Top Trader Wants

1. If you would like to list your wants on this page, please e-mail me Here with your TOP FIVE ONLY wants and your stash link
2. This page is completely free of charge if I don't find the item(s) that you are looking for
3. If I do find a deal that you want, you agree to give me 10% of the value of the item(s) you are getting in either cash or trade
4. If a trade somehow goes bad and you get ripped off, I cannot be held liable
5. If you want to change your items, please e-mail me Here and let me know who you are and what you want to change
6. Don't mind the random numbers next to each item. They are there simply to help me index who wants which item without posting everyone's names next to their wants. That way, deals will not be stolen
7. More might be added later. That's all for now...

If you have any of the items listed on this page, please let me know ASAP!


-Hallowicked 96 Riddlebox xxl 17
-Hallowicked 97 (any version, mint only) xl-xxl 9
-Violent J Purple pimp reissue xl-xxl 26
-Shaggy Purple pimp reissue xl-xxl 26
-Twiztid - Green Mostasteless xxl 42
-Twiztid - Cryptic Collection xl 5
-Twiztid - Rock the Dead Tour xl-xxl 26
-Blaze - New Pose from M/M tour xl-xxl 26
-Zug Izland - Red or Black xl 5


-Gold Milenko 1st edition xxl 35, 2
-Jack Jeckel with Yellow Flames xxl/xxxl 35
-Twiztid - Freekshow Blue/Green with Big Hatchetmen xxl hockey 13
-Twiztid - Hallowicked with Red Trim xxxl 35
-Blaze Red/Yellow "Dead Homie" hockey reissue xxl 26
-Blaze Black/Orange "Dead Homie" hockey xxl 26
-Zug Izland Blue/Green xl 5
-Psychopathic Rydas Football xl-xxl 39
-White Psychopathic Football xl-xxl 39

Other Clothing

-Zug Izland Hoodie (Red or Black) xl 5
-Master Pee hat 9
-GOTJ Black aht 9

Psychopathic Audio

-Mr. Johnson's Head Remix tape 11
-Pumpkin Carver CD 11
-Sleepwalker CD 11
-Hallowicked 2000 EP CD 11
-Hallowicked 2001 CD 11
-House of Krazees - Homebound tape with cover 17
-Mr. Bones - Sacrifice Tape 17
-Project Born - Crap Or Natural tape 73

Esham/NATAS Audio

-Esham - Erotic Poetry 2 Tape 73
-Esham - Morty's Theme Tape 73
-Esham - Morty's Theme 12" vinyl 73

Kid Rock Audio

-Fire It Up tape 73
-Early mornin stoned pimp CD 17

Other Misc. Audio

-Evol - Rollin With Strength tape 73
-Evol - Satanic Grooves tape 73


-Original Ringmaster 35
-Twiztid - Label That Runs Beneath The Streets 39
-Twiztid - Cryptic Collection 5


None at this time

Flats and Glossies

None at this time

Other Shit

-Mental Warp Backstage Pass 17


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