In many ways it appears as if Poco has fallen off the map by this year. Rick Seratte joins the band on keyboards. Harrison lasts only a couple shows before he departs and is replaced by Jeff Steele. This tour is a bit of a puzzle as they play more upscale venues during the summer but also play those out-of-the-way clubs.

Date Venue/City Also performing Notes Concert Ad Poster Ticket Review Concert Memory Photo Set List
(UD) The Studio, Vail, CO   An audience tape exists of this show.            
July 24 Park West Resort, Park West, UT America Rain shortened the performance to only 5 songs

Show begins at 2 pm

July 27-August 2 Harrah's, South Lake Tahoe, CA Eddie Rabbitt, Sammy Shore            
August 5 Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, CO   A correction to the database. This show was Charlie Harrison's final show with Poco. Given that Poco reportedly returned to LA to get Jeff Steele to replace him, the Atlantic City gig scheduled for just three days later seems improbable. However, we will try to confirm it.

August 8 Resorts International Casino-Hotel, Atlantic City, NJ Don McLean Show was performed at an outdoor stage.              
August 11 Navy Island, St. Paul, MN Charlie Daniels Band, Ozark Mt. Daredevils, Montana              
August 15 Carlton Celebrity Room, Green Bay, WI              
August 17 The Palms, Milwaukee, WI   Jeff Steele's first show. He misses the bus the next morning and is forced to take a cab to Chicago to catch up to the band.

August (UD) Park West, Chicago, IL                  
August 20 Agora, Cleveland, OH   Show cancelled when Poco signs to open for the Beach Boys.              
August 20 Canadian National Exhibition Grandstand, Toronto, Canada Beach Boys This show had 13,601 attend for a $163,964 gross            
August 21 Sherkston Beach, Ontario, Canada Beach Boys              
August 22 Municipal Opera House, St. Louis, MO Little River Band              
August 24-25 Jones Beach, Wantaugh, NY Beach Boys In an interview in the NY Daily News, Rusty answers a question about Richie or Tim rejoining Poco with the rejoiner "It doesn't relate to ticket sales - not enough that it becomes a number one priority for all of us."            
August 26 Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ Beach Boys 6,528 fans attend this show.              
August 27 Kennedy Stadium, Bridgeport, CT Beach Boys This was a benefit show for the Klein Memorial Auditorium. 12,000 people attend            
August 29 Bradner Stadium, Olean, NY Beach Boys Recently confirmed and we've added the venue.              
August 30 Performing Arts Center, Saratoga Springs, NY Beach Boys 6,528 attended this show. A major storm delayed the start of the show for 20 minutes as lightning filled the sky. Poco's set lasted about 50 minutes.            
August 31 Club Casino, Hampton Beach, NH Exile A rare headline appearance on this tour.            
September 1 Dunn Field, Elmira, NY Beach Boys              
September 2 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT   Recent research has confirmed this show happened on September 2 and not the 3rd as we previously has listed it.          
September 4-5 Lone Star Cafe, New York City, NY Buddy Cage & Bad Dog          
September 6 The Paradise, Boston, MA                
September (UD) Kidnappers, Charlotte, NC                
September 12 Moonshadow Saloon, Atlanta, GA                
September 14 LeClub, Tierra Verde, Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Contemporary review indicates an estimated 400 people attended.        
September 15 J's of Islamorada, Florida Keys, FL Slider Duo                
September 16 Carefree Theatre, West Palm Beach, FL Pete Harris & Pat Maguire An audience tape exists of this show.          
September 17 Cheek to Cheek, Winter Park, FL                
September 19 Derriere's, Charleston, SC                  

Total Shows played: 38