Dave Navarro snip from Guitar One

I transcribed this from: Guitar One magazine (September 2001 issue)where it says "Dave:" (before Dave Navarro speaks)...the word "Dave:" does NOT precede the comment. Chindem

quote #1 from page 91 and quote #2 from page 169:

One example would be your involvement with the world's first taste of new Guns N' Roses--your solo on "Oh My God" from The End of Days soundtrack (Geffen).

Dave: The truth is, I wish there was an interesting story, but it was honestly like just doing a session. Axl and I had been trying to play for years, and it just never worked out for one reason or another. He just called me and it happened to be a good time, so it worked out. But I just kinda went down there and I spent maybe an hour and a half in the studio, played some stuff, and went home.

Did you ever consider being a part of the version of GN'R Axl was putting together?

Dave: No, only because I already had my hands in my new book and in this record and the possibility of a Jane's reunion. I didn't wanna bite off more than I could chew. And honestly, I love him as a person and I love his music, but I don't know if it's necessarily suited for me personally.

Thanks to Chindem