B.I.S.S / Multi In Show S.S /Multi V1/Aust Ch


Hip 2:3 Elb 1:1, full dentition, eye cert. PennHip results below


















The mating of 'Tosca' and 'Tyr' to produce Tocas being from Rockdalestar kennles in NSW, Axle combined well together, a one and only pup. Axle's is sired by V1/C.I.S.S winner Rottgem Tyr a young male with a lovely pedigree behind him bred by Sue Boesenberg of Rottgem Rottweiler's in Western Australia. We knew what we were trying to achieve and Tyr helped us improve on that, front angulation, croup, head and markings. We knew we should get short backs, which we did and a beautiful shaped head, he has a long way to go, but its a very promising start. Axel is full of himself and we are enjoying having him in the ring.

'Tyr' is along the Crni Lotos line through Nico via Roma and Panther we have already had first had experience with the Crni Lotos lines through using Gil Crni Lotos with frozen semen at Rockdalestar Kennels with my old girl Ch Rockdalestar Attraction and  litter with Matt Jailbird Mar-Zus (imp USA - via Slov - Gil son) imported and owned by Granhaus Rottweilers in Victoria (sire of Tosca's, Ch Rockdalestar Set To Stun's first litter) and their lines have helped us move our breeding program up the next level. Tyr's dam is Parneavu Yana (imp UK) is Champions stock including dogs used for Police and Search and Rescue and her sire German Champion Amadeus vom Silberpfeil sire of Oxana and Orlando Von Haus Neubrand.

Tosca was from a strong bitch line that has been producing on for generations at Rockdalestar kennels. Tosca passed away at 11.6 years, she has in two litters produced some lovely dogs and bitches. From her pedigree we expected her to produce some strong offspring, in 2 litters she gave us a dogs that were Multi V1, multi C.I.S.S winner, W.C.R.C of W.A Inc "Puppy of The Year 2010-2011, a W.A Police Dog and wonderful family companion's.

7 V1 and 3 V2, a Challenge Dog, 3 res CC Dog and multi Class in Specialty shows.

 Handled by Victoria Baxter, Lucas Finister and myself.


West Coast Rottweiler Club of W.A Inc.    20/04/2015       Judge Mr David McKeown (QLD)

Open Dog  - V2

Our truck :), a special dog to watch moving around the ring he loves so much



NEW RESULTS for the  DOUBLE weekend of Specialties!

WEST COAST ROTTWEILER CLUB OF W.A Inc.   24th August 2014 Judge:- Ms Kerryn O'Brien (SA)

Open Dog V1 - Reserve Dog Challenge - Open In Show


4.5 year old male, good bite, complete dentition, small compact dog, very good substance for size, very well balanced, very good type, head strong and broad a little too much wrinkle on the top for me, ears correct size, could sit a little closer to the head, very dark slightly dark eyes, could have a little more fill, dark  mouth with some mottling, good cheek, very strong neck, very mature for his age, neck flows well into the withers, could have a little more length to upper arm. very good feet, very short through body, but deep, very good top and bottom line, very good tail and croup. Clean going, good coming, very good movement, holds his top-line very well, carries his tail very well. Entire.


WEST COAST ROTTWEILER CLUB OF W.A Inc.  23rd August 2014 Judge:- Mrs Louise Russell (Vic)  Open Dog  - V2

4 1/2 year old male. Small to medium sized substantial harmonious. Very pleasing male head could be a little dryer on the head. Medium sized ears well set could be carried a little closer to the cheek dark brown eyes. Very good relationship skull to muzzle. Scissor bite complete dentition mostly dark pigmentation. Strong powerful neck leading into a strong top-line. Well laid shoulder, upper arm a little shorter and steeper. Very good bone for size. Pasterns are a little weak toes are well sprung. Very good underline, medium to well angulated hindquarter, tail well set and carried, correct coat. Warm brown markings well defined. Very good hind action, clean coming, toes in a little particularly with right. Medium reach, good drive. Maintains top-line on the move. Entire.


