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None But Jesus
      (Brooke Fraser)

In the quiet, in the stillness
I know that You are God
In the secret of Your presence
I know there I am restored

When you call, I wont refuse
Each new day again Ill choose

There is no one else for me
None but Jesus
Crucified to set me free
Now I live to bring Him praise

In the chaos, in confusion
I know Youre sovereign still
In the moment of my weakness
You give me grace to do Your will

So when you call, I wont delay
This is my song through all my days

All my delight is in You, Lord
All my hope, all of my strength
All my delight is in You, Lord

Jesus Tiy
      (Pastor Everett Teller lyaa)

Hodezyelgo Diyin nil̜
ba̜a̜ shił bhzin
Nitahdi nahonitindi
adi shi̜i̜h nhwiisdoh

Doo chh kodi dini da
T kw j̜ ni dooleeł

H̜̜h haasti̜g:
Doo ła sh nhdl̜o̜ da
Jesus tiy
Sh daazts̜a̜go shidchid
Baa hashniihgo hinishn

Doo hzing biyidi
łahji̜ nhlnh
Doo shidziil da nshdleeh gne
Nee ajooba bee shidziil

Doo tahg shik dnniid
D shiyiin t kw j̜

Ni tiy niyi hwiih nishł
Laanaa d shidziil t t
Ni tiy niyi hwiih nishł
T ahoolg

Here is a video of the words performed by Hillsong United to help learn the lyrics to the above song. Enjoy:

Note: The lyrics in English are copyright through Hillsong Music Publishing. They are used here without permission for educational purposes to help learn the Navajo-translated lyrics.

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