By Patrick MacDonald

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

The fare at Eagles Auditorum this weekend is an unlikely combination of some of the best of the new Western-rock sound and an abrasive example of the so-called "heavy" music.

The first is supplied by Poco, a likeable band that pleasantly interprets the most palatable of Country-Western music in a pop idiom. There's no redneck, hoe-down elements to their music, only the good-time "pickin' and a'singing" variety.

And they play it in a most provessional and competent way. The members of the band - most of them were formerly associated with the fine pop group Buffalo Springfield - are tight both vocally and instrumentally.

Vocalist Rickey Furay and George Grantham are particularly good. Their well-blended tenor voices give their happy music the lightness it needs. This is best heard in their song "Pickin' Up the Pieces."

Furay is an excellent 12-string guitarist as well and Grantham is a competent drummer.

Six-string guitarist Jim Messina was outstanding, especially in the group's instrumental numbers. He also contributed a few fine vocals. The pedal steel was ably handled by Rusty Young.

Poco ranks with the Byrds and the Flying Burrito Brothers at the top of the Western-rock ladder. Hopefully, their Western tinge won't hold them up from pursuing other elements of pop music. They have the talent to go beyond the narrow definitions of country music.

Seattle Daily Times 7-4-69