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Jhonen Vasquez

This is just some random stuff i dug up about J.V.
Eventually i will find more.

Jhonen Vasquez was born and raised on San Jose's East Side. He graduated from Mount Pleasant High in 1992 and was a one-time film student at De Anza College. Even though he has little formal artistic training, he entered the world of alternative comics, as the writer/creator/artist of such titles as "SQUEE!" and "Johnny, The Homicidal Maniac", both published by Slave Labor Graphics. "SQUEE!" was nominated for several Eisner Awards, the comic industry's equivalent of the Oscars. Jhonen was born in San Jose on September 1, 1974, making him 27 years old. He is 5' 2" Jhonen found out about Slave Labor Graphics in 1995. Slave Labor publishes his work. Dan instantly loved Jhonen's comic, "Johnny the Homicidal Maniac". In order Jhonens work came: Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, The Bad Art Collection, Squee, I feel Sick, Filler Bunny, and Invader Zim. Jhonen likes Bagels, skittles, video games, and Trigun, which is a Japanese animated cartoon. Jhonen dosn't like hellfans and L.A. Jhonen's favorite comic characters are Tenna and Devi. His favorite Zim characters are Dib and Gaz.

Jhonen pitched the idea of Invader Zim when contacted by (now executive producer of the show) Mary Harrington. According to an interview, Jhonen comments on the show:

``The idea of doing a show for Nickelodeon, there's just something so twisted about that,'' he says. ``I'm not out to make some nasty, heinous show that will completely destroy the network or anything like that. ``But just the idea, just the thing that I had a show on Nickelodeon, people go, `YOU? My gawd, what are they trying to do to the children?' And I usually throw my head back and laugh for 10 minutes. And then when I'm done, I say, `Well, I thought it would be interesting...and it has been interesting -- if not joyous.''

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If you want to contact Jhonen, the SLG address is
Jhonen Vasquez
848 The Alameda
San Jose CA

JV Pics