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We Believe in John Deacon

Following from the huge success of We Believe in Brian May, I have decided to do something similar for John Deacon, the bassist of Queen. John was always left in the background and we think he deserves to know just how much he is still appreciated by his fans. To make a contibution to this site, in forms of links, messages, anything remotely related to John, please email with the subject of WBIJD. Look back in about a week for the pages here to exist. I will mirror Kelly and Gilli's Brian May Site in order to remind John that we still love him!

Queen fans will also be pleased to see that Kelly has also created a We Believe in Roger Taylor site. View it at

Not to mention a We Believe in Freddie Mercury site!!!

Join the biggest online club to celebrate John:

The Order of John the Deacon

Thank you for visiting the site: please get in touch if you wish to take part.