Pictures Of Me

Well ok, here they are. Pictures of me taken through the years :-). There will be more to come at some point in time, mainly when i can be bothered to scan the old ones or get more taken with the digital camera.

The Photo's :-)

Taken just before 6th Form Xmas Party (December 8th 1994)
Taken whilst in Uni (Summer 1998)
Taken on Nursery School trip July 2000
Taken at home 19th July 2002
Taken at home 18th September 2003
Taken at home 27th February 2004
Taken at home 28th March 2004
Taken at home, practising 21st February 2005
Taken at home, practising 21st February 2005
At the Silver Giraffe in Ryton for my Mum's Birthday, 15th May 05
My best mate Gav's wedding on the 3rd Sept 05
Me taken 24th May 06
Before setting off for graduation ceremony
Outside Newcastle City Hall, before graduation ceremony 18th July 2006
On the stage receiving my degree
Official photo of me receiving my degree
Before my Graduation Ball, 21st July 2006