Cavemen Always Win

Cavemen Always Win


Chapter 14:

Spike’s POV

We’re at the mall of all bloody places. I still don’t understand why Wolfram and Hart doesn’t have it’s own mall, but Fred said they don’t, so we’re here. It’s jam packed with people and their crying brats.

Mini Angel ain’t like that at all. He’s quiet, subdue really and he’s clinging to me tightly, face resting on my shoulder as I hold him. Every once in awhile he’ll look over at Fred and smile at her. She’ll smile back and I can already tell she’s charmed by him.

“Alright, so where to first. We’re definitely gonna need some clothes.” She says as she starts walking toward the Gap.

I cringe. The Gap. Who wants to dress their kid in those poncy clothes? But she’s already walking and mini Angel extents his arm towards her so I suck it up and follow.

“Oh these things are so adorable. And so small.” Fred coos over various pieces of clothing.

I figure I’ll leave her to the shopping. She knows more about this stuff then I do and I trust her not to pick anything too froffy. The kid may grow up to be Angel, King of all that is Hair Product related, but the kid doesn’t need to dress like it.

“You have an adorable son.”

I look over to see a saleswoman, pretty enough, long blonde hair and a white smile. She gives mini Angel a cutesy smile and he just stares at her.

I didn’t miss the fact that she called mini Angel my son. I guess it would appear that way. No one would guess that’s he’s actually the human kid form of my Sire and I’m a vampire.

“Yes… he’s… cute.” I say.

She smiles widely again and I can still tell that the kid is just staring at her blankly.

“So, do you need any help picking things out or is his mom doing all that.”

I glance a look over at Fred who’s pulling various things into her hands, extending them to get a good look before either bundling them up in her arms or putting them back. She seems very focused on the whole thing.

“Someone’s helping out.” I say.

I don’t want to confuse the kid by saying his mum is around. He’d probably get all happy and cheerful and start crying when he realized she wasn’t.

“But not his mom.” She says.

Her smile takes a different turn, something more of a leer and I almost can’t believe she’s doing it in front of the kid. Guess woman are just like that sometimes. Especially when you add in a cute kid.

“My mum’s gone.” The kid says in that small voice of his.

She practically melts at that, face going all soft and sad and she puts her hand to her chest, purses her lips and closes her eyes for just a second.

“I am so sorry. Was… was it sudden?”

“Um… yeah. It was sudden.”

“Oh that must have been so awful for you. Both of you.”

She adds the last part as almost an after thought, her hand going to touch my forearm and I try not to stare at her too weirdly.

“Well, we’ve got… family. In fact his Aunt Fred is the one doing the shopping for us today. Wouldn’t know the first bloody thing about this stuff.”

“Oh… well it’s good to know that you have people around. You know if there’s anything…”

“Spike.” Little Liam says pulling on my duster.

“Yes, pet.”

“Want Fred.” He says.

The sales lady gives a tight smile and I shrug as best as I can.

“What the kid wants…” I say as I start to walk over to Fred.

I set him down on his feet when we get close enough and he toddles off to her. Pulls on her hand a bit and stares up at her with those wide brown eyes.

“What you doing?” He asks.

“I’m picking out some clothes for you. You don’t want to walk around in that all the time. You’ll get smelly.”

He laughs at that and walks over to the clothes rack. Studies in closely before he picks out a shirt and pulls at it.

“I like that.” He says.

“Oh… well… I guess we’ll have to get it then.”

They walk around the store a few more times, little Liam pointing out things he doesn’t like and does like. Then Fred sets down the clothes she had already picked out and he goes through those too.

It’s the most talkative I’ve seen him since the whole transformation business and he’s got a pretty big vocabulary for a little kid. Says please and thank you and you wouldn’t think that from knowing Angelus or Liam. Maybe Angel, but it’s weird to see this little kid version, all shy and nervous glances and I think there might be something to what the Cheerleader said about him not getting a great childhood.

I don’t know much about his upbringing. Angelus certainly never talked about it and during the time that Liam was around, he had never said anything about it either. Had just talked about how his father looked down on him, but I already knew that.

