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Zoom Records

 All records were produced during a short seven-month period in 1959, but they captured the independent rock sound of the era.
Founded in Tucson, Arizona, by two Catalina High School students, Burt Schneider and Ray Lindstrom, Zoom Records was southern Arizona's first rock and roll record label.

The year was 1959 and rock had captured the imagination of America's teenagers.  Burt and Ray wanted to be part of it.  Since they couldn't sing or play an instrument, the only way was through producing.  One night at a school dance, they heard a group fronted by classmate Jack Wallace play before screaming fans and the two buddies swung into action.  They booked a session at Audio Recorders of Arizona and recorded Wallace and the Hi-Tones, LeRoy Meadows and Dave Furst.  Their first 45 rpm record, "I Think of You," backed with "You Are the One" was record number one.  They followed up with records by Pete Ronstadt (Linda's older brother) and the Nightbeats and the twangy guitar of King Rock and the Knights.

The records weren't chart-busters, but some were reviewed in Billboard Magazine and were heard on radio and TV as far away as Pittsburgh and Sidney, Australia.  Nearly 50 years later they can be found on US and foreign compilation discs, most recently on the German Buffalo Bop label.


Jack Wallace and the Hi-Tones

"I Think of You" b/w "You are the One"

Pete Ronstadt and the Nightbeats

"Lonesome Road Rock" b/w "Night Beat"

"Doreen" b/w "Cryin' All Night"

King Rock and the Knights

"Scandal" b/w "Send-Di" aka "Boss, part 2"

All songs copyright 1959, BurtRay Music, BMI

For more information, write zoomrecords@aol.com


Sessions were recorded in Phoenix at Audio Recorders of Arizona. Legendary engineer Jack Miller was at the console.  Later he was famous for sessions with such greats as Duane Eddy, the Rolling Stones, The Belnotes, and Sanford Clark.
Burt Schneider still lives in Tucson where he is retired.  He spent a number of years in radio, had his own business, worked for a major airline, wrote several books.  He is the local host on NPR's "All Things Considered" on KUAZ.
Ray Lindstrom lives in Laughlin, Nevada, where he is known as the world famous watchman; because of his involvement with a hugely successful retail watch business. Forbes Magazine dubbed him "The Sultan of Schlock" and he is generally acknowledged as being the founder of the infomercial business.