1. If you're new to trading or the message board, PLEASE read the newbie guide right here
2. I don't send first anymore unless I know for a fact that you're legit (which I'll determine myself)
3. I NEVER send first if you're buying, unless there are special circumstances
4. If you back out of a trade for a bad reason, I won't trade with you in the future unless you send first **NO EXCEPTIONS**
5. I hate offering with a passion. Please don't ask me to offer, or I'll break your legs.
6. Don't ask me to dub videos anymore please. I can no longer do this and will only trade my master copies.
7. More might be added later. That's all for now...


-Blue Gathering of the Juggalos 2002 Staff shirt xxxl [Front] [Back]
-Blue Gathering of the Juggalos 2003 Field shirt xxxl
-Green Gathering of the Juggalos 2003 shirt xxxl
-Yellow ICP "Autograph" pose shirt xxxl
-Hallowicked '95 Mr. Rotten Treats xxl
-Hallowicked '02 - ICP xxxl
-Wraith: Shangri-la Tour 2003 Violent J shirt xxxl
-Black Fuck Off xxxl
-Maroon Terror Wheel xxxl
-Riddlebox Xmas Original xxl
-Black Tour History shirt from GOTJ 2002 xxxl [Front] [Back]
-Bizzar Bizaar Tour xxl
-Twiztid Madrox Cartoon xxl
-Twiztid Freekshow Black Angel xxl
-Twiztid "Up Close" pose from M/M tour xxl
-Twiztid Mirror/Mirror tour xxxl
-Twiztid Mirror/Mirror tour "New Style" xxxl
-Twiztid Mostasteless Hoods xxxl [Front] [Back]
-Madrox "Fat Kid Representin" xxxl
-Twiztid Curlicue logo xxxl
-Monoxide Hallowicked 2002 Pumpkin Logo xxxl
-Twiztid 2003 Tour xxxl
-Twiztid Mostasteless Black with Yellow logo shirt xxxl
-Twiztid Yellow GreenBook Tour shirt xxxl
-Twiztid Mostasteless Hoods logo xxxl
-Twiztid Serial Killaz w/ Green outline xxxl
-Twiztid Autographs xxxl
-Yellow Blaze Clock logo shirt xxxl
-House of Krazees - Home Sweet Home ring of fire shirt xxxl
-Blaze Full Body Pose xxxl
-Blaze "White Letters" from M/M tour xxxl
-Anybody Killa black "Anybody Fuckin Killa" xxxl [Front] [Back]
-Anybody Killa Pose shirt with Skull on back xxxl
-NATAS Black w/ White logo shirt xxxl
-Esham Tongues Terror Pack xxxl
-Esham "Doctor" xxxl
-Red King Gordy "The debut album" shirt xxxl
-King Gordy "Face Outline" shirt xxl
-King Gordy "Television" shirt xxxl
-L.U.cipha Black w/ White logo and Writing on back xxl [Front] [Back]
-L.U.cipha Blue w/ White logo and Writing on back xxl [Front] [Back]
-Hells Kitchen black Hard Living shirt xxl [Front] [Back]
-McNastee Red Face white shirt xxxl (Given to street team members)


-Violent J Black Dark Lotus football jersey xxxxxl [Pic]
-Monoxide Orange Collage football jersey xxxl [Pic]
-Twiztid Jonco Mostasteless hockey jersey xxxl [Front] [Back]
-Twiztid blue/green Freekshow logo football jersey xxxl
-Twiztid black Freekshow logo football jersey xxxl
-Black Anybody Killa skull logo football jersey xxxl

Other Clothing

-Psychopathic Leather Jacket xxl
-Black KMK (S-M) hat w/ 3-D green and white symbol
-Black Anybody Killa flexfit hat S-M
-Anybody Killa black bandanna
-McNastee Green with White Writing bandanna
-McNastee Blue with White Writing bandanna