I’d heard Angelus rant about it enough times to know.

There’s nothing of Liam in this kid. Nothing of Angelus. Mostly it’s Angel, the vamp with a soul. He’s got that same nervous way about him that Angel with a soul has with most thing and people that aren’t me.

I wonder what changed.

“That’s certainly a lot of clothes. Is it all for you?”

It’s the same woman that was trying to talk me up before that’s ringing up all the clothes.

Mini Angel just stares.

“Liam, sweetie, the nice lady asked you a question.” Fred says.

He scrunches up his face and pouts.

“Yes.” He says politely.

“Well you’re certainly a lucky little boy to be getting all these clothes.”

“Thank you.”

It’s an odd reaction and even Fred seems to think so, but no one really comments. It’s all part of that weirdly polite thing he has going on.

“Well, here you go. I hope you can carry it all out.” She says after she’s done ringing us up and Fred pays.

I grab the bags, Fred grabbing the kid and they start walking before me as I load up my arms.

“You know… if you ever want to get together… just to talk… well… here’s my number.” She says handing me a card.

She stands there with a bright smile, biting her bottom lip slightly and all she needs to do is twirl her hair and the picture would be complete.

“Kind of got my hands full with the kid.”

“Well, you said you had help. I’m sure if you wanted to take the time off, have a just for daddy night… I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.”

“His mum just left… it wouldn’t feel right.”

It’s not all lies. She smiles, but her face falls just the same and she sighs.

“Well, just think about it.”

“Right.” I say and I catch up to Fred and little Liam who are standing just outside the entrance.

“Was she hitting on you?” Fred asks.


“What she didn’t think the two of us…”

“She asked, but I didn’t want to say anything to confuse the kid. She thought I was his dad.”

“Oh, well, still.” Fred says.

“It’s not like I’m gonna call her. Forget the fact that I’m a vampire… I kind of got my hands full at the moment, literally.”

Fred giggles slightly.

“We’ll just take that to the nice guards and they can take it all down to the parking structure.”

“We’re not leaving?”

She rolls her eyes at me like I just said the silliest thing in the world and pats me with the hand that isn’t holding tightly to mini Angel’s hand.

“There’s still toys.”

It’s at the toy store that little Liam starts to act more like a kid. It takes him a while and he just stares at everything for a bit before Fred tells him to go crazy and pick whatever he wants.

It started off hesitant enough. He’d just point at something that caught his eye, study it critically before saying he wanted it and it’s a good thing Fred had the guards come with us this time because he’d pointed to a lot of stuff.

Then he had started asking questions like ‘who’s that’ and ‘what’s it do’ and Fred would very patiently explain all she could. It’s not like it had been with Liam. He’d known about a lot of stuff already, had ties associated in his head so it had made everything that much more difficult.

The kid’s five and doesn’t really understand much more than what he wants, what looks appealing. He takes in Fred’s description about dancing dinosaurs and little girls that explore with monkeys as fact. Doesn’t ask what a dinosaur or a monkey is and just asks if he can please have it.

Then he spots the candy and Fred goes a little wild.

Buys as much candy as anyone could possibly want and I have a feeling that some of it is for herself, but it’s still a lot of candy. And the kid just smiles and smiles and asks for a sucker.

“Want one?” He asks holding open his bag of goodies.

“That’s okay. I’m good.”

“It’s very good.” He says as he starts to bite down on his sucker.

“They’ll rot your teeth.”

He giggles a bit more and I wonder if he understands what I mean by that.

“Still good.” He says.

I roll my eyes.

“Think you could have gone a little less on the sugar, luv. Only he’s gonna start running around chasing his own tail.”

“I don’t have a tail.” He says in a silly voice and he starts to giggle.

“He’ll be fine Spike. A little sugar never hurt anyone.” Fred says shaking her head.

The guards walk ahead of us, Liam actually skipping a bit, but not too much and he looks so carefree. Certainly not like he had been before and I think that’s a good thing.

I just hope we can keep him that way.

Chapter 15

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