standing here chatting about vampire concussions can we get to the topic at hand. We have a very unsouled Angelus on our hands. Last time that happened some things were said and some people were killed and maybe it's just better if we go and lock him up now before sleeping beauty wakes up." Lorne says in an urgent tone.

"Yeah, yeah okay let's go lock him in a cell." I say throwing him over my shoulder yet again.

They walk in front of me even though I know where the holding cells are. I was a ghost here and there was nothing better to do then take a tour of the place. When we get there Wesley talks to the security guy in charge of making sure no one breaks out. They have a short discussion and the guy walks off. He comes back a few minutes later with manacles and a key. The security guard points to an empty cage and Wesley nods his head and talks the manacles and the key.

Wesley opens the cage and sets up the manacles. "Um... Spike could you... I mean I would, but..."

"I'll chain up Peaches here. Can't have any of you lot doing it and having a chunk taken out for your efforts. When the Poof gets back... and he will get back... we don't need him brooding up a storm." I say as I walk past Wesley and into the cage.

I place Angel... Angelus... whatever... down gentle and go about chaining up his wrists. The chains don't seem the strong. A few good tugs on them and they'd come right out of those loops and Angelus always was a strong bugger. Of course this is Wolfram and Hart so those bars on the cage must have some mojo on them. When I'm done chaining up his wrist I go to leave, but he grabs my arm.

He's in gameface and he seems pretty pissed off. He growls and in one fluid movement he pulls me close to him so my back is against his chest and he sinks his teeth into my neck. I hear Charlie and Wesley and Lorne heave a collective gasp, but before they have time to pry Angelus off of me he stops drinking and pushes me as far as his chained wrists will allow and smack dab into Wesley.

"No... no it can't be... you can't be him. This is all wrong... but blood doesn't lie. WHERE THE HELL AM I!" Angelus screams at me or us or nobody in particular.

Wesley grabs a hold of me because I'm a little dazed at the blood loss and he pulls me out of the cage and locks the door. I put my hand to my neck where I can feel a trickle of blood dripping out of the bite mark. I take my hand away and look at it. There's a tiny bit of blood on my finger tips and my palm.

"He... he bit you. Why did he bite you?" Charlie asks in a confused tone.

"'Cause he thinks he's going insane." I say and that just further confuses him.

"He... he was testing you wasn't he. Trying to see if you were really... William." Wesley asks and from the tone in his voice the Watchers have only begun to tap into the secrets of vampire ways of life. It's no surprise to me considering vampires tend to keep their mouths shut about certain things especially 'The Lore'. God, Angelus used to live on that crap.

"William!" Angelus yells in that tone I haven't heard in a hundred years. That Sire tone.

"Yes?" I ask turning to him. He's not in gameface anymore, but I can still tell he's pissed off.

"Unchain me." He says and if that voice still had an effect on me I'd probably have opened the cage and unchained him and fed Wesley and Charlie to him. Of course it doesn't effect me anymore... or at least not like it used to.

"I can't do that, Angelus." I say in a voice barely above a whisper. P

"What game are we playing at here, boy? Did Darla set this up? I said unchain me and as your Sire you will do as I say." He says and he's clinging to old ways or well his ways depending on how you look at it. It's easier if this is all just a game.

"I told you I can't do that. This isn't a game Angelus." I say and Angelus just glares at me with one of those 'if I ever get unchained I'm going to rip out your innards' glares and starts growling.

"So what do we do? I mean you heard what Cordy and that Doyle guys said. This is all part of the big plan the Powers have. Although I don't understand why the Powers turned Angel into Angelus. What year is he from anyway?" Charlie asks.

"1880... I'm pretty sure of it. Maybe a few years after. He knows me so I must have already been turned or..." I trail off. Most of the details of my turning are vague... really vague. I kept it that way for a reason. What I told Buffy... well that was a crock of shit. Couldn't have her knowing the real details.

"No it's after I was turned because he's calling himself my Sire." I say.

"I thought... now the Watcher's Council is pretty vague on the details, but I'm almost certain they list Drusilla as your Sire.

"Dru... Sire someone... crazy bitch tried to sire sheep. Said the stars told her to." Angelus said when he heard Wesley talk.

"Fascinating... I mean that's..."

"Save it Percy. I'm sure you watcher types would love to know the real story. Sorry not up for share time." I say.

"Okay this still doesn't explain why the Powers brought back Angelus from good ole' London age. Are they fucking crazy!" Charlie asks.

