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Booze Bowling Official Rules

Frame ScoreAction
XGive 10
XXGive 20 and
make a rule
XXX or morewaterfall
/no drinks
9take 1
8take 2
7take 3
6take 4
5take 5
4take 6
3take 7
2take 8
1take 9
0take 10
foot foultake 10
pick up
a split
give amount
of split
spill drinkbowl with opposite
arm for remaining
Booze bowling is a delightful drinking game to be played while bowling. The amount of drinking depends on a bowler's bowling skills.

Game Play: Bowlers follow normal bowling rules, but must drink according to the table at the left based on their performance in each of the game’s 10 frames. Pins left standing determine how much a player must drink. For example, if a player knocks down 7 pins and leaves 3 standing, (s)he drinks 3 sips (for mixed drinks) or 3 seconds (for beer and wine). When a bowler gets a strike or picks up a split, (s)he gives sips/seconds to other players; (s)he may give all sips/seconds to one person or to multiple people.

Special Play:

  • Making Rules: A bowler who gets two strikes in a row gives out 20 sips/seconds and makes up a rule. Rules can be anything, but they cannot be directed at specific individuals. A rule is in effect until another bowler gets two strikes in a row.

  • Waterfall: If a bowler rolls three strikes in a row, all bowlers participate in a “waterfall.” Bowlers line up according to current score (highest to lowest) with the bowler who got three strikes (Bowler 1) first. All bowlers begin drinking at the same time. When Bowler 1 puts down his/her drink, Bowler 2 may put down his/her drink, then Bowler 3, etc. until all bowlers are done.

  • Categories: If during any frame all bowlers get the same pin total, everyone plays “categories.” The player with the highest score chooses a category (NFL teams, SACOG board members, etc.) Players go clockwise naming things in the category. No repeats. Players get 10 seconds to say something. The player who cannot name something drinks whatever the pin total was.
  • Pitcher Perfect: If during any frame, all bowlers except one get a strike, the non-striking bowler buys a pitcher.
  • Frame Five is Guys: The male bowler who gets the lowest pin total in the 5th frame drinks 5.
  • Frame Six is Chicks: The female bowler who gets the lowest pin total in the 6th frame drinks 6.
  • Frame Nine is Rhyme Time: Bowlers stand in a circle. The bowler with the highest score says a word. Going in a clockwise direction, Bowler 2 must say a word that rhymes, followed by Bowler 3, etc. The first word cannot be a word with no rhymes (i.e. orange). No repeats. No proper names. Bowlers have 10 seconds to say a word. The bowler who cannot rhyme drinks nine (sips/seconds).
  • Buzz Words: Before the game begins, participants should pick buzz words. These can be anything—for example “bowling” “land use” “map” “f***”—except commonly used words like “the.” Any bowler caught using these words takes a sip/second.

End of the Game: If you are playing on teams, the losing team takes the number of sips/seconds they lost by. So, if a 5-person team loses by 50 pins, each player takes 10 sips/seconds.