-Juggalo Show CD-Rs (All 8)
-Dark Lotus CD
-Dog Beats Sealed CD [Front] [Back]
-Bassment Cuts CD
-COC Remastered w/ 13 tracks CD
-Original Carnival of Carnage CD
-Reissue Ringmaster CD
-Original Ringmaster CD
-Ringmaster CD
-Riddlebox CD
-Great Milenko CD
-Amazing Jeckel Bros CD
-Wraith CD w/ GOTJ Concert DVD
-Bizzar CD
-Bizaar CD
-Terror Wheel CD
-Fuck Off reissue CD
-Forgotten Freshness Vol 1&2 CDs
-Intelligence & Violence CD-R
-Psychopathics From Outer Space CD
-Psychopathic Rydas - Dumpin CD
-Psychopathic Rydas - Ryden Dirtay CD
-Psychopathic Rydas - Live at GOTJ 2001 CD-R
-Golden Goldies Studio Recording CD-R
-Reissue Mostasteless CD
-Freekshow CD
-Freekshow sampler CD
-Cryptic Collection CD
-Cryptic Collection 2 CD
-Blaze - Self Titled CD
-Blaze - 1 Less G In The Hood CD
-Jumpsteady - Chaos Theory CD
-Dark Carnival Action Figures Limited Edition EP CD
-House Of Krazees - Homebound CD-R
-House Of Krazees - Home Sweet Home CD-R
-House Of Krazees - Outbreed CD
-House Of Krazees - The Night They Kame Home CD-R
-House Of Krazees - Season Of The Pumpkin CD
-House Of Krazees - Head Trauma CD-R
-Mr. Bones - Sacrifice CD-R
-Mr. Bones - The Demon Inside CD-R
-Myzery - Para La Isla CD
-Myzery - The Red Eye CD
-Myzery - Bad Influence CD
-Q Strange - Creation to ExeQtion CD
-Esham - Boomin Words From Hell CD
-Esham - Sunshine CD
-Esham - Judgement Day Vol. 1 CD
-Esham - Judgement Day Vol 2 CD
-Esham - Hellterskkkelter CD
-Esham - Maggot Brain Theory CD
-Esham - KKKill The Fetus CD
-Esham - Closed Casket RLP CD
-Esham - Detroit Dogshit CD
-Esham - Dead Flowers CD
-Esham - Bruce Wayne 1987 CD
-Esham - Mail Dominance CD
-Esham - All Night Everyday CD
-Esham - Tongues CD
-NATAS - Blaz4Me CD
-NATAS - Multikillionaire CD
-NATAS - Life After Death CD
-NATAS - Doubelievingod CD
-NATAS - Bonus 4-Track CD
-Mastamind - Themindzi CD
-Mastamind - Likkuidraino CD-R
-Shoestring - Cross Addicted CD-R
-Kottonmouth Kings - Peace Not Greed 3-Track CD
-Kottonmouth Kings - Stoners Reeking Havoc CD-R
-Kottonmouth Kings - Hidden Stash CD-R
-Kottonmouth Kings - Royal Highness CD
-Kottonmouth Kings - High Society CD
-Kottonmouth Kings - Hidden Stash 2 CD
-Kottonmouth Kings - Rollin Stoned CD
-Corporate Avenger - The New Testament CD-R
-Corporate Avenger - Taxes Are Stealing CD
-Corporate Avenger - Freedom is a State of Mind advance CD
-DJ Bobby B - 99 Rips From Beyond CD-R
-DJ Bobby B - Built From Scratch CD-R
-DLoc - Shaky Bonez CD-R
-Too Rude - Self Titled CD-R
-Rehab - Southern Discomfort CD
-Halfbreed - Serial Killaz reissue CD
-Halfbreed - Rage of the Plague CD-R
-Halfbreed - Kontamination CD
-Brotha Lynch Hung - Season of Da Siccness CD
-Brotha Lynch Hung - Suicide Note CDs and DVD
-Brotha Lynch Hung & C-Bo - The Blocc Movement CD
-The Best of Brotha Lynch Hung CD-R
-Hex - Gates Of Hell CD-R
-2 Krazee Devils - Flipped Insanity CD-R
-F.R.eeze - The Raw Album CD-R
-Native Funk - Rain From The Sun CD-R
-OG Project Born - Born Dead CD
-Project Born - Jack the Reaper CD-R
-Krazy Klan - Developmental CD-R
-Level Jumpers 5 track EP sampler CD-R
-Local 13 - Straight Gettin Ripped CD-R
-Jake The Flake & The Flint Thugs CD-R
-Hells Kitchen - The Lost Pages CD
-Lavel - OG Mr. Realist CD
-Necro - I Need Drugs CD-R
-Necro - Gory Days CD
-Non-Phixion - The Future is Now CD
-Ill Bill & Necro - Street Villains Volume One CD
-Arsonists - Date of Birth CD
-Arsonists - As the World Burns CD-R
-Landspeed Records: Underground Hip-Hop Essentials Volume 1 CD
-El-P - Fantastic Damage CD
-Cage - Movies for the Blind CD
-Cage - Weatherproof CD
-High and Mighty - Air Force 1 CD
-Eastern Conference All-Stars Volume 3 CD
-Weathermen - The Conspiracy CD
-Mr. Lif - I, Phantom CD
-Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus CD
-Soundbombing Volume 2 CD
-Hed (pe) - Broke CD
-Ballistic - Sick Shit CD-R
-Sycksyde - White Crosses CD-R
-NWA - Straight Outta Compton CD
-NWA - The Legacy: Volume 1 double CD
-Eazy E - Str8 off the Streets CD
-Dr. Dre - The Chronic CD
-Dr. Dre - Chronic 2001 CD
-Ice Cube - Death Certificate CD
-Ice Cube - Amerikkka's Most Wanted CD
-Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle CD
-Snoop Dogg - Paid Tha Cost to be Da Boss CD
-Public Enemy - Fear of a Black Planet CD
-Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions CD
-Public Enemy - Classics CD
-Bone Thugs - E. 1999 Eternal CD
-Bone Thugs - The Collection Volume 1 CD
-Bone Thugs - Art of War CDs
-Cypress Hill - Black Sunday CD
-Cypress Hill - Stoned Raiders CD
-Cypress Hill - IV CD-R
-Cypress Hill - Skull and Bones double CD
-Notorious BIG - Ready to Die CD
-Method Man - Tical CD
-GZA - Liquid Swords CD
-GZA - Legend of the Liquid Sword CD
-Ghostface Killah - Supreme Clientele CD-R
-Wu-Tang - Wu-Tang Forever CDs
-Wu-Tang - Iron Flag CD
-Wu-Tang - Enter the 36 Chambers CD
-Redman - Whut? Thee Album CD
-Canibus - Can-I-Bus CD
-Canibus - Rip the Jacker CD
-Gangstarr - The Ownerz CD
-Gangstarr - Hard to Earn CD
-Gangstarr - Moment of Truth CD
-Big L - The Big Picture CD
-Big L - Lifestyles of the Poor and Dangerous CD
-Big L - A Freestyle History Vol. 1 & 2 CD
-Monsta Island Czars - Escape From Monsta Island CD
-Sway & King Tech Wake-up Show Freestyles Vol. 6 CD
-Blackalicious - NIA CD
-Blackalicious - Blazing Arrow CD
-Juggaknots - Clear Blue Skies CD
-Louis Logic - Sin-A-Matic CD
-Jedi Mind Tricks - Violent By Design CD
-Jedi Mind Tricks - The Psychosocial... CD
-Jedi Mind Tricks - Visions of Gandhi CD
-MF Doom as Viktor Vaughn - The Vaudeville Villain CD
-Chino XL - Here to Save You All CD
-Kool Keith - Black Elvis CD
-McNastee - Triskaidekaphobia CD
-McNastee - Delusions of Grandure CD
-McNastee - Winter Sampler CD
-MC Paul Barman - Paullehelujah CD
-Common - Resurrection CD
-Common - Like Water for Chocolate CD
-Common - One Day It'll All Make Sense CD
-Common - Electric Circus CD
-Brother Ali - Shadows on the Sun CD
-RJD2 - Deadringer CD
-Soul Position - Unlimited EP CD
-Ugly Duckling - Taste the Secret CD
-Ugly Duckling - Taste the Secret sampler CD
-Lyricist Lounge Volume 1 & 2 CDs
-Scarface - The Last of a Dying Breed CD
-King Gordy - The Entity CD
-Tech N9ne - The Worst CD-R
-Tech N9ne - The Calm Before The Storm CD-R
-Tech N9ne - Anghellic CD
-Tech N9ne - Absolute Power CD/DVD