"Gunn... sweetie, do you even need that question answered." Lorne says giving Gunn his impression of the 'duh' look.

"I'll give you that the Powers have messed up in the past, but this seems to take the cake. I mean... to bring back such a cruel, heartless, soulless killer in a form and state of mind when he was in his prime... I shudder to think of the consequences." Wesley says giving an actual shudder.

"You are so English sometimes you know that. Look it don't matter much why they did it. The fact remains... when is he going to go away and when is our Angel gonna come back." Charlie asks.

"I have finally lost it. All those years with Dru have definitely gone to my head. Darla said not to turn her, but no I just couldn't leave her alone. And now I've lost it. I've gone completely insane." Angelus mutters.

"Hey guys, why don't you leave me alone with... Angelus. I think there's a few things we need to sort out and I don't think he'll be listening to any of you." I say and they nod their heads and make a hasty retreat.

"William, what is going on here? Why are you associating with humans and... well I'm not sure what kind of demon that was? Why are you wearing such weird clothes and what the hell happened to your hair? Most importantly WHERE AM I!" Angelus screams and he's really on the fringes of sanity.

"Calm down." I say in a dismissive tone.

"I can't believe you're talking to me with such utter disrespect. I'm your SIRE!" Angelus wails.

"In case you didn't notice, I'm not little fledging Willy anymore. I'm a full grown vampire... Master Vampire actually. Not really stuck on the Sire/Childe way of life." I say.

"Where am I?" He asks again and this time his voice is a little more distressed.

"2004... the year 2004." I say. His eyes widen and he looks down at himself.

"That you make you..."

"A hundred and twenty four years old. Almost as old as you." I say.

"Okay so for some reason I was... teleported?... to the future. You're still alive. Am I still alive? Is our family still alive? Why are you associating with humans?" Angelus asks.

"To answer you're first question... yes you're still alive... in a manner of speaking. Is our family still alive... well the old Master got himself staked about seven years ago. Penn bit the dust about five years ago and from what I'm told Darla died seven years ago, was brought back to life as a human, turned by Dru, then kicked it about three years ago. Gotta be a recorded. Died four times. Course Buffy died twice, but four that's a lot. Dru's still alive. I'm not sure about your other childer. The Order of Aurelius is pretty much dead. As to why I'm associating with humans... well that's a long talk. Full of all sorts of... wacky stuff." I say and he's still trying to digest the deaths of the Order of Aurelius.


"Yeah it's a word I picked up when I spent some time in Sunnydale. It's located on a Hellmouth you know... or at least it was."

"Okay so let me see if I've got this right. The Master's dead. Darla's dead. Penn's dead and the Order is simply shot to hell. What the hell kind of future is this?"

"The kind you get when you mess with little gypsy girls." I say and he looks even more confused.

"Look if you want I can tell you, but like I said it is a long story."

"Tell me... I need to know." Angelus says as he gets more comfortable... or well as comfortable as someone can get in a small cell with cement floors and no bed.

"Okay well it all started in 1898 with a trip to Romania."

He's sitting there in his cell and he hasn't moved on muscle in at least five hours. I told him everything. I told him about his soul and everything that happened with me during those hundred years I didn't see him. I told him about Sunnydale and Buffy and the re-emergence of Angelus the insane from being caged version.

I told him about that stupid rock Acathla and how he went to hell and then came back all souled. I told him what I knew of his time in LA, which wasn't much so I just told him about what happened to me in Sunnydale. I told him everything that's happened here and then I just sort of sat and stared at him for an hour waiting for a reaction. When I didn't get one and I got peckish I left him in the cage.

I went into his office where Wesley, Charlie and Lorne were just sort of sitting there staring off into nothing. I told them that I had just told Angelus everything and they merely nodded. Wesley had set up a monitor so we could see what went on in his cage. He just sat there. After about three hours Charlie was called away for some case.

Not long after that Wesley was called off to fix some head boy papers or something. So it's just me and Lorne because neither of us has much to do. He's just sitting there. I would have thought there'd have been some screaming and Angelus rage. Hell I'd settle for insane giggling, but I didn't even get that. He sat silently as I told him everything and then didn't even blink when I was finished.

So I'm sitting in his chair in his office watching the screen and it's got to be the most boring thing I've ever done in my life, but I'm still waiting for some kind of reaction.

"Spike, honey, maybe we should... I mean I could go for a sea breeze and I'm sure you could use some JD. You've got to be pretty worn out by the day." Lorne says.

