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Dr. Daniyel Willis

"Precious Time Has Been Spent Removing The Godliness Out Of Us. I Am Not Talking About The White Man, Or The Black Man, Or The Red Man, Or The Green Man. I'm Talking About These Beings, Who Have Incarnated Into Mortals And Became Almost Beast... Of All Races, You Forgot That You Were Gods. You Forgot That You Had A Responsibility, For All The Animals On This Planet Qi...That's Why You're Here!

You Forgot The Responsibility To Each Other...Each Human Being On This Planet Is Either Here To Help Or To Hinder. There Are So Many Lies Mixed In With Facts That People Don't Want To Hear The Truth. But, It Must Be Done For Your Soul's Sake...Truth And Facts Have Always Been The Originator And Creator Of All Success!"

Now, All Are Welcomed, The "TruGod" Chat!

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Factmentary.........The Release of Right Knowledge!

All Facts, No Fiction!


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