WCRC of W.A Inc. Judge Mrs Alison Raftis (Vic) 'Sanduka Rottweilers' 

 V1  Open Dog -  Reserve CC - Best Open In Show

                                                                                                                                               D Anderson

Axel in this YouTube done by Eddie/Isabelle Nichols with Victoria and myself both wearing black.



Axel  trying his hand at herding. 6 April 2014

Axels second time herding, thanks again to Jenni Griffiths-Lumbis for wonderful photos


Perth Royal 2012 - Dog CC - Runner Up Best of Breed


Perth Royal 2013 Best Of Breed & RUNNER UP BEST EXHIBIT IN GROUP  

Judge:- Mr S Pizzorno (Uruguay) awarded Aust Ch BENAHEIN LOCK UP YA BYTCHES


Handler Victoria Baxter

critique written by judge with permission of chief steward while in attendance after group had finished.


West Coast Rottweiler Club of W.A Inc.  26 August 2012   Judge Mr Mick Svaljek (Vic)

**** Best Exhibit In Specialty Show ****


3 years. Excellent breed type, very alert, excellent attitude, self assured and friendly. Strong male head. Excellent expression. Medium size high set ears should lay closer to cheek. Excellent stop, dark brown eyes, slightly round and deep set. Strong short broad and deep muzzle. Strong underjaw. Very good gum and lip pigmentation. Excellent chest proportions. Well pronounced fore chest. Well boned and muscled forearms.  Well sprung pasterns. Compact feet well arched toes could be slightly rounder in shape. Strong short neck,  very well muscled going into excellent top-line. Short strong back. Excellent correctly set and carried tail, excellent bottom line, very good coat condition, a little dry. Rich tan markings, well set and clearly defined throughout. Energetic free flowing movement, excellent reach and drive, willingness to work, movement powerful and fluent. Retains excellent top-line on move. Entire.

Thank you Lucas I know how much you enjoy showing Axel!!


22nd Rottweiler National 1-4th June 2012  Hosted by WCRC of W.A Inc  Judge Mr Josef Mravik (Slov)


2.5 years. Medium size very well built strong bones. Correct head. Slightly flat on top skull.. Shows slight extra skin on cheek. Well set ears.

Dark eyes. Very good neck. Correct front.  Very good top and bottom line. Correct angulation. Very good movement.

Shows very good temperament in ring.

Photo by Gary Gleeson


Photo by Melissa Graham


WCRC of W.A Inc 21 August 2011

Lucas and Victoria with Axel, thank you so very much for your work with Axel.

Photos by Rob Duncan



WCRC of W.A Inc. 21st August 2011 ~ Championship show  Judge:- Mrs Yvonne Van Der Horst (N.T)


2 year old dog, med size, very good proportions, good substance, good coat, good colour, very good head, medium size dark coloured eyes, medium size ears well set, good muzzle, dark lips, correct dentition, very good neckline, good top and bottom line, good angulation front and rear, good tight feet. Very good movement.


WCRC of W.A Inc. 9th April 2011 ~ Championship show   Judge:- Mrs Isabelle Nicol (Scotland)


18 month male, lovely attitude, really good attitude, small to medium dog, good bone substance, nice width of head, good stop, good muzzle, dark almond shaped eye, good depth muzzle, correct bite, dark mouth pigment, good front and feet, well balanced dog overall, good under and top line, good back end correct tail, super movement going around.


SHOW RESULTS in limited showing

* Denotes Breed Specialist

18/04/2015 WCRC of W.A Inc specialty (Ch) Mrs David McKeown (QLD)* Open Dog - V2
 24/08/2014 WCRC of W.A Inc specialty (Ch) Ms Kerryn O'Brien (S.A)* Open Dog V1 - Res Dog CC - Open In Show
23/08/2014 WCRC of W.A Inc specialty (Ch) Mrs Louise Russell (Vic)* Open Dog  - V2
Sept/Oct 2013 Perth Royal Mr S Pizzorno (Uruguay)* Best Of Breed & RU/UP BEST  IN GROUP
August2013 WCRC of W.A Inc specialty (Ch) Mrs Jane Bloom (UK/Vic) * V2 - Open Dog
April 2013 WCRC of W.A Inc specialty (Ch) Miss B Turner (NSW) * V1- Opposite Open In Show
26/8/12 WCRC of W.A Inc specialty (Ch) Mr M Svaljek (Vic) *

