Well some of the things I like to do are listen to music and I have a wide range of music tastes. I'd have to say my main love in music is rock music, with bands like Queen & Deep Purple I would say are huge favourites in that department. I also like less heavy material by artists like The Corrs, The Beautiful South, Lene Marlin, Dixie Chicks, Beth Orton, Crowded House, The Beatles (alright some stuff was heavy...but what do you class Yesterday, Let It, Hey Jude and songs like that as??). I like some Rock 'N' Roll with artists like The Beatles (check out the early stuff), Little Richard & Chuck Berry. I also play the guitar and some piano. I've also included some lyrics by artists I ike (This will be constantly updated for a while as i have to work alot of the lyrics out)

I also love films & TV & I love some comedy films, some horror films like Jaws (I like stuff by Peter Benchley), Dracula, The Exorcist & Mimic & I love Sci-Fi also...stuff like Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, the original Star Trek series, Lost In Space and stuff along those lines (hence why on SKY..the Sci-Fi channel is watched quite a bit :-))

I also love sport and love football, golf, basketball, pool, snooker, athletics and I don't mind tennis

I like playing games as well and my interests there are also varied. I like the sport stuff (as long as it fits my sports interests). I also like games like Unreal Tournament, the Delta Force series and other FPS (First Person Shoters) like that. One reason I like games like that is because I can play other people who have a copy of the game by a LAN (Local Area Network). This means me sometimes taking the PC to a friends house and connecting via a network card to the other PC's and it certainly makes the games more fun. As well as that I like to play games online and for games such as Unreal Tournament & the Delta Force series, there is plenty of online options. I've also just started getting into other types of game such as Command & Conquer, Homeworld (Strategy games) and RPG games, and if the only RPG I have is anything to go by then I'll be fairly happy (Vampire:The Masquerade Redemption)

As for books, I like Stephen King, Peter Benchley and I have always enjoyed Sue Townsends "Adrian Mole" series. I'm also re-reading some Tolkien books (Yup the person who wrote Lord Of The Rings :-))

I don't think I've missed much out but if you want to more about this...go to the links and find the categories you want.



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