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Strategic Slew

Slew Skip Seattle GCh X Given By Strategic GCh

2004 16hh Chestnut TB Stallion

Talk about a pedigree! "Slew" is by the great Slew Skip Seattle, a Grand Champion in Racing and Halter. He is out of Given By Strategic, who is a Grand Champion in Racing in her own right. Slew is a colt that we are going to be keeping, at least for a while, and campaigning to show what Seattle's foals can do on the track. He has his dam's temperment and is everybit as hard-headed as she is. But that has made him excellent on the track. It's been a bit tricky to get him to work. He quickly realized that he wasn't 'winning' anything. Now he won't run unless he is worked with another horse. He has to feel that he has won.

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