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Adventure Steve 2K2

I'm pretty new to the area, being from Zanzibar and all, but this page is dedicated to local places and things my troop enjoys.

Well, here are the first of my pictures around town. My troop took me to the Krohn Conservatory in February of 2001. I had a great time - take a look:

Here they are, as promised....PICTURES OF ME IN RABBIT HASH AND AT BIG BONE PARK IN KY. Take a look!

Here are pictures of me at the Loveland Castle

Check back often to see what else I've been up to...

Local Cincinnati-Area Web Sites:
Jungle Jim's
Krohn Conservatory
Newport Aquarium
Cincinnati Bengals - yeah, they suck, but they're all we've got

Steve's Top 10 Places To Go In Greater Cincinnati: