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Steve's Newest Adventures

Well, here I am again, with more adventures. Check it out!

That first picture at the top is me at Papa's work's annual picnic at Stricker's Grove in Ohio. I'm sitting in a tree - one of my favorite passtimes.

Below, here I am on the train that goes around the park. I like trains!

This next picture shows me and Papa flying around in some crazy ride. Mom wouldn't ride it - she said it was too scary! Silly Mama!!

Now here I am at the Cincinnati Zoo - this one's me with a baby zebra:

And here I am with some sleepy polar bears - kinda like Bear Bear...

Now here are some other kinds of monkeys I saw at the Zoo:

Uh oh! I sure hope those lions stay put! I'd hate to be their cat toy!


Papa's work (yeah, like he really works...)
Stricker's Grove in Ohio
The Cincinnati Zoo!!