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Ultimate Jeff Beck Trading Page **RARE LIVE RECORDINGS**

Jeff Beck recordings:

Yardbirds (with Jeff Beck)
3-20-65 BBC London 9m
6-5-65 BBC London 10m
8-6-65 BBC London 17m
11-16-65 BBC London 9m
2-28-66 BBC London 3m
5-1-66 “Poll Winners Concert” Empire Pool, Wembley 5m
5-6-66 BBC London 10m

Jeff Beck Group (w/ Rod Stewart)
3-7-67 BBC "Saturday Club" 12m
7-4-67 BBC "Saturday Club" 5m
8-13-'67 Reading Fest., Reading 21m
9-29-67 Marquee Club, London 48m
10-9-67 BBC "David Symonds Show" 10m
11-1-67 BBC "Top Gear" 15m
4-25-68 Cirkeln, Stockholm, Sweden 30m
6-14-68 Fillmore East, NYC 32m
6-15-68 Fillmore East, NYC 15m
7-17-'68 LuAnne's Dallas,TX 80m
7-24-'68 Fillmore West, San Fransisco, CA 30m
9-17-68 BBC “Top Gear” 20m
10-22-'68 Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA 50m
10-23-'68 Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA 47m
10-24-'68 Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA 65m
11-2-68 Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI 74m
11-30-68 Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA 58m
12-7-68 Fillmore West, San Fransisco, CA 80m
4-25-69 The Lyceum, London 60m
5-3-69 Fillmore East ,NY (guest Joe Cocker)
5-6-69 Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA 65m
5-7-'69 Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA 47m
5-8-69 Boston Tea Party, Boston MA 65m
7-4-69 Newport Jazz Fest., Newport, RI 35m
7-8-'69 Coke Commercial 3m
7-12-69 Laurel Pop Festival, Laurel, Maryland 30m
7-14-'69 Central Park, NYC, NY 40m
7-26-69 Grande Ballroom, Detroit, MI 60m
GTO’s Permenant Damage (Zappa +Beck ‘69) 90m

Jeff Beck Group 2
1971 Orange Album Outtakes 15m
8-22-71 "Ruis-RockFestical", Turku, Finland 40m
10-30-71 Winterland, San Fransisco, CA 90m
11-6-'71 Academy if Music, NYC 75m
12-14-71 BBC, London 6m
3-25-'72 W-Germany "Beat Club" Definitely Maybe 5m
5-13-'72 McCormick Place, Arie Crown Theatre, Chicago 70m
6-29-72 Paris Cinema, London BBC 60m
7-23-72 Roundhouse, Chalk Farm, London 65m
8-1-’72 Stanly Theater, Pittsburgh,PN 70m (BBA, Middleton, Milford)
8-11-72 Swing Auditorium, CA 90m (BBA, Middleton, Tench)
8-13-72 Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, CA

Beck, Bogart, Appice
10-?-72 Frankfurt, Germany 60m
4-14-73 Providence, Rhode Island w/ Jimmy Hall
5-18-73 Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan 45m
5-19-73 Koseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan 45m
6-11-73 Pink Pop Festival, Geleen, Holland 40m
7-3-’73 Orpheum, London w/ David Bowie 15m
1-11-74 Free Trade Hall, Manchester 75m
BBA's second unreleased album 40m

Blow By Blow Era
1975 Tour rehearsals 48m
2-6-9-75 Rotterdam, Holland, "Black And Blue" audition w/Rolling Stones 15m
4-1-'75 Midnight Special (w/Billy Preston,Miles,Middleton) 30m
4-24-75 Century Theater, Buffalo NY
4-30-75 Avery Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center, NYC 66 min
5-2-75 The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA 68m
5-3-75 Music Hall, Boston, MA 65m
5-30-'75 Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA 65m
5-30-'75 Shrine Auditorium, Encore w/John McLaughlin 15m
7-23-75 O Keefe Center, Toronto, Canada, first show 60m
7-23-75 O Keefe Center, Toronto, Canada, first show 60m
8-5-75 World Rock Festival, Nagoya, Japan 85m

Jeff Beck w/ Jan Hammer
4-5-76 "Basement Jam" w/Tommy Bolan 25m
6-5-76 Oakland Stadium, CA 43m
6-12-’76 Starlight Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA 60m
6-26-76 Parade Stadium, Minneapolis, Minnesota 67m
7-3-'76 Masonic Auditorium, Detriot, MI 85m
7-20-'76 Municipal Auditorium, Austin, Texas 75m
7-23-76 Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, Missouri
9-12-76 Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim,CA 90m
9-13-76 Sports Arena, San Diego,CA 65m
10-8-76 The Palladium, NYC 70m
10-10-76 Music Hall, Boston, MA 110m
2-7-77 Brisbane, Australia 65m

Stanley Clarke & There And Back Tours ‘78-’80
6-30-79 Roskildefestival, Denmark 75m
7-1-79 Hortenfestival, Norway 45m
7-7-79 Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria 80m
7-10-79 Frejus France 80m
12-16-80 Bunka-Taiikukan, Yokohama, Japan (2 disks)

