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I Come to the Cross (F)

F                                        Bb
I come to the cross seeking mercy and grace,
   Gm             C                        Dm           C/E
I come to the cross where You died in my place.
F                                     Bb
Out of my weakness, and into your strength,
Gm          C                F
Humbly I come to the cross.

Am                  Dm          Gm            F
Your arms are open, You call me by name.
        Bb                G/B              Csus    C
You welcome this child that was lost
Dm                 F               Bb
You paid the price for my guilt and my shame
Gm         C        Am      Dm       Gm       C                 F
Jesus, I come.   Jesus, I come.   Jesus, I come to the cross.

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