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Ray Family Stories — Profile

Name:  Terry Teller
Location:  Albuquerque, NM
Birthday:  14 March, 1979
Bio:  Born in Ft. Defiance, Arizona and grew up in Lukachukai, Arizona. I moved to Albuquerque, NM my senior year in high school, and enrolled into the University of New Mexico (UNM), acquiring a B.S. in Biology and B.A. in Chemistry. I'm currently a 2nd Year Pharmacy Student at UNM.
Interests:  I love art. I currently work with oil paints and photography that goes beyond polaroids. I've experimented with ceramics and weaving, and indulged in the trade of my parents, silversmithing. I also love music. I have an extensive mp3 collection that encompasses a wide variety of genres. I play the classical guitar, and played both the drums and the trumpet in the past. I read when I can, the last book being my Bible. I'm not athletically talented, but will engage in basketball if playing with toddlers. I love to jog, bike riding, fishing, and hiking, which works out perfectly since I live in a very rural setting.
Blog Created:  Saturday, 8 January 2005
Last Updated:  Monday, 29 August 2005 - 10:48 AM MDT
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