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Steve Goes To New Orleans

Well, being a jet-setting monkey like I am, my troop took me on vacation last year - here are some pictures of me during my trip to New Orleans in October of 2000. We had a great time - I hope we go back soon!

First, here is a picture of me in the courtyard outside of our room - I'm decked out in Mardi Gras beads and ready to party!!

Here are some pictures of me and some of our friends that we meet in New Orleans every year:

Here's me with Jeff:

and here I am with Beau:

Here's a picture of me by the Mississippi River - I'm Ole Steve River!:

No Climbing???! HA!!

This is a picture of me "hangin' around" on Bourbon Street.


This picture was taken in the French Market. I hope these are GOOD voodoo dolls...

CLICK HERE to see MORE pictures of me in New Orleans!