*Best In Show Best Open In Show/* 

1-4/6/12 22nd Rottweiler National Mr Josef Mravik (Slov) * V1~ Best Intermediate In Show
25/26/11/2012 Wannaroo Ag Show Mr M Byrne (W.A) BOB- RU Best Of Group
1-8/10/11 Perth Royal Show Mr J Eberhardt (Gmy) Dog CC/ Ru-Up Best of Breed
 21/9/11 WCRC of W.A Inc Specialty (ch) Mrs Y Van Der Horst (N.T) * V1 - Best Intermediate  In Show
 21/9/11 WCRC of W.A Inc Specialty (Open) Mrs A Pozeski (W.A) Best Intermediate In Show
19 June 2011   Mrs L Brand (NSW) Res Dog - Best Intermediate In Group
18 June 11 Canine Stewards Ass/ Freo D.C Mrs Hartnette (S.A) Res Dog  - Intermediate of Breed
 June 11 CAWA Fundraiser Mrs M Watson (W.A ) Res Dog  - Intermediate of Breed
9 April 11 WCRC of W.A Inc Specialty (ch) Mrs. I Nicol (Scotland) * V1 - Best Intermediate  In Show
23 Oct 10 Geraldton & Districts K.C Inc Mr G Kerr (QLD) Dog CC Ru/BOB
17 Oct 2010 Bunbury & Districts D.C Mrs C Scotton (Vic) Res Dog CC (1st Show in Junior class)
25/9-2/10 2010 Perth Royal 2010 Mr R Natividad  (Philippines) Puppy of Breed
19 Sept 2010 Geraldton & District K.C Inc Mr A Bradshaw (N.Z) Res CC / Puppy In Group
18 Sept 2010 Geraldton & District K.C Inc Miss L Buchanan (QLD) BOB / Puppy In Group
11 Sept 2010 Utility Dog Club of W.A (Open) Mrs S Lippaitt (W.A) RU/BOB ~ Best Puppy In Show
11 Sept2010 Utility Dog Club of W.A (ch) Mrs Nunn (NSW) Best Puppy Of Breed
22nd Aug 2010 WCRC of W.A Inc Specialty (ch) Mr Craig Phillips (Vic) * VP1 - Best Puppy In Show
22nd Aug2010 WCRC of W.A Inc Open Show Mrs S Lippaitt (W.A) Ru/Up BEST In SHOW/Puppy In Show
8th August 2010 Fremantle Dog Club Mr K Lee (Vic) Best Puppy In Group
10th July 2010 Winter Festival Mr J Romirez Gomez (Mexico) Best Puppy In Group
30th May 2010 Canine Fundraiser Mrs L Neimann (S.A) Res CC / Best Minor In Group
8th May 2010 Fremantle Dog Club Mrs Smith (Q.L.D) Res CC
10th April 2010 WCRC of W.A Inc Specialty (ch) Mr Dave Jones (Sth. Africa) * VP1 ~ Opposite Minor In Show

Thank you to the Australia and international judges that acknowledge Axels excellent qualities


DOB 6th October 2009

Sire:- MultiV2/ C.I.S.S Rottgem Tyr Multi V/ Most successful sire Q.L.D

Multi V Rated Nico Crni Lotos

10X V-1 Yug CH Brando von Kelemen IPO I
V Roma Crni Lotos
Parneavu Yana (imp UK) Panther Crni Lotos
Wiseweiler’s Legacy (Imp Norway)

Dam:- C.I.S.S / Ch / Multi Ru/Up BIG Rockdalestar Set To Stun

Ru/BISS/Ch Brohez Baron Beau Ru/BISS National Wallkuer Carue
Ch Ormslee Regay
Aust Ch Benahein To Hot To Handle Tanpaw Clyde
Ch Rockdalestar Attraction