Early-Mid 80’s
3-10-81 Odeon Hammersmith, London (Goin' Down w/Jimmy Page) 10m
9-11-81 w/ Clapton 10m
9-21-83 Royal Albert Hall, London, Arms'. Tour 30m
12-8-83 Madison Square, NYC, Arms' Tour
3-14-84 CBS Record Convention, Hawii w/ SRV 30m
1984 Flash Outtakes 130m
6-1-86 Musik Market, Kariuzawa, Japan 50m

Guitarshop Era
11-12-89 RPI Feildhouse, Troy, NY 77m
4-23-90 Milan, Italy 80m

Jeff Beck w/ Big Town Playboys
4-23-93 La Cigale, Paris, France 75m

Jeff Beck 1995 Tour
8-2-95 Saratoga Springs, NY 70m
8-3-95 Denver, CO 75m
9-16-95 Concord, CA 90m?

Who Else! Tour w/Jennifer Batten
7-15-98 Idroscalo, Milano, Italy 80m
7-31-98 Grosse Freiheit, Hamburg, Germany 90m
8-3-98 Kongresshalle, Boblingen, Stuttgart Germany 80m
3-16-99 Tower Theatre, Philadelphia 90m
6-2-99 Kokusai Forum, Tokyo, Japan 80m
?-?-99 "Later with Jools Holland" BBC show + intv. 10m

You Had It Coming Tour
12-2-00 Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan (2 disks)
12-5-00 Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo, Japan 86m
12-11-00 Osaka Kouseinenkin Hall, Osaka, Japan
2-15-01 Seattle (2 discs)
2-23-01 Craig Kilborn's show, LA "Dirty Mind" 5m
2-23-01 Universal Amphitheater, Los Angeles, CA 90m
3-2-01 Majestic Theatre, Dallas, TX
3-16-01 Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada 90m
3-18-01 9:30 Club, Washington,DC 90m
3-23-01 Roseland Ballroom, NYC, NY 88m
7-27-01 Cardiff, Wales, UK

Recent Shows
2003 New York City at B.B. King's

Other Stuff
Bluesbreakers w/ Clapton 4/66 Flamingo Club,London 30m
Bluesbreakers w/Peter Green+ P. Butterfeild, London 1967 20m
Bluesbreakers w/ Mick Taylor- 5/25/'68 Falmer College,England 15m
Bluesbreakers w/ Mick Taylor- 12/68 Sweden 10m
Blind Faith - 6/18/69 Gothenburg, Sweden 66m
Blind Faith - 7/69 Morgan Studio rehearsals 130m
Blind Faith - 6/7/69 Hyde Park, London 62m
Blind Faith - 7/26/69 West Allis, Wisconsin 51m
Blind Faith - 8/16/69 Santa Barbara, CA 35m
Blind Faith - 8/26/69 Winterland, San Fransisco, CA 48m
Blind Faith - Milwaukee, Wisconsin 61m
Cozy Powell + Friends- 1/20/'80 BBC 30m (Cozy Powell, Jack Bruce,Middleton!)
Derek and the Dominos w/Clapton Fillmore
Jimi HendrixExperience BBC 1967, London
Jimi HendrixExperience- 3/15/'68 Clark University, Worchester, MA 70m
Jimi Hendrixw/Jim Morrison Jam - 3/7/68 The Scene, NYC 40m
Jimi Hendrix Experience 10/11/'68 Winterland, San Fransisco
Jimi Hendrix Experience '67 Monterey Pop Fest.
Jimi Hendrix Experience 1/9/'69 Stockholm, 2nd set 70m
Jimi Hendrix -Woodstock, NY 8/69
Mahavishnu Orchestra- Denver, CO 4-3-73 45m
Roy Buchanon w/ Charlie Smith Band- 11/17/'84 Albany NY 90m (master!! Never Heard!)
Roy Buchanon Denver, CO 9/13/74 45m
Ry Cooder- 4/6/88 Autodrome, Nuremberg, Germany 60m
Led Zeppelin1969 USA tour 59m
Led Zeppelin6/27/69 BBC 45m
Led Zeppelin9/22/'80 The last rehearsal, days b4 Bonham died

Yardbirds w/Jimmy Page
Sweden BBC 1967 45m
3/30/'68 Anderson Theater, NYC 45m
3/30/68 Anderson Theater (soundcheck & show w/out fake audience) 40m
5/31/68 Shrine Auditorium,Los Angeles, CA 50m
6/1/68 Shrine Auditorium,Los Angeles, CA 48m

If You have any Jeff Beck Group shows i dont have ,
PLEASE drop an email! These are shows im looking for.
10/19/68, Fillmore East, NYC, NY, 45 mins.
12/68, Winterland, SF, CA, 60 mins.
5/3/69, Fillmore East (1st show), NYC, NY, 60 mins.
5/3/69, Fillmore East (2nd show), NYC, NY, 60 mins.
7/13/69, Singer Bowl, Queens, NY, 30 mins.



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