-OG Carnival of Carnage [Pic]
-OG Carnival of Carnage "Available Now" version [Pic]
-OG Riddlebox mini-promo [Pic]
-Double-Sided Milenko Island promo
-WCFOS cartoon tour 18"x24"
-WCFOS "The Rock" venue poster 11"x17"
-Chaos Comics #2
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2000 Mini-promo
-Carnival of Carnage blacklight
-Ringmaster blacklight
-Jack Jeckel blacklight
-Freekshow blacklight
-Psychopathic Records blacklight
-Welcome To The Dark Carnival promo
-Milenko Concert poster from Sept. 26th and 27th shows (One of a kind) [Pic]
-ICP Concert poster from 1/23/01 show
-ICP Concert poster by Lindsey Kuhn
-Terror Wheel Drawing (by MonoxidesJoint) [Pic]
-Shaggy AJB Painting (by MonoxidesJoint) [Pic]
-Twiztid Mostasteless Lightning "Coming Soon" version poster signed by Twiztid [Pic]
-Twiztid Batman and Robin
-Twiztid Freekshow Blacklight
-2 Twiztid Freekshow Axes promo (1 signed by madrox)
-Twiztid Freekshow Bloody promo
-Twiztid Freekshow Insert
-Twiztid Mirror/Mirror Tour
-Twiztid Philly instore 11"x17" (auto'd by Blaze, Madrox, and Monoxide) [Pic]
-Blaze 1 Less G In The Hood promo
-HOK Season of the Pumpkin
-HOK The Night They Kame Home (Green background w/ White strip at bottom)
-HOK Outbreed
-Detroit's House of Krazees
-Halfbreed - kontamiNATION
-Halfbreed - Serial Killas promo
-NATAS - Black/White
-2 NATAS - Inserts
-9 NATAS - Godlike Black/White full size
-11 NATAS - Godlike Full Color promo size
-Esham - Bootleg From The Lost Vault promo
-Esham - Tongues promo
-Mastamind - Themindzi promo
-Dice - Black Monday
-2 Q Strange - Creation to ExeQtion promos (1 auto'd) [Pic]
-Kottonmouth Kings - High Society insert
-2 Kottonmouth Kings - High Society
-2 Kottonmouth Kings - Sounds of the Things To Come promos
-Corporate Avenger - Freedom Is A State Of Mind Mini Poster 15"x6"
-L.U.cipha promo 11"x17"
-McNastee - Triskaidekaphobia Performance poster