"Yeah I'm just... I don't know it feels wrong. I remember Angelus. The one that was my Sire not the one that has gone insane from being caged by the soul. He would yell and scream or at least deny something like this." I say.

"Well maybe it just seems a little too real to deny." Lorne says.

"Yeah well I still thought I'd get some kind of reaction. I've seen this happen before. Overload of information someone going catatonic. Last time it took a pretty powerful red-headed witch with some mojo to make things right as rain. I don't think we've got one of those on demand." I say.

"Well don't burn out your eyeballs watching him. I'm going to see if I can't dredge up some work. Anything to get my mind off of this strange and unsettling turn of events." Lorne says as he walks out of Angel's office.

He's probably right about all this being to big of a shock for the Poof to handle. I don't know I'm still expecting some sort of reaction. Of course knowing Angelus he'd probably rant and rage and we can't have that. He'd scare the locals. I'm just wondering how long it's going to take before he moves.

I get my wish not too much later. I turned on the volume to the TV monitor because I was tired and I wanted to be woken up if started screaming. I'm almost on my way to Sleepville when I hear growling coming from the TV. He blinks a bit and then he stands up and begins to pace. He pulls on his chains a bit and then starts to yell. P Nothing intelligible. Mostly shouts and screams, but it's pretty loud that I have to turn the volume down a bit. The yelling and thrashing goes on for about a good ten minutes before he actually starts to form words and sentences.

"I'm hungry! Let me out! William I'M HUNGRY!" He starts yelling as he kicks at the bars of the cage. He can't quite reach them so he's settling for kicking at them. He spots one of the guards and focuses his attention on the terrified man.

"Get me something to eat GODAMNIT! No, get me my Childe." He screams at the guard, but it looks like the guard is just too scared to do anything, but tremble in his boots.

Of course this pisses off Angelus more considering he's doing his best menacing voice and no one's listening to him. I guess this is my cue to step in and do something so I get up from the chair. I walk over to Harm who's sitting at her desk trying to look busy.

"Harm, pet, why don't you come with me to visit the boss." I say in my most charming voice.

"Yeah like that'll ever happen. Sorry Spikey this is just something you'll have to do on your own. I don't deal with psycho bosses." Harm says not bothering to look up at me. I sigh.

"Harm, I might need you to get some stuff. That is your job right. To take orders." P "I take orders from Angel and I hardly ever do that." She says to me.

"Look you're coming or you're fired."

"Oh right you don't have the power to fire me."

"Well right now I do. Peaches is in a fragile state of mind right now. He'll only respond to vampires so I need you to go down there with me. If you don't... well I could always have Angelus fire you and then you'd be gone before Angel even got back."

"You're such a JERK Spike. Fine I'll go with you. But if he tries to attack me I'm using you as a shield." Harm says as she gets up from her desk.

We walk silently to the holding cells. I can tell she's pretty pissed off at me because she keeps glaring. We get to Angelus's cell and I see the guard standing in front of it with what looks like a tazer and Angelus is just growling at him.

"Hey, piss off." I say to the guy and he gladly runs off clutching his tazer close to him.

"William I'm hungry. It's polite to feed your prisoners." He says to me in that authoritative upper class Irish brogue.

"I don't think yelling and screaming is the way to get what you want, Angelus." I say an I can see it's killing him that I'm not addressing him with 'Sire' or 'Master' or whatever term he liked. Instead of getting angry he's face softens and he looks at me with those big brown eyes and I can tell he's going into seductive mode.

"William, please, I'm hungry." He says in a voice barely above a whisper. I know I'm going to give in and as much fun as it is taunting the old bastard he's obviously come to grips with the fact that I'm a Master Vampire and we're practically equals.

"Harm, be a pet and fetch the boss something to eat." I say. Harm nods and scampers off to get some blood.

"Who's the cow? A minion of yours?" Angelus asks.

"No she's your secretary." I say and by the nonplussed look on his face I know he doesn't get it.

"She works for you."

"Oh you mean in the fight against evil." He says bitterly.

"Yes, something like that, though I'm not entirely sure she's not evil herself."

"This... everything you've told me... well it's a bit hard to take in, William. How is it that I wasn't killed for being such a... disgrace." He says.

"Well I don't know. I wasn't there now was I. I don't know how you survived all that time by yourself. Master never gave two licks about it and Darla forgot about it not long after. Master made her all sort of nice little things to play with before he booted me and Dru out." I say.

