Crowded House

Well another of my favourite bands is Crowded House. When Tim Finn left Split Enz in 1984, his brother and the bands guitarist (who replaced previous guitarist Phil Judd in 1977), Neil Finn took over and one Split Enz studio album was released with Neil as the front man. When the band disbanded Neil formed the Mullanes with Split Enz drummer Paul Hestor and a bassist called Nick Seymour. This band later became Crowded House. Since I also love the Split Enz music as well as Neil and Tim's solo music (Crowded House have now disbanded) as well as the Finn brothers music as a duo, I'll put there lyrics here as well. Also for the Crowded House very best of "Recurring Dream" I've put the lyrics to the new songs as the others songs are the same as the album release.

Here are the albums

Crowded House
Temple Of Low Men
Together Alone
Recurring Dream
Neil Finn's solo stuff
Tim Finn's solo stuff
Finn Bros stuff
Split Enz stuff
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