Backstage Passes

-Hallowicked '94 10/29/94 All Access pass [Pic]
-Hallowicked '95 All Access pass - 10/30-31/95
-Hallowicked '96 All Access pass - 10/30-31/96
-Hallowicked '97 All Access pass
-Hallowicked 2000 All Access pass
-Terror Wheel Show (July 23, 1994) All Access pass [Pic]
-Prom Night Massacre "Chaperone" All Access pass
-Pie In Your Fucking Face Tour All Access pass (Signed by Violent J)
-Mental Warp Show (April 7/8, 1995) All Access pass [Pic]
-Omen Tour All Access pass [Pic]
-House of Horrors Tour All Access pass
-Great Milenko All Up In Your Face Tour (August-October 1997) All Access pass [Pic]
-House of Horrors Tour All Access Pass
-Juggalo Championshit Wrestling All Access Pass
-Wicked Clowns From Outer Space Tour All Access pass [Pic]
-Hatchet Rising Tour All Access pass
-Bizzar/Bizaar Tour All Access pass
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2000 ("Winner" Pass - Backstage Access)
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2000 Level 3 Pass - Backstage Access
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2000 Level 4 Pass - Artist All Access
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2001 ("Winner" Pass - Backstage Access) [Pic]
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2001 Level 2 Pass - Backstage Access
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2002 Blue Escort (Up to 4 People) All Access
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2003 All Access pass
-Twiztid Street Team Pass
-Mirror/Mirror Tour All Access Pass
-Hells Kitchen - Triple Threat Concert at the Main Event All Access Pass
-Hells Kitchen - July 15th Concert w/ Bedlam and Lavel All Access Pass
-Hells Kitchen - Triple Threat Concert at the Main Event 12/16/2000All Access Pass
-Hells Kitchen - Wickedstock 2000 All Access Pass


Fliers section will be updated soon.