"There's another question. Why in the hell did that... mortal think Dru sired you? That's totally ridiculous." He says looking a touch hurt and a touch angry, but more angry then hurt.

"Well you go around saying that your Sire is the great souled one. Doesn't exactly work well for the reputation. Besides I didn't come up with it I just marketed on the idea. Never told anyone different. A Sire usually stays with their Childe for longer then you did so everyone just though Dru was it." I say.

"You'd rather have a crazy Sire then one with a soul?"

"Well I didn't have much choice now did I?"

"I don't believe you. I couldn't have just left my family." Angelus says.

"Well you did. I think it was Darla's fault. Didn't want you all tainted. Like I said you came back to us two years later, but took off again."

"The night you killed your first Slayer. You were what... twenty at the time. That's well that's amazing." He says and he's got the look like he's a proud parent or something. That look I wanted to see when I first bagged the Slayer. I had wanted him to be proud. I thought if I could make him proud he would stay, but of course he left and that was that.

"You... you're just two... or at least you were... look all of this talk is making my head spin. This is the future. I was somehow taken from the past and brought here to this ugly place." Angelus says and he kicks at the bars again. Harm comes back with a mug of blood and hands it to me. She scurries away before I can ask for something else.

"What the hell is that?" He asks pointing to the mug.

"It's blood. Food you know."

"You expect me to eat that? Get me a human... preferably an innocent little girl. Something you've chased so the blood is tainted with fear. I'm not drinking that." Angelus says looking indignant and proud.

"Well then you'll starve." I say and I know that cow's blood can't even compare to rich human blood, but we can't have him snacking on the locals and I can't exactly get him one what with the shiny new soul.

"But it's not even human!" He says in his best pouty voice. Even before the soul Angelus had a knack for trying to get you to feel sorry for him with his pity voice and his little pouts. Where do you think I learned how to pout?

"You always were a whiney bastard. Look just try it, huh. Then you can pull a Gandhi and refuse to eat."

"A what?"

"Great, you know with Angel at least he'd get my historical references. Could always count on the bugger to never get the culture ones, but anything to do with history and he'd know what I was talking about. Now I can't even count on that." I say.

"Just give me the cup." Angelus says clearly irritated with my rant.

I hand him the mug and he looks at it's contents. He pulls what I can only describe as an 'eww' face and swallows. He's not going to drink it and the only way I can think of to get him to drink it is to challenge him.

"Come on you're scared of blood. It's just blood you poof." I say and he growls.

"I'll show you poof, boy." He says and he takes a big chug. The moment the blood is in his mouth he looks like he's going to be sick and then spits the blood out... which lands directly on me.

"Oi, you're going to ruin my only shirt." I say wiping the blood splatters off of my face.

"That is the most disgusting fluid that has ever graced my lips. Believe me when I say I know these things. You expect me to live on that." He says waving the mug around. The blood sloshes around a bit and some of it spills out of the mug.

"Well then you'll starve. I can't go getting you humans to munch on."

"Oh right because you have a soul." He says and he's a bit disgusted with the soul, but more so with the blood.

"Exactly. Look why don't you just hold your nose and drink it."

"No I don't want to." He says and bloody hell he sounds like a two year old. Did he always sound this way? Yes, yes he always did sound this way. Always had to get what he wanted.

"I want human blood. I'm not drinking that shit." He says turning to me. His eyes light up a bit and he thrust the mug at me.

"Here you drink it." He says.


"You drink it."

"I've already eaten thanks."

"No, stupid boy, you drink it and then I'll drink it from you." He says with a bright smile on his face like he just solved all of the world's problems.

"ARE YOU INSANE! What do I look like! A freaking blood bank? Do you have any idea what something like that could do?" I yell at him.

"What we've done it hundreds of times before. Of course you were the one feeding, but it's not like it will kill you."

"It opens ties that are long dead and cold. No, I'm not going to let you."

"Well then you'll just have to sit here and watch me starve to death because I'm not drinking the swill. Come on, William you know you hate that. Watching some poor bloke die of starvation. Those ties may be dead, but you don't want to see your Sire slip away into nothing but dust do you?" He says.

Ever the fucking manipulator. He's always been that way ever since I was turned. He knows how much it makes me sick to see someone die of starvation. I always thought it was pointless. Now he's using it against me and he's picking the old Sire card as well. Fuck it I don't want to see him dust. Must be because he bit me earlier.

"All right give me the fucking mug." I say grabbing it from his hands.

