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Live Reviews of Past Shows

"Mr. Mathieson performed at our Retail Week "Evening of Stars" convention and wow,
he puts on a strong performance. His vocals are right on the money
and he has a stage presence second to none. Mr. Mathieson's tribute to Rod Stewart
was an astounding success at our convention. I strongly recommend hiring
Mr. Mathieson if you are considering a Rod Stewart tribute.
He will add a lot of pizzazz to your show."

C Meyer
Retail BC

Dover Arms
"Vancouver Watch Out! Rod Stewart's in town! Well, not exactly, but
a phenomenal look-alike and sound-alike by the name of Steve Mathieson
who performs at the British Pub, "Dover Arms" down on Denman Street
in the heart of downtown Vancouver. His superb 4-hour show brought
the house down and filled the dance floor to capacity. Without a doubt,
Steve is truly a hidden treasure in Vancouver's entertainment scene.
A Show definitely not to be missed."
Robert da Roza, Burnaby, BC.

"Close your eyes and you'd swear that
Rod Stewart was singing to you.
Steve Mathieson ROCKS !
Go see him perform as Rod."
Jeff and Lorraine Ingram

"I just wanted you to know that i enjoyed your show at
Tugboat Annie's in Richmond so much that i want everyone to go
check it out on June 15th & 16th, because HE'S BAAAAAACK!! at
The Dover Arms Pub at Denman & Comox, Vancouver. I think that
Rod, oops, Steve (they are so much alike) has energy and portrays
the essence of Rod Stewart so well that I just can't get enough of his
show. Be there if you want and love Rod Stewart.
Anyways, see ya there!!???"
Elizabeth ( a fan ), Vancouver, B.C.

Dover Arms

Hello Steve,
I want you to know that I am a fan of yours.
You are a unique entertainer... who was blessed with
talent, charm and a lot of spunk!
I think that Rod Stewart is a great singer...
and you are a great impersonator.
Lacy Starr , Georgia, USA

Dover Arms

I saw Rod (I mean Steve) at the Dover Arms last year,
MY GOD he is so excellent, he has so much energy and the
costumes were superb. I would definatley go see him there
again (IN THE SUMMER) only. I come to Vancouver
every summer to see my folks, I live in Scotland.
Tanya, Scotland, UK

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