Flats and Glossies

-Carnival of Carnage 3-member with makeup black/white glossy flat
-Riddlebox-era Chicken Huntin black/white glossy (Signed by ICP) [Pic]
-JWYTTWD black/white promo glossy
-Milenko-era black/white promo glossy
-Milenko-era black/white alternate pose glossy
-AJB-era pose black/white promo glossy
-AJB-era pose (alternate) black/white promo glossy
-AJB "In Stores May 25th" full-color glossy
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2000 (doublesided) glossy
-Double-sided Jeckel Bros and Jerky Boys glossy
-Twiztid Mostasteless Dead Fetus glossy
-Twiztid Mostasteless black/white promo glossy
-Twiztid Mostasteless-era black/white promo glossy signed
-Twiztid Mostasteless promo (In Stores June 22nd) glossy
-Twiztid - Freekshow black/white promo glossy signed
-Blaze promo flat from GOTJ 2001
-Blaze 1LGITH black/white promo glossy
-4 Blaze/HRT double-sided flats
-2 Twiztid Freek Show promo (blood) glossy
-2 BMH/JCW 2 Double-Sided glossy fliers
-4 Doublesided Bizzar/Bizaar and Freekshow with axes glossy
-Hallowicked 2000 12"x12" Flat
-Forgotten Freshness 2 12"x12" Flat
-Esham Black/White glossy flat from 1994
-19 Corporate Avenger - FIASOM mini-flats
-8 Kottonmouth Kings - Riding High Tour mini-flats
-5 Kottonmouth Kings - High Society promo mini-flats
-4 Kottonmouth Kings - Hidden Stash 2 promo mini-flats
-Esham - Tongues full color promo flat
-2 McNastee Triskaidekaphobia glossy promo photos

Other Shit

-Twiztid Mostasteless Faces Chrome zippo
-Gathering of the Juggalos 2001 GOLD Ticket [Pic]
-GOTJ 2000 Full-Color newspaper advertisement
-Gathering Of The Juggalos Program
-AJB Front-stage pass
-Twiztid - Mostasteless Front-stage pass
-AP Band of The Year w/ ICP
-New December 2000 AP's w/ ICP Unmasked!
-Murder Dog "Best of 2000"
-Murder Dog w/ ICP on cover
-Hells Kitchen "Accused of Being a Devil" 8x10 sticker
-JCW program
-2 COC shock cards
-2 Ringmaster shock cards
-Riddlebox shock card
-Milenko shock card
-LUcipha "Witchez Brew" postcard
-LUcipha "Witchez Bible" postcard
-Black Latnem Records keychain
-House of Krazees orange Pumpkin logo keychain


-Black Dark Lotus football jersey (any of them)
-Hallowicked hockey or football jersey (any size)
-Hallowicked '97 black shirt (either version) xxl
-GOTJ 2000 Crew shirt xxl
-Pink/Blue COC shirt xxxl
-Insanity shirt xxl/xxxl
-Twiztid Hallowicked shirts xxl/xxxl
-Any HOK shirts (xl/xxl)
-L.U.cipha logo shirt xxl/xxxl (black with red logo only)
-Any xxxl football jerseys
-Any Backstage Passes
-Any Crew shirts
-Any xxxl shirts I don't have
-Any Esham/NATAS shit I don't have
-Any L.U.cipha shit I don't have
-Any Necro/Ill Bill shit I don't have


1. Ebay references here
2. Katpeela ( 4 trades
3. Craig Smith ( 3 trades
4. Sleepwalker ( ) 1 trade
5. madrox97 ( ) 1 trade
6. Mr. Bones (Bizzar2004 on AIM) 1 trade
7. Chi Town Juggalo ( 1 trade
8. KrazeeKillaKlown (NativeMC7 on AIM)- 1 trade
9. FuneralFlights03 (FuneralFlights03 on AIM)- 1 trade
10. Nikeair47 ( 2 trades
11. Hector Hatchet ( ) 1 trade
12. Kalamazoo Juggalo (suburban psycho 16 on AIM) 3 trades
13. BrandonYaDeadHomie ( 2 trades
14. Steeb2er (RJ and AIM name) 2 trades
15. Insane James ( 1 trade
16. MONOXIDE J ( ) 1 trade
17. Violent B ( ) 4 trades
18. Mr R0tten Treatz ( ) 3 trades
19. HOKicpHOK ( ) 3 trades
20. KhaosMP ( ) 2 trades
21. MadKaotic (KaoticFate on AIM) 1 trade
22. myzery99 ( 4 trades
23. ViolentCI ( ) 1 trade
24. HeadlessCl0wn (RJ and AIM name) 11 trades
25. Frecks85 ( 1 trade
26. Ringmaster 13xx ( ) 1 trade
27. ICPoholic ( 2 trades
28. Violent Jaymz ( ) 2 trades
29. BobbyToma ( ) 1 trade
30. ICP psychopath ICP ( 6 trades
31. Violentman187 ( 1 trade
32. SubXero1605 (SX1605 on AIM) 1 trade
33. Kevin 1499 (Kevin 1499 on AIM) 2 trades
34. DJ Psychosis ( 1 trade
35. X mastamind X (OxmastamindxO on AIM) 2 trades
36. IceFroggyFrog ( ) 2 trades
37. JuggaloNinja ( 2 trades
38. DaLotusPod ( ) 3 trades
39. DirtyBrad1605 ( 1 trade
40. 2dopejon (Shaggy1651 on AIM) 1 trade
41. Redrum50187 (Redrum2dope on AIM) 2 trades
42. WcJuggalo4life2 ( 2 trades
43. Apokolipz594 ( 1 trade
44. ICPloser ( 1 trade
45. SuicideClown (violent gregg on AIM) 1 trade
46. Existenz ( ) 1 trade
47. Ringmasta Suplex ( ) 2 trades
48. Steve2dope( 2 trades
49. str8klown ( 3 trades
50. HalfbreedPsycho (HalfbreedPsycho on AIM) 2 trades
51. Blyzze ( 1 trade
52. WickedKlown35 ( 2 trades
53. ICPillusions( 1 trade
54. ICPindy ( 1 trade
55. blazeyadedhomie4 (blazeyadedhomie4 on AIM) 1 trade
56. Doope666 ( 1 trade
57. Ev1l Dead ( ) 2 trades
58. ILL Konnection ( 1 trade
59. Ringmaster120 (Ringmaster120x on AIM) 2 trades
60. Monoxide31666 (Monoxide31666 on AIM) 1 trade
61. Ali Baba17 ( ) 3 trades
62. Juggalo Riot( ) 3 trades
63. Andy Axe ( ) 1 trade
64. ryderprovider (ryderprovider on AIM) 1 trade
65. Solarium2504 (Solarium2504 on AIM) 1 trade
66. TwiztidJuggalo19 ( ) 1 trade
67. HoneyNippsMcGee (HoneyNippsMcGee on AIM) 2 trades
68. KangolJoey (KangolJoey on AIM) 1 trade
69. VenomKlown (VenomKlown on AIM) 1 trade
70. WickedNinjaJuggalo ( 2 trades
71. rydin4life (rydin4life on AIM) 1 trade
72. Skitzofrantik 17 (Skitzofrantik 17 on AIM) 1 trade
74. BLAZETWIZTID ( 2 trades
75. ShwStoppa7 ( 1 trade
76. Ringmaster836 (ringmaster836 on AIM) 3 trades
77. MonoxideChild420 (MonoxideChild420 on AIM) 1 trade
78. SpinzDaKlown ( 1 trade
79. kriskuemmet (kriskuemmet on AIM) 2 trades
80. Shrapnull (Narkotix1275 on AIM) 1 trade
81. JuggaOwl (Multikillionaire on AIM) 1 trade
82. A1r SabU (A1r 1 trade
83. Redeyes13 ( 1 trade
84. klownjester (klownjester on AIM) 1 trade
85. Q Strange (Q is Strange on AIM) 1 trade
86. McNastee (ChrsMcDan1 on AIM) 1 trade
87. DeliriousJuggalo (DeliriousJuggalo on AIM) 1 trade
88. Trippdaddyx420 (Trippdaddyx420 on AIM) 1 trade
89. RU14DOG420 ( 1 trade
90. MonoxidesJoint (MonoxidesJoint on AIM) 2 trades
91. BlazeYaAliveHomie (Mrppv666 on AIM) 1 trade
92. Katdaclown (Katdaclown on AIM) 1 trade
93. Js3tag (KidFromKrypton1 on AIM) 1 trade
94. twiztidsk8efreek (twiztidsk8efreek on AIM) 1 trade
95. Maniak Mik ( 1 trade
96. Sykokore (Sykokore on AIM) 3 trades
97. Nikelbagz1605 (Nikelbagz1605 on AIM) 2 trades
98. MadroxRyda (MiKeYMyErs31 on AIM) 1 trade
99. ol skool perv69 (ol skool perv69 on AIM) 1 trade
100. Count Fetty (Count Fetty on AIM) 5 trades
101. xbilbilx (xbilbilx on AIM) 2 trades
103. JsHotICP (JsHotICP on AIM) 1 trade
104. Brad Juggalo (Brad Juggalo on AIM) 2 trades
105. SCWHectic (SCWHectic on AIM) 1 trade
106. STLjuggalo (STLjuggalo on AIM) 1 trade
107. WarlockDET (WarlockDET on AIM) 1 trade
108. Ashthrower (Ashthrower on AIM) 2 trades
109. D MindLess 2K (D MindLess 2K on AIM) 1 trade
110. EyelessNinja666 ( 1 trade
111. HaLfBrEeDkIlLa69 (HaLfBrEeDkIlLa69 on AIM) 1 trade
112. King of Carnage (Grand Admiral KOC on AIM) 1 trade
113. BizaarJuggalo87 (bizaar87 on AIM) 1 trade
114. Monacelli ( 1 trade
115. JaredMaddrox (JaredMaddrox on AIM) 2 trades
116. SiNiStA IK Nsane (SiNiStA IK Nsane on AIM) 2 trades
117. twiztidfreek45 (twiztidfreek45 on AIM) 1 trade
118. LotusJuggaloXVII (LotusJuggaloXVII on AIM) 1 trade
119. Juggalosk8er4eva (Juggalosk8er4eva on AIM) 1 trade
120. FetusBoy ( 3 trades
121. Dandam6 (Dandam6 on AIM) 1 trade
122. RGAltis (RGAltis on AIM) 1 trade
123. Wizard0fThaH00d (Wizard0fThaH00d on AIM) 1 trade
124. Vampyrion (psychopathic317 on AIM) 1 trade
125. insaneclown240 (Dead562563 on AIM) 1 trade
126. xxBizzarNinjaxx (xxBizzarNinjaxx on AIM) 1 trade
127. Dark Lotus lXl (Dark Lotus lXl on AIM) 1 trade
128. holyNINJA ( 1 trade
129. BunnyBooBear24 (BunnyBooBear24 on AIM) 1 trade
130. TwiztidHatchetman (TwiztidHatchetman on AIM) 1 trade
131. Themysteryninja( 1 trade
132. IdDoUrGirlfriend ( 2 trades
133. Sycksyde13 (Sycksyde13 on AIM) 1 trade
134. J1Nineteen (XSkizzySkitzX on AIM) 1 trade
135. SerkizFreek (SerkizFreek on AIM) 1 trade
137. AndyArmYourNedens (Horrorcore Brujo on AIM) 1 trade
138. ( ) 1 trade
139. ( ) 1 trade
140. New Jack Baller ( ) 1 trade
141. Kray Z KaDaVeR (Kray Z KaDaVeR on AIM) 1 trade
142. soullows (soullows on AIM) 1 trade
143. BSOpervert (BSOpervert on AIM) 1 trade
145. TwiztidBlackMajikNinja (BlackMajikNinja on AIM) 1 trade
146. Palidrafod (Palidrafod on AIM) 1 trade
147. thegreenbook ( ) 2 trades
148. ( ) 2 trades
149. MicSplittin (MicSplittin on AIM) 1 trade
150. TwiztidJuggalo911 (TWiZTiDsyko911 on AIM) 3 trades
151. dcvolcom1605 (dcvolcom1605 on AIM) 1 trade
152. Trax 17 (hEkTiC99 on AIM) 1 trade


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