He practically coos in delight, but I glare at him and that stops him from doing anything but looking a bit to smug. I down the mug in a manner of minutes and then I open the cage. Wesley gave me the key sometime during the waiting.

I walk inside and stop in front of Angelus. I'm slightly nervous because it's been awhile since we've done this and it opens up doors I'd rather hoped would stay closed for the next four millennia. I tilt my head in the perfect submissive manner and Angelus just stares at me hungrily. He grabs me and pulls me closer, places a kiss on my neck that would have made me shudder years ago and then he sinks his fangs in.

I don't remember it feeling this way. Even when he bit me earlier it didn't feel this way. It's a slow burn like he's pulling me into him or something. Bloody hell I'm not really all that great with words, but this... this is new or old or something. I don't remember feeling so... alive when he did this.

Granted most of the time we were... shagging, yes we shagged. A whole lot of times, but it's a given. He is my Sire. He's pushing up against me and... oh shit that's a reaction I certainly remember. And am I moaning... I'm not entirely sure, but I think so.

"S...stop." I say weakly pushing against him.

"Hmmm, am I taking too much?" He whispers in my ear.

"Y...yes." I say and I'm seeing stars. I'm seeing actual fucking stars Goddamn it.

"You seem to like it. Still the little fledge at heart aren't you my William. Hard with just a bit of my attention." He says in that low seductive voice.

"No... I'm a Master Vampire and you... you don't have any power over me whatsoever." I say and it's kind of a weak argument because well let's face it we're two hard vampires rubbing against each other and shit I'm still moaning a bit.

"Is that so, Will, well it would seem some of you disagrees." He says and I can tell he's wearing a huge smirk.

"No, you can't do this to me. You can't snap your fingers and think I'm just going to bend over and take it like a good slut." I say to him.

"Oh, what's the matter? Just because you're a Master Vampire doesn't mean that you can't give into temptation." He says.

"No." I say and this time I push away from him.

"That can't ever happen." I say in a firm tone.

"Oh, William. I remember when you were this stubborn. Took you a bit of time, but you gave in. Sooner or later, you'll give in again. I can tell you want to." He says and his grin is sinister and I'm pretty sure he's going to try his hardest to somehow get down my pants. P

"No, no. it won't." I say and I start to walk away.

"You know this place could really use a bed..." He yells after me, but I'm just trying to get out of there with whatever shred of dignity I had left.

Angelus POV

Hmmm, well that was interesting. And... fun. I do love tormenting my boy. Yes he's still mine. I don't care how many years it's been since he's been mine. I'd have to admit I was shocked to see him standing there when I woke up. His hair is this odd color and his clothes... well they weren't like anything I'd ever seen before. I could tell it was him though. I could see it in those blue eyes. I always liked those eyes.

They were part of the reason why I chose him. He was just so beautiful that I could resist. For me, it's only been two years since I turned him, but I can tell he's a Master Vampire. Of course I had to be sure it was really my boy so I bit him. It was him. I could taste him in his blood and I knew. I've tasted that blood often enough to memorize the taste.

So there he stood. Master Vampire already at the age of a hundred and twenty four. Now that made me happy. Then to hear him tell me of his Slayer's he had killed... we'll what Sire would be happy about that. It sure made me happy when I heard about it. He's still so beautiful and I thought he was lost to me. He's grown up and he doesn't need me anymore and according to his tale I left him at just barely twenty. P

All and all it didn't make me all that happy. I mean I was proud of him... of what I had created, but he wasn't mine anymore. So maybe I tricked him a little, but he wanted it. I could tell in his eyes when I just mentioned that I should drink from him. I could see... longing, need, want... something and I knew if I could just push him a little... he'd be mine.

I drank from him and I got the same reaction I always got when I drank from him. I got the reaction I was looking for. He pushed away, but give it time. He didn't want to. I could see it in his eyes that he didn't want to push away, but well... I left him, which isn't... okay it is my fault, but I wouldn't have done it. I don't leave what's mine.

Must be that pesky soul I'm supposed to get. Pushed me away from my family and everything I had. Caused the deaths of Darla and Penn because I wasn't there to protect them. William wouldn't tell me how they died, but I could tell it hurt him. He was hesitant to talk about it. I wonder why. It could have been that Slayer he was talking about.

If I had time or cared really I'd track her down and kill her for all the problems she's cause my family... but that's not my main concern. Who knows how long I'll be here. I might as well make the most of it. So I'm going to get my William back because right now that's the only thing I want... and I always get what I want.

